Halloween 2013 Contest

skullThis is the year of the better Every Writer. Yes, I know, all sites say that, sure, sure, whatever right? Well, we mean it. We have plans to bring you better short stories, better poetry, better markets, and better articles and interviews. Instead of waiting until the last minute, like past years, we are kicking off our Horror Halloween contest early! We want your Halloween stories! Please send the best stories you can. The winner is featured on EWR. The contest rules are simple:

Stories must be under 1000 words.

Stories must be horror stories.

Stories must be submitted to eds@everywritersresource.com (Subject line  Horror Contest, please!)

Stories must be submitted before October 27.

It’s that simple. We will announce the winner on October 28, 2013. If you submit your work you agree to have it published and you agree to let us feature you. We had some issues with this in a past contest, so this is the agreement. Submit your stories now! 

Horror Art

We also want horror artwork! We are looking for the best horror artwork you can come up with. Please send us something good. Send us 5-7 pieces of art, and if we like them we will feature you and your art. We will also use this artwork along side the stories we publish! So send something good please.  We want horror artwork!


Every year we run a horror movie and chat with our readers. Yeah, it’s difficult to get people to show up. This year we are going to run Night of the Living Dead on Thursday October 31, 2013. So we are doing a horror movie on Halloween night! What could be more fun? We will run a chat room along side the movie, and usually to be honest we make fun of the film just a little bit. This ones good though, so show up and watch the film with other writers! More details to come….Be with EWR on Halloween to talk about Night of the Living Dead!  The movie will start at 8pm eastern, but we’ll have more details on this later.

Help us have a better year! Join Every Writer for Halloween!