Name: The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC
Editor: Laura Preti
Mailing Address: PO Box 1291 Portland, ME 04104 (USA)
Circulation: 12
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 1 – 3 days
Publishes: within days upon acceptance
Year Founded: 2010
Online Submissions? Yes
Online Submissions?1 Yes
Information about the press: Publishing on Web-e-Books The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC, is the publisher and distributor of and developer of Web-e-Books® technology. Original software code and other methods used for converting, displaying and offering electronic books and their related features comprise the core elements of Web-e-Books®. The web-site, with its featured e-books, titles, story content, book covers, graphics, multimedia, posters, shopping cart, titles manager and other attributes, relies on Web-e-Books? technology for distribution of on-line e-book services to users of the public Internet. The Tri-Screen Connection has developed methods and procedures, including Web-e-Books?, TruPage, MemoryMark, Cache-It, and MellowPage technologies for publishing, distributing, displaying and marketing the e-books. Our end-user-direct distribution approach allows for the greatest personal choice while optimizing open-source and other generally available technologies, including: popular browsers for managing e-reading and compatibility with most commonly available operating systems on computers, tablets, and mobile smart phone equipment designed to connect to the Internet and World-Wide Web. Indeed, a Web-e-Book is designed to be instantly Internet-ready for billions of on-line readers using a current browser, including off-line reading with HTML-5 compatible browsers and devices. There is no requirement to conform to a specific manufacturer’s or retailer’s device-type, proprietary software, down-loads, installations, subscriptions, updates or other silo-oriented technology models. The Web-e-Books? service allows you to simply purchase an e-book, log-in, and begin reading from the provided link. It’s easy and universal. Get Publishing Reach with The Tri-Screen Connection. The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC, welcomes inquiries from authors, agents and publishers concerning our technology and professional services which include manuscript editing, conversion to Web-e-Books?, on-line book management system, dedicated or shared websites, graphic design assistance, integrated online shopping and payment gateway, billing and payment systems management, marketing and public relations, intellectual property and Web-e-Books? digital rights management, and other services relating to digital publishing on Web-e-Books?.Digital publishing services may also include IT management, shared or dedicated open-source servers, databases, custom software coding in HTML, HTML-5, PHP, and Java languages, and use of Adobe Flash?, social networking, search engine optimization programs, and development of text, graphics, video and audio content when using managed services with Web-e-Books?.Contact Information For information about The Tri-Screen Connection, please contact: The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC P.O. Box 1291 | Portland | ME | 04104 | USA Web-site: Email:
What type of submissions you are looking for: Stories exemplified by our first and signature author, Richard M. Baker, Jr. and his collection — literature of excellence for the adult market that may be too bold for conventional publishers and book distributors. Our mission is to distribute great fictional (and some non-fictional )entertainment, enhanced by current or historic relevance to realism. As a publisher of great fiction, we intend to solicit manuscripts that are uninhibited and unrestricted in nature, and recognize that novels like those by Richard M. Baker, Jr.,warrant responsible, controlled distribution, appropriate content fore-warnings, and age restrictions.
Information on Suggestions on Submitting: Thank you for your exploring Web-e-Books. Our primary e-book website link, below, showcases our semi-custom e-book distribution offering and e-publishing programs at: Typically, the author/publisher subscribes to dedicated bookshelf program, called our Hosted Titles Program. Upon agreement, you would receive a virtual carousel (revolving bookshelf), showcasing your title(s), supplemented by a mini-website for each book, inclusion in the shopping cart for selling your e-books, and a converted e-book with its own web-e-books title sub-domain. We perform all the e-book management. Please view the website to see how we present our e-books and to learn more about our online publishing application. If you are interested in proceeding further, we would like to know more about the author, title(s) and a description of the writing style, or samples. Ultimately, we review each book before acceptance for publication. Publication is in English first, other language characters must format similarly for conversion in our HTML process. You can begin with one book title. However, we are most interested in publishing and distributing multiple titles from each featured author. Our objective is to provide a semi-custom presentation and managed personal service to authors and small publishers desiring a hand-crafted e-book accompanied by a dedicated mini-website, and web-based e-reading solution. The dedicated author carousel (bookshelf) and mini-website provides a quality presentation for each of your books. We publish adult market, modern and contemporary novels, fiction of realism, and historic fiction (of less than 100 years past), and speculative fiction with a true sense of reality. We are open to narrative, non-fiction books that present great stories. We sincerely hope this information will be helpful. Please forward any questions you may have. We’ll work hard to create an arrangement that works best for you. We generally do not pay upfront cash advances, but we do seek author and publisher partnerships. This means we will invest in certain titles by reducing or eliminating upfront publishing costs in exchange for title assignment and other management rights. Of course, we must first determine if the book qualifies for this investment. If so, we would then share a percentage of unit book sales and other potential media distribution revenue. We would like to read a sample of your work to see if we can support your publishing needs. Our initial submission and review process is described below: 1.) Sample Submission: e-mail an attachment of at least the first chapter of the book manuscript in English, and in Microsoft Word, PDF, or similar text format. Send to Please include all critical contact information. 2.) Publisher Review: the Publisher and Editor we will thereupon read the sample and follow-up via phone or e-mail with an expression of our interest. 3.) Publishing Terms & Conditions: agreements are presented upon acceptance of the complete manuscript. Our slogan is Where Reality and Fiction Collide. We publish unrestrained, modern and contemporary period mainstream novels, fiction of realism, and recent historic fiction (of less than 100 years past), and speculative fiction with a true sense of reality. This is our literary niche, and we distribute exclusively using our own HTML-5 based online and offline e-reading solution. Other limitations may apply.
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