Swallowing Light

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Swallowing Light

If the earth were heavy with the sun; with only this
Moment to drink one last swallow of light;
To touch the shapes of the world, and leave the heart
Still enough that the breeze danced through it;
Singing softly, that same song that drifted through all ages;
It would be a moment well spent

If your eyes have learned, to sink deep through
Threads of silence, and lay bare against the soul;
Becoming once more the music that crosses all barriers, borders;
Silent as a breath travels along skin, awakening
The deeper trembling emotions from where they curl their heads
Deep in the dream of sleep, resting

Then what, at best or worst, might be confessed;
Between lips wet with the blood of the heart, and mind
Echoing out only what it would have of its meaning?
If the world were alive between your spine and your breast;
You would have an answer, already etched;
Traveling through silence, but full of heat; like a last glimpse of the
Eternal sun.

Jonathan Douglas Dowdle was born in Nashua, NH and has traveled throughout the US, he currently resides in South Carolina. Previous works have appeared or are appearing in: Poesis, Literary Heist, Tiny Spoon, Blue Hour Review, Whimperbang, After The Pause, Midnight Lane Boutique, Visitant, Adelaide, Blue Moon, Bitchin' Kitsch, Thick With Conviction, The Big Windows Review, Hobo Camp Review and various other magazines.


  1. “a glimpse of sun to fall back into the memories of silence weaved by the soul,
    those were the moments well spend to warm the heart and the light they swallowed always brightened them.”
    it’s always an honor to read a poem and try to feel the pulse the poet sends and receive our own reflection in them. no other medium gives that freedom.
    …it’s beautifully written.

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