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why are superhero movies so popular
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Why superhero movies are so popular?

Some people love comic books. They are crazy for them, but many more people are enthusiastic about superhero films than anyone anticipated. Their popularity keeps growing. Four of the top 10 grossing movies of all time are recent marvel superhero films. Keep Reading

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Top 10 Horrible B-Horror Movies

Here are out Top 10 Horrible B-Horror Movies. I created this list a long time again, basically for fun, but you have to admire all of these for how truly bad they really are. I guess, for writers, they are a good example of what happens when the writing and everything else is bad. These are… Keep Reading

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Writer’s Birthdays

3/12 Jack Kerouac 3/13 L. Ron Hubbard 3/14 Pam Ayers 3/18 John Updike         3/22 James Patterson 3/26 Tennessee Williams 3/26 Robert Frost             3/27 Maxim Gorky Keep Reading

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Americanism by H. P. Lovecraft

Laureate It is easy to sentimentalise on the subject of “the American spirit”—what it is, may be, or should be. Exponents of various novel political and social theories are particularly given to this practice, nearly always concluding that “true Americanism” is nothing more or less than a national application of their respective individual doctrines. Slightly… Keep Reading

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