Much like a letter to the editor’s page, here, you can simple leave a comment for me. If you have a question, complaint, or if you just want to spread job, and I know you do, leave a me a comment. I WILL respond.

Here is where I will put my bio in the future. I don’t feel like writing one right now…drop me a line though and I will respond.


  1. Good Day!
    I would like to know how we submit our new publishing company for your kind consideration.
    Rod R. Garcia
    EpiphanyMill Publishing
    EpiphanyMill LLC.

  2. Dear Editor
    A retired Associate Professor of English & Emeritus Fellow, a writer and editor of academic writings, specially English literature, is looking for editing job from a reputed publishing house. It would be highly appreciated if you can help me find suitable assignment. Regards.
    DR. I.Hosen
    Calcutta, India

  3. Steel Pen Publishing does not appear to be a legitimate book publishing company. The web site contains only links to ads. Suggest it be de-listed.

  4. Just looked at the site for the publisher Inknbeans. They show that “submissions are closed for 2016”. Looks like they may not be in business if they cannot update their website to refer to 2017!

    No need to reply. Thanks for all your good work.

  5. Dear editor, my name is Danladi Bawa Shagari frm sokoto vary writing is on african culture based hausa tradition,i wrote a book title(tales of the night)a hausa falk tales that consist of 3 intested stories. with regard im sincerelly requisting the editor to published it for sale.thanks im vary glade to hear from you.

  6. I have a collection of poems which I would want you to publish for me.The title is “Banana Roots’ Spring in the Summer”. How do I go about it? I am a Nigerian and a lawyer by profession. I also live in Nigeria.

  7. FYI, the Wild Crane Press links are broken and they haven’t updated their Facebook page since 2015. Possibly defunct.

  8. It sounds like yours is a much-needed and useful publishing company, and I applaud your service to the area. I mean this as a complement, whether you can help me or not.

    I am searching for a publisher who will publish my elderly mother’s memoirs of nurses’ training and working as a nurse in Durango, CO. Dates would be 1942-1990, approximately. I would be able to provide some photos of nurses’ training. and uniforms, etc. She wrote this a number of years ago and I have typed it up and semi-edited it, trying to keep her ‘voice’. She is now 92 years of age. I think it is about novella length.

    Any information or suggestions you could make would be appreciated. Thank you.

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