Small Talk Will Be the Death of Us

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“We have to get an oil change soon.”

After 10 whole minutes of silence that’s all I had to say. What makes so unfortunate is that it has become the norm. How did two people who connected over their mutual hatred of small talk wind up being so fluent in this nonsensical language?

He robotically concurs, which is immediately followed by more silence.

It’s been like this for a while now, but I’ve never been able to pinpoint exactly when it started. All I know is that it was sooner than I’d like to acknowledge. Sometimes telling myself that it began years into the relationship instead of months is the only thing that can ease the pain of this gaping wound. Even with as long as it’s been, I still can’t believe we ended up here.

When we met I was certain that I had found the guacamole to my tortilla chips. Or to be more accurate, I was the taco and he was the burrito. Please excuse all the Mexican food reference. We love Mexican food, and it remains to be one of the many superficial commonalities we flaunt to prove our love to the world.

Unfortunately, superficialities can only take you so far in this game of life, especially when it comes to love. Yet, here we are using a deadly combination of shallowness and comfort to fight off the inevitable.

“We should go to Jiffy Lube. We have a coupon,” he says enthusiastically.

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