Affinity EBook Press NZ Ltd

Affinity joins the growing trend of companies producing works of fictional literature in the evolving market of electronic media. Our company is committed to produce quality, affordable works of fictional literature.


Biblio Publishing

Biblio Publishing's aim has been to customize both the publishing and bookstore concepts in a way that offers the best of all available concepts. We offer modern publishing of both print and eBooks while retaining the personal touch by allowing the author to work with a publishing representative on ...

Black Bed Sheet Books

Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals and reprints, and ebooks. Publishes 10-15 print titles per year, 10-20 ebook-only titles. Receives 40% of books from first-time authors; 90% from unagented writers. Pays average of 14% royalty on wholesale price for print books, 18%-50% on ebooks.


C&R Press

C&R Press loves books. Literature matters in today’s world because it lets us explore and share the best of what we think, and who we can be. Good fiction, nonfiction and poetry grow understanding and imagination, take us into new lives and show us truths we never knew.

Carbon Books

CARBON will begin publishing books from our 2017 Open Subject submissions in early 2018. We encourage new and established writers to submit their manuscripts to the 2017 open reading period. Authors
Dragon Moon Press Dragon Moon Press

Dragon Moon Press

Dragon Moon Press is a Canadian independent publisher of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal horror, and the occasional title that’s hard to classify! Our books have been nominees and winners of numerous literary awards, including ForeWord Book of the Year, Bram Stoker, Sir Julius Vogel, IPPY, and Endeavour Awards. Market: ...
Flame Lily Books Ltd Flame Lily Books Ltd

Flame Lily Books Ltd

We are a small publisher and bring out only a few books every year. We want all our books to make very good reads, therefore we spend a lot of our own time, money and effort into bringing a book to life and we would like to enjoy what ...

Grace Notes Books (DEFUNCT)

Grace Notes Books Website: DEFUNCT From the Publisher Grace Notes Books is an independent publisher of high quality trade paperbacks, specializing in poetry collections, short fiction or essay collections, and novels. Submissions We do not have genre restrictions but we prefer works that seek to combine the art of ...

Ink Smith Publisher

As an independent publishing house, we do our best to bring our authors a great experience. Our goal and mission is to provide a great experience for first or second time authors. We pride ourselves

Lore Lush Publishing

Lore Lush Publishing is a digital-first publisher of Inclusive & diverse fiction. We publish books that are not mainstream to reflect the world around us to include heroes and heroines of color, and to be inclusive of disabilities, ethnicity, and body type.
Mindview Press Mindview Press

MindView Press

MindView Press publishes books that change the world. We offer three publishing paths, including traditional publishing, hybrid publishing, and assisted self-publishing.
Not So Noble Books Not So Noble Books

Not So Noble Books

We are Not So Noble Books, and we are an independent publisher of ebooks. We are proud and excited to be part of the new wave of publishing which is transforming how books are sold and what they are.

Stone Pier Press

We publish good books about good food. Our books highlight kinder, greener, and more climate-friendly ways to grow, distribute, and eat food. That might mean a memoir by a farmer challenging us to stop thinking

The Places We’ve Been – indie books

Operating since 2012, The Places We?ve Been, LLC, is an independent publisher, dedicated to literary portrayals of the diverse experiences of human existence. The Places We?ve Been: Field Reports from Travelers Under 35 is our inaugural project?and namesake. The purpose of The Places We?ve Been is to work with ...