This is the oh my god don’t go in there, I’m so stupid for doing this writing prompt. Inspired by all those horror movies where you think the main character is stupid for doing what they are doing. Generally you disagree so much you are yelling at the screen…. If they are so smart, let’s see how easy they are to write…..

Writing Prompt 5: Some in in the House

Someone is in the house

You are home alone and you hear something upstairs. You heard it a few times, but you thought it was your dog. He is sitting right bside you panting, now. You go to the kitchen, get a knife. Back at the stairs you see that the hallway light is now off. You begin to walk up the steps….

Ok so here’s the prompt. I hope you have more luck with this one than I did. I think it is creepy, but it is difficult to write something that is believable.  I want to see these, so if you can write this story in 500 words or less, post it in the comments. If I like it, we will publish it on EWR: Short Stories and possibly in our print magazine. I will look at these, and if I like them, they will be removed and then published on EWR: Short Stories and or in Every Writer the Magazine.

The story doesn’t have to start like the above story, but it has to be in its spirit. That means it has to be bout someone being in your house, and you going to investigate. Make it like a slasher film, but you know, believable. Try this. See if you what you can do. Our print issue deadline is Sept. 15. Post your story by then to have it considered for the Halloween issue. If you post it after that time, we will still consider it for the site. Bottom line if we like the story posted below, 500 words for less, we will publish it on the site.

Post below!