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Creative Writing Prompt: The Man in the Long Cold Night

Welcome to our Creative Writing Prompt headquarters. Every day we are going to challenge you to a new writing prompt! First we will give you a tidbit on writing, on writing prompts, on life in general. I’m a little verbose so I will probably babble for 100 or so words on the finer points of life, and then I will give you the writing prompt. If you go here: Creative Writing Prompts. You will see all of our old prompts, and then a building collection of new ones.

We will title each prompt and put it in a genre.

Aprils Contest

So stop by each day and take the creative writing prompt challenge! Here is how it works. I’ll write a prompt, and you answer that prompt in the comments below! Each month I’ll go through all the prompts and give out a prize for the best prompt written each month. The prize may differ from month to month.  Win if you can, enter as many times as you like.  Usually we will run for 1 month, since we are starting in the middle of the month, this one will run through the end of April.

Rules are simple:

  1. Follow the directions
  2. You can answer any prompt on any day
  3. you can’t use work that has been previously published
  4. enter as many times as you like.

The Prize this Month

From 3/16/17-4/30/17 the prize for the best answer to a prompt is $100. It’ll be transferred or mailed to the winner! GOOD LUCK.

The Creative Writing Prompt

Title: The Man in Long Cold Night

Genre: Horror!

You are walking down a snowy alley in the middle of the night. The wind if blowing. You stop to listen to the wind howling and you hear the crunching of foot steps behind you. You look behind you and for a moment you see a man in all black pass until a street light. For a moment you feel as though you could see his eyes glowing. Write a 250 word story telling how this snowy night changed your life forever.