A Suitcase Full of Mirrors

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A Suitcase Full of Mirrors

by Carol Stewart

Think of me as I think of you,
at home with your cool decor –
Arctic? Not quite
but your colours of choice
are those of surgery walls,
anaesthetised procedures,

bonny banks in a silver frame,
blue mist going under

glass, the shimmering lake,
but you can’t tell its depth
from a picture, say

The Trossachs sound humid –


we are snow,
two flakes a-drift, sashaying,
determined to avoid
chilblained hands reaching into
small pockets of warmth
found in a vanity case.

Carol Stewart is a mother and grandmother living in the Scottish Borders. A former freelance editor, her poems have recently been published in 404 Ink, That (Literary Review) and Abstract: Contemporary Expressions.

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