Splash Splash

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Splash Splash

by Gene Lass

We go down to the water
Where life comes from.
We park at the Marina
And walk across the grass
To the breakwater

My son holds my hand
And we walk out
Wind tossing our hair
And chapping our lips.

I button his jacket against the cold
And halfway out, I carry him.
We’re going to the end together,
Like we always do.

He’s silent the whole way
He has been for a year.
Since turning three
He hasn’t said a word.
He’s pointed laughed, cried
But not talked.

As we reach the end
Of the concrete finger
Surrounded by life and water

White foam crashes in and
Wets his face.
He smiles, flaps his arms, and says
“Splash splash!”

Gene Lass has been a professional writer for more than 20 years. He served as Managing Editor for KSquare magazine for most of its run. His work has appeared in Electric Velocipede, KSquare, and The Albatross. His first collection of poetry, Like a Moth on a Pin, done in collaboration with photographer Dawn Zellner was published in 2019.

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