Writing Prompt 6: Man in Your Backseat

This is a classic horror writing prompt. I’m sure you’ve heard this story or seen a version of it on television. I think the idea is overdone, but it got that way because it is such a seductive situation for a writer. Its suspense is inherit. I think the fact that it is overdone pushes you to do better, so there are multiple reasons to write these prompt. I think it will get you writing right away, and it will surprise you if you write this story.

Being that this is a classic prompt, if you write your 500 word or less story and post it in the comments, we will consider it for publication in our October issue of Every Writer the print issue. We are hope to get a lot of these. We get lots of EWR: Short Story and Every Writer submissions, but I think these will get a little more weight because it is a classic scary story.

We are looking for the best stories. We are looking for really scary stories. I hope this prompt will help you. Remember it has to be 500 words or less.

One a side note, this is one of the first scary “movies” or stories that I saw as a child. I can’t remember the name of the movie or tv show that played this, but I still look in the back of my car when I get in at night.

Share this prompt, and Keep writing!

Writing Prompt 6: Man in Your Backseat

Writing Prompt: It’s late. You got off the highway, slept for a little while, and you are now again on your way. As you adjust the rear-view mirror you notice a man in your backseat….