Poem: Communion by CJ Landry

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by CJ Landry

There’s a spot on your neck that
I’d like to become acquainted with.
You know the one.
That tender spot where your jaw and neck meet
Just out of reach of your ear.

The group of cells that create my lips
Press together in anticipation of the
Sweetness of your skin
Always out of reach,
No matter how many ways I try
To get close to you.

I want to know what you taste like.
My mouth believes you’d taste like
Leather and sweat and outdoors.

But every time you enter my orbit
I have to lock my hands in my pockets
And bite my lip until it cracks and bleeds.

The only part of me that gets to touch you
Are my eyes.
They caress you from across the room
Undress you with a skill that can
Only come from thousands of hours of

A touch so light
And innocent
You wouldn’t even realize your
Shirt was off or that
I was starting to
Unbuckle your jeans
Making my teeth gnash together
Desperately trying to get at
Your hips.

My cheek expands,
Trying to rub itself up your torso,
Pausing only for my tongue to
Say hello to your chest,
Until the bridge of my nose is
All that separates my mouth and
That spot I’ve been
Dying to taste.

The tip of my nose making the
Introductions while my lungs
Breathe you in.
I’ve been incapable of breath until
This moment.

I won’t dive right in though.
I like to take my time.

I’ve laid in bed sometimes,
Running my fingers lightly over my
Bare skin and wondered how
You’d smell.
Probably the same way you’d taste with a
Subtle undertone of your soap
Which is probably Irish Spring or
Old Spice.

My palms are restless to learn the
Textures of skin that cover your
From the rough callouses of your
Hands to the
Smooth spots inside your

Our souls will become lovers
Long before my lips touch your skin
But when they finally do,
My heart will beat again.

To say I want to make love with you,
Have sex with you,
Fuck the shit out of you.
None of those phrases fit.

I want a communion
Body and soul
Laughter and tears
I want to know the texture of your pain
And the flavor of
Your love.

I want to see the anticipation in
Your face when you realize
I’m talking about you.

I want to know if
You can handle the

CJ Landry is a suspense writer who is currently editing her novel, His Undying Love, which has been called by beta readers a cross between Gone Girl and Misery. She also spends time killing people off in her 72-Hour Murder series which has 2 installments already published. Each is a quick read that promises to have you rooting for the death at the end. You can also see another side of her in the poetry anthology, The Madness in Our Intentions, which she published with her son.


  1. To the author: Impeccable, impeccable poetry. Not just in the words chosen, which were, stirring barely begins to describe the writing itself, but also in the structure and the pacing. Just an incredibly affecting, longing piece of work.

  2. This was breathtakingly beautiful and soul stirringly erotic. The images and desire are clear and easy to see and experience… to dive into and get lost… wanting and craving that taste and connection.

    Thanks for the words and the peek in the window…

  3. I cant even begin to explain the absolute beauty of this poem. It touched me greatly. To have some feel about me the way this was written would be beyond amazing.

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