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Get paid to write

We’ve looked high and low, and there is no definitive guide to getting paid for writing, so we thought we’d start one…..We will need your help. If you have other suggestions or places writers can turn to, to get paid to write, please list them in the comments. I will add them to the list.

Welcome to the first (and ever growing) Get Paid to Write Guide. The guides is broken up into sections. These sections are DIY, Pay by Article, Pay by Ad, Creative Pay

DIY: Get Paid to Write by Doing it Yourself


Yes, you can make money blogging even today. It was all the crazy back in 2005, and even though it has died down a lot, you can still money by doing your own thing on the web.

This is the option with the most potential on the web, I would say. It can be built into a full time job. The biggest problem is that it takes time and consistency. You also have to be writing in a popular category, and it has to be more (for the most part) than just fiction or poetry. Some writers have found fortune by doing this, but most were kind of famous already.

Kinds of Blogs

Blog: Opinion

This is the hardest why to make money. Many people have tried it, only a few have had it happen. This just means you are writing about your life. It can work in rare cases. It’s basically a journal online.

Blog: Niche

This is where you pick a topic, and you become an expert. If you love fishing or boating, or climbing mountains, meaning you have a hobby besides writing, this one’s for you.


In order to make real money this way, you generally have to have a little tech knowledge, and it takes time. If you are interested in this, please see on our article on how to start a website.

Selling your work

Yes, you can sell your books and stories on This is a very adventurous way to do it, but it can also build a fan base.

Pay by Ads: Get paid to write by others

Blogging for others

You can also have your own blog and get paid by people to write. This eliminates, generally, the need to have any technology, but in the long write the site doesn’t have a high earnings potential and you’ll have to share the profit.

Basically all of the following sites will share a profit with you. You write an article. They turn it into a web pages and place ads on it. Most of these you get about %50 of the ad revenue.


On Hubpages you become an expert and submit basically a micro website. Whatever your page earns from ads that Hubpages displays, you get a percentage.


Generally helps you sell your work to companies or lets you find projects for companies.


Is much like Squidoo and Hubpages. You write, they publish your work, and if it generates money from traffic to adds, you make part of the profit.


You get paid, basically, for writing opinions.

Digital Journal

Shares revenue for articles, but you must be approved to be a member.


The original content/profit share site. They have experts. Those experts get paid for how much money their traffic to articles generate. Think of it like Wikipedia that pays, instead of getting all its content for free.

Here is another site that will pay you


Like a Facebook for writers that gives you a share of the profits on your page from ads.


Is a lot like About or Hubpages.

Pay by Article: See your work

What people used to pay you $100s or even $1000s to write, have now been turned into trendy sites that pay almost nothing. I don’t recommend these:


Here is site where anything goes for $5. You can write a person’s bio or a letter or anything, but you can only charge $5.

Constant Content

This site pays of content, but it’s not exactly high income.

Content Row

Same thing, pays for content and articles but not well.

Article Teller

Here you are paid for specific articles that are wanted.

Sponsored reviews: Sponsored reviews pays you for reviews, just like the name says.

Freelance: New Wave

Free Lancer

They match writers with projects.


Basically another pay/match/bid system.

Freelance traditional: Do it old school

These are jobs that pay you, just like in the old days, we hope good money for your writing. They are harder to get, more selective….


Pro-Blogger has always listed a lot of freelance jobs. They are very good at keep up with their boards.

Media Bistro

Again, a great place to look for freelance work.

Journalism Jobs

They have many different options for jobs, but freelance is one of them. Take a look at their job listings.

Freelance Writing Gigs

One more good place to start, to look for freelance writing work

Jobs for writers: Get a day job


Yes, many writers till have real live day jobs they use their writing for.


A good place to start to track down writing jobs. These are not freelance. They are get up in the morning and go to work jobs.

Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles


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