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List your book store here! We are looking for book stores. We are just starting with our listing. We hope you will help us list as many independent book stores as possible. We know our readers and writers are always looking to frequent these stores.If you are the owner of a book store, please go to our book store submissions page and submit your store. It will show up on our site shortly after your submission. Once we have your listing, we will promote you on our site.We want to promote your store. We will not only list your store here, we will also promote your store on Facebook, Twitter, email, and pinterest. In all over 50,000 social media and contacts. It's all free just for listing your store.I hope you will promote your book store with us. As always we wish you the all the best.

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BookStore Submissions Page

If you are a bookstore owner, we want to list your bookstore! Please submit your information below. Your listing will be added to our pages. Please make sure you have a state listed in your information. We will be listing stores by state. We will promote your store to over 25,000 social network and email… Keep Reading

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