Best Editing Tools for Bloggers

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Best Editing Tools for Bloggers

Best Editing Tools for Bloggers


Here are some suggestions on finding the best editing tools for bloggers. After you spend hours or even days working on a single blog post and organizing your notes and references like a maniac, you finally have a great blog post ready to be posted. Actually, it’s not ready yet. You’ve made a great achievement, but you cannot post the working draft without editing it to perfection. Your readers are ruthless; all of them can start making comments about the mistakes you made while neglecting all that greatness in your post.

Editing can take only few minutes, but can also require several hours; depending on the way your first draft is written. Although it seems like a lot of work, you should never skip the editing process even if you are publishing brief blog posts on daily basis. Clean content free of all mistakes will increase your reputation among the readers. These practical online tools will help you make the editing process easier:


Haven’t you always wished to have Hemingway’s simple, but powerful writing style? This brilliant app will help you get close to it. Thanks to the suggestions you get from the app, you will be able to make your writing bold and clear. The creators of HemingwayApp base the corrections on few factors: number of complex words, number of adverbs, passive voice usage, and readability. The software will also detect the spelling errors throughout your text, but won’t be helpful with the grammar aspect.


You will hardly be attracted by the ugly green color and clumsy design of this website, but you should still give it a chance. Simply paste your text in the blank box and it will take few seconds before the software detects the signs of weak writing, such as passive voice, tricky homonyms, common misspellings, clichés, frequently used words, and more.

After the Deadline

Besides providing you with effective suggestions for the style, grammar and spelling in your content, this tool will also explain the reasons behind that advice. According to the statistics (provided by the developers of the software), After the Deadline recommends the right words 90% of the time and helps you bring your text closer to the nature of “Plain English” style. You can use AtD as an add-on, plug-in or extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, bbPress, WordPress, and other platforms.


The two above-listed tools will tell you what you can improve, but won’t show you how to improve it. ProWritingAid does that! The tool will generate a detailed analysis based on several features: abstract and complex words, clichés and redundancies, capitalization, spelling, hyphenation, frequently repeated words and phrases, readability, plagiarism, and more.

Successful blogging is closely linked to smart editing!

If you want to achieve and maintain great popularity in the blogosphere, you have to pay attention to the editing aspect. Having bright ideas and clean writing style is great, but you have to make your blogs perfect before posting them online. The above-mentioned tools will provide you with great suggestions you may or may not accept, but one thing we know for a fact is that they definitely have potential of making you a better blogger.


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