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    Danny Teller is a UK National who was born in 1964.
    He lived and was educated for the first part of his life in England before emigrating to Israel shortly after his 21st birthday in 1985.

    He remained in Israel until 2002 when he then spent 3 months in America before another move only this time it was to Nepal in the Asian continent for the first time.

    Danny spent nearly 6 months teaching English to children in a rather remote Nepalese village before returning to his country of origin for the next few years.

    Between 2003 and 2009 he invested much of his spare time in the world of writing, publishing, IT, and in extensive travelling in the world.
    Some of those more recent travels included Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

    In the summer of 2009 Danny has moved to China where he is currently residing with his Chinese wife Yvonne Wu
    Since his move to China Danny has become a professional English teacher and has been doing this job quite successfully for the past few years.

    However due to his continued passion for writing stories which now includes
    A) Poetry,
    B) Fiction-Non Fiction (short, medium, long).
    C) Songs.
    D) Documentaries
    E) Autobiography which is all about his adventures in Israel
    And finally since meeting up with Yvonne Wu in 2009 she has also indicated an interest for writing, travelling and even foreign trade.


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