An Indian Remedy by Mike Ambrose

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An Indian Remedy

by Mike Ambrose

I have been told
that in this Ramayana world –
it is wherever it needs to be,

this queen of dusty spices,
an acquired acquaintance,
this pungent curry.

A dietary assassin
that sours
already sickened senses

but a necessary foe
to alien microbes
feasting in virgin viscera,

even still, I have also heard
that Polish vodka
is equally as efficacious.


Mike Ambrose started writing poetry six years ago at the age of 48 and discovered that poetry provides a balance and perspective that has opened up a whole new way to see the world. His poetry has been published in over 20 publications including Grey Sparrow Journal, Every Day Poems, Westward Quarterly, and The Boston Literary Magazine. Mike is a graduate of the University of New Haven and MIT. He was inducted into both the Athletic and Engineering Hall of Fames at the University of New Haven.