10 Words Editors Hate

If you use these words in your poetry or writing, be very careful. They are so charged as an editor I’ve stopped reading because of them. They can of course be used in a way that are not cliché, but many times just the sight of them can send your work into the DO NOT PUBLISH pile.

I’m not really saying to avoid these words. It’s really up to you, but they do send editors running. Be aware.

1. Soul-this word is number 1 for a reason. Many editors simply hate it.
2. Heart- this word also can get a manuscript rejected quickly!
3. Love-ugh, so many other ways to say this one.
4. Warmth-tread lightly here. Nine times out of 10 this one will get you rejected.
5. Windows-oddly, more times than not this one is used in a cliché way. Windows to the soul…
6. Forever-don’t use it.
7. Death-ok to write about, not great to say.
8. Life-see above
9. Feeling- talk all you want to about them, just don’t say the word.
10. Light- do not use.