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Name: Magpie Eclectic Press
Website: defunct
Editor: Nichole White
Mailing Address:
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time
Year Founded: 2012
Online Submissions? Yes
Online Submissions?1 Yes
Information about the press: Magpie Eclectic is a small, independent press created out of a strong passion for the written word and a dream. It is our love for good stories ? our captivation with the truth hidden in fiction and the elements of the stories that hold such truths bound within their text ? that has built us up and drives us forward. This is our attempt to show the world what Christian Fiction really has to offer, and to do that it is our goal to make quality speculative fiction more readily available to the readers who so enjoy it. To do this, Magpie Eclectic Press (will) offer books in all subgenres that fall under the Christian Speculative banner. Whether you love Fantasy, root for Science Fiction, dream of the Futuristic, imagine the possibilities of Time Travel, race through Supernatural Thrillers, consider Alternate History, stand in faith through Spiritual Warfare, see the parallels in Allegories, are fascinated by the Paranormal, or can relate with Urban Fantasy, our hope is that you can find what you are looking for here.
What type of submissions you are looking for: Magpie Eclectic Press is looking for speculative fiction. This means we are looking for the weird stuff? the science fiction and the fantasy and the supernatural thrillers; the dystopian, the urban legends, and the epic quests? maybe even some paranormal romances (maybe). We like the stuff with magic, with sword fights, with spacecrafts flying in? in short, we definitely like the stuff that isn?t considered ?normal?. We like to think ?outside of the box?. We know there are TONS of speculative sub-genres out there, so for right now, here?s a link to a wonderful description of the main sub-genres we are looking to publish: you are not sure if your book falls into one of those genres, but you still think it is speculative fiction, please feel free to contact us.) What we are NOT looking for are prairie romances or children?s books (for ages like 9 and under) or picture books. Also, we are Christian here at Magpie, so while we are most definitely planning to consider some manuscripts that aren’t strictly ?Christian?, we will not accept anything that goes or stands against a Christian world view. (And like I said above, if you have questions on this or any other aspect of magpie or our submission requirements, you can contact us for more information.)
Information on Suggestions on Submitting: Magpie Eclectic Press uses a web form for the first round of acquisitions. This helps make it less complicated for us to go through and file the authors? information. This also makes it easier for the author to give us the information that’s important about their submission without having to worry about what should and should not be included in a query. Some of the questions on the form are simple yes or no questions ? questions there to help both us and you see if you qualify to submit. Basically if you meet these questions? qualifications, your submission will be looked at, and if you don?t meet said qualifications, your submission will be deleted? it?s as simple as that. For instance, if your novel is not completed, there is no point for you to submit to us, and your manuscript will not even be considered. If your novel is shorter than 60,000 words, there is no need to apply. If your book is for children or is to be a picture book, we suggest you look elsewhere. If your book is not within the speculative genres (ex: science fiction, fantasy, Dystopian, etc?) it?s probably best if you look for another house. Also, when filling out the web-form, please be sure to fill out exactly what we are asking for. If we ask for a synopsis of your book (which we do) please give us a professionally written synopsis. If you are not sure how to write one professionally, please look up the process: there are many helpful resources on the web. Likewise, if we ask for a premise and you don’t have one, do NOT simply say “I don’t have one”. Instead look up the process for writing a premise, and submit your manuscript after you have all the required material. Manuscript submissions that aren’t professionally completed on the submission form will not be considered for publication.
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