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Social networking can be the key to many resources on the web. It can help you promote your work. It can help you find a support system, it can even help you edit your writing and get published. Here is a complete list of social networks for writers. I am including all the networks that I feel will help you, and if you read my description for each, you will see my recommendation on how to use these networks. .


Social Networking community for writers that allows you to create profiles and join groups. They also have experts that write informative articles. Also allows you to create and post your writing.   Recommended use: Feedback and making connections

Fiction Press

Post your stories and poetry. They still have a large community.  Recommended use: Feedback


Post your stories and have them critiqued. This is a wonderful writing group, the magazine and organization was founded by famous film director Francis Ford Coppola to help writers. The group is great at giving you a place to test your stories in an encouraging environment.  Recommended use: feedback and an outlet

National Novel Writing Month 

The only organization that gets you write an entire novel in a month. They are an enthusiastic group. Honestly they are one of the purest, want nothing from you, groups of writers on the web. They are truly supportive of their members. They are helpful, and their methods get results, many have written novels working with this group. Sign up.  Recommended use: Inspiration and relationships 

Writing. com 

Started as years ago. You can create a profile, but the site is a mix of old technology that is a little difficult to use. It is one of the first social networking sites on the web, but it isn’t well organized.  Recommended use: Feedback


Writers Cafe

Social Networking community for writers that allows you to create profiles and join groups. They also have experts that write informative articles. Also allows you to create and post your writing. A good site. Recommended use: Feedback


Twitter is great for promoting your work and for building a writer’s platform. You can tell your readers about your work, and you can build a large following. Recommended use: Promotions and connections


This site is fantastic for finding other people who like to read what you read. It also helps you find an audience and helps you find books that are like the books you write and who reads them. Recommended use: finding things to read and an audience. 

Facebook Pages and groups

For you books, for your writing, and for finding an audience Facebook works very well. You can boost posts, get likes and communicate with your readers. Recommended use: Building a platform, connections and promotions. 


This is a great site for meeting other writers and getting feedback on your work. Unlike any of these other sites, Meetups is about meeting real people. You can find writer’s groups here, and other interest. If you are working on a novel or short fiction, or you want to workshop something, Meetups is fantastic. I’ve used this site many times, and I’ve met a lot of writers this way. Recommended use: meeting writers and workshops. 


Message Boards for Writers

These are the top message boards for writers. We are judging here by how they help writers, and how much traffic they have. Most here are very popular, and they usually have published writers helping as well as online courses. Our message board is the last on the list. It is new, and if you have time sign up to help us out.

Writer’s Digest Forum

Hugely popular message boards for writers.

Absolute Write

Message boards for writers, very popular. A very large, active and helpful forum of published and unpublished writers.

Message Boards for Writers 

Message boards for writers. Message Boards 

Message boards for writers, very popular.

Every Writer

Lastly, I recommend our site. EWR has been on the web for 18 years. We have forums, jobs, Q&A and many contests. Check out front page and our sidebars to participate.

If you have a recommendation for a social network that works for your writing, please leave it in a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles

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