20 Iconic Authors Who Harnessed the Power of the Media

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We know our favorite actors, fashion designer and musician. Oftentimes we follow their career with some degree of dedication. We know when they are up for an award or grabbed that coveted interview with one of the great anchors/reporter. Occasionally the truly committed fan stands in line for their concert, this year’s must have dress/purse or tickets to a premiere of their show.

Did you know your favorite author has a semblance of the same life normally without the fanfare? Unless the author is J.K Rowling or George R.R. Martin tents don’t pop up outside the venue carrying their latest books nights beforehand. Minus the super fans many authors well known or some in niche markets have been able to have a private love affair with the media about their books and writing. Well, this covert friendship between writer and reporter has traditionally stayed in the dark. The list below tells us who has a cuddled up to the conventional and nontraditional media outlets. These are the most interviewed authors in world right now.

Only interviews where their book were mentioned or they spoke about life as a writer were counted. Print/digital publications, television, in person interviews, YouTube, blogs, and podcast were included in the final tally. Only authors who consider books to be a prominent part of their livelihood were considered. If the author is known for having their own show the interviews when they were the interviewer were not added to the total.

(1)Oprah- Famous for her televised talk show is the author of four books and she claims the number one slot as the most interviewed author.

(2) J.K Rowling-is anyone surprised that she is number two as the author of one of the most successful series in history.

(3)George R.R Martin- This Author needs no introduction. He wrote Game of Thrones and whoever touches this Midas series of book is always golden with the press.

(4) Stephen King- His career has endured through the decades, and those interviews add up after a while. His books have garnered him the honor of being in the chair next to an interviewer so many times he is the fourth most loved literary media darling.

(5)Joyce carol Oates- her classics aren’t just on the page. Joyce Carol Oates is a classic presence on studio stages as well as literary conferences. Her interview are phenomenal and packed with wisdom. Her beautifully articulated words have woven the most interesting tale for many a reporter and conference attendee alike.

(6)Stephanie Meyers is not in the twilight of media coverage. As an author she has had outstanding success, but put her in the hot seat under studio lights and shines bright.

(7)Taneshi Coates an author who doesn’t shy away from the tough questions or the hard to swallow truths about his beloved nation is definitely suited for the challenging questions anchors have at the ready. Taneshi Coates has been the voice for a systemic problem so many times he is the seventh most interviewed author.
(8)Nicolas Sparks- has made the international press fall in love with him as many times as his fan have done so. He is touted as one of the best guest when Tom Fenner addressed the London Publisher Publicist Circle about his interview on the BBC

(9)Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie- no one gets tired of hearing

(10)E.L James- the Fifty Shades of Grey Author has accumulated well over fifty interviews. Her fans make it a point to stay up to date with her latest books and movies. The news outlets definitely assist with keeping them informed.

(11)Kate Greenville- is an Australian based author that has an American style Media CV(Resume) she has been in everything from The Sydney Morning Hearld to the YouTube and Love reading UK. Her resume of tv appearances alone explains why she keeps getting booked to come back.

(12)Emma Donoghue- May have written the coming of age tale Stir Fry but she is full grown when it comes to maturely handling interview request which includes numerous UK sit downs and attendance at the US National Book Awards In

(13)R.L Stine- is a publicity dream. Video, print and audio interviews with him are at every turn. There is so much about Stine in the public eye it gives us goosebumps.

(14)Andy Weir-is a Cinderella story and nothing catches the attention of those watching than a success story.

(15)Kathleen Jamie- Awarded Scottish Poet Kathleen Jamie lives up to her craft when she is in front of a podium or a camera. Her words a

(16)James Patterson-surprisingly one of the more prolific writers of our time is often written about, but he obviously shies away from being the center of attention, but he still gets his fair share of publicity, putting him at number 16 on the list.

(17)Ian Rankin- is a Scottish crime writer who unlocked the mystery of writing success and how to balance his many appearances and interviews.

(18)Jade Dee& Wilnona Marie-The indie world of writers has found their niche among the masses due in part to these authors media presence. The writing duo’s interviews are unforgettable, fun, and plentiful with their Interview count of 700 in three years.

(19)Hugh Howey-said he thought writing would be a part time job but now his books sell well, and he is seen on interviews frequently.

(20) John Locke- has the most successful indie ebook. His acclaim has been noticed and reported on a lot. John Locke has appeared on a variety of panels, YouTube, podcast, and blog interviews.

Willette was first published 28 years ago and she has worked as an author ever since. She currently holds two degrees neither of them in writing. She has written poetry for those 28 years and the occasional mystery or script.

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