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Founded in 2012 by Jesse S. Greever and Christopher C. Dixon, eLectio Publishing was established with the intent of discovering literary works from new Christian authors and bringing them to market, while also seeking out established authors looking for a Christian digital book publishing company. eLectio Publishing is not a vanity publishing company. We utilize a standard submission process and we accept only those manuscripts that we feel are high quality and marketable

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We are a small publisher and bring out only a few books every year. We want all our books to make very good reads, therefore we spend a lot of our own time, money and effort into bringing a book to life and we would like to enjoy what we do. For this reason we only publish books that we really like.


Hercules Parrot
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Hercules Parrot is an ebook publishing company headquartered in Berlin, Germany. We publish original works of fiction from quality authors and utilitze
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lusio & baqer is a children?s and Young Adult imprint under the division of Zharmae Publishing Press in Spokane, Washington.



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DEFUNCT Inkcastery is a conservative Christian publishing press. We're unashamedly dedicated to writing about our faith. We are looking for conservative Christian writers who would like their short stories, novelettes…
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The Zharmae Publishing Press is a Pacific Northwest based Independent Publisher, dedicated to producing the best genre fiction from around the universe. Zharmae is a living, breathing idea of what the future of book publishing