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Welcome to our search for the Great 50 Word Horror Story of All Time. This is a user/reader centered contest. We are looking for the great short short horror story, and we want you to write it, and in fact be the one who decides which story is promoted. This IS a contest, like all of our other contest, but it is much different.

Here are the rules for the contest:

  • Publish any 50 word story below that you have written
  • It is ok to take stories you wrote from our other contests and put them here
  • Post as many stories as you want
  • You must be the author to post
  • Do not cheat, cheating will be removed
  • Vote for the best story, you can vote for you own
  • Vote only one time for each story
  • Plagiarism will be removed.
  • The contest will run for 1 year ending on Feb 10, 2020
  • Stories must be up to 50 words no more!
  • Must write your story in the comment

Prizes for the winner:

  • 1000$ in promotions on our site
  • associate contributor to EWR if so desired
  • Be hailed as the having written the best 50 word story of all time

We will be looking for the best stories, but remember, people are voting on this contest. I will not be in control of the winner.

After 1 year we plan on continuing this contest. Over time, we will surely have The Greatest 50 Word Horror Story Published here.

I am really looking forward to your submissions! Publish as many stories as you want, and vote!!




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  1. harmless flirting?

    “hello love, want to go out?” he said.
    “whats in it for me?”
    “eternal youth, and love.”
    “Stop teasing me Death, you already have me.” i saw as i kiss him
    He kisses me back and then whispers in my ear. “Please stop flirting with me, Chloe”
    “Never” *bang*


    “There’s a real eyeball in my trick-or-treat candy!”
    I pass the event horrorizon.
    A florid face inches from my own face. The bulbous head is slashed by a mouth full of rotten teeth dripping blood: “It’s mine.”
    Its something dead.
    A sound like gut splatter as he chews, then swallows.


    When am I too giving? I may have died because i’m kind, so? A child said his eyes hurt so I gave him mine. A woman said she has thyroid cancer, so I took off her legs and gave her mine. I traded my organs. I’m in hell? Why?

  4. Hello, I entered your horror50word contest but I wanted to post it here. Love these stories. Here’s mine. * The Bloody Hand*

    In all the times before, exploring abandoned houses, Charla had never seen anything like this. A bloody hand in the debris.
    She was terrified. “Who was this?” “Had anyone noticed someone missing?”
    Charla had to get a closer look. She let out a scream, “Ahh!”
    The bloody hand belonged to her.

  5. Wanted: Fresh Corpses, gently used

    “Found a buyer. Art college.”
    “How much can we get?”
    “Hey. Come in. This is our sculpture.
    “Cool! Those real organs?”
    “Yep. Pair of lungs.”
    “Get the rib spreaders.”
    “Let’s cut.”
    “Man! She just looks asleep!”

    • Graveyard

      “Hello, I have been in my sleep for a long time. You thought, I forgot to repay you. Your gonna die for killing me.”

      “I did nothing!! Wrong number!!!”

      “I don’t care. Do you hear the knocking at the door? Open up! I ain’t going empty handed to my graveyard.”

  6. Sir Godfrey was dying and wanted to end this evil world. So, he unlocked Pandora’s box to free the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but nothing happened. Instead, he found a parchment inside, “You’re too late, we escaped through the keyhole long before you were born.”

  7. The red car came screaming around the corner. It’s coming straight for me. Still coming. I tear my eyes away as I check the narrow side of the road in front of me. SMASH…..My side mirror explodes. Impossibly I am still driving. Am I dead and don’t know it?

    He swallowed her screams before biting off each toe. He chewed slowly, blood dripping down his chin into his crisp white shirt. He always left the eyes for last… the taste of fear made him hungry for more.

  9. A bloody wedding!

    I sat astride him still wearing my wedding dress, my hands soaked and sticky with his blood, I was in shock from the rage I carried inside.
    Staring off into space at the memory of his smug smile … “did you really think you were the only one?” the heart break of knowing he slept with my sister sickened me to the core. The rage I felt came flooding back replaying over and over in my mind.

    “how could you have done this?” I whispered to myself.

    I brought my hands down reaching up into his ribcage to cut out his heart. slowly bringing it to my lips whispering … “she’ll never hold your heart, or love you the way I did!”

    Just then my cell phone rang, I glanced down to answer “He… Hello” I stammered… “Elizabeth!?”
    the panicked voice of my sister sent the rage through me. “I’m fine, Lina; Ill see you soon!” I promised her in a menacing voice, she was silent, and the thought of her frightened face made me smile as I hung up.

    I scooted off of his limp body walking unthinkingly to the closet to gently place his now still bloody heart in the black box; a gush of relief passed through me as I slowly closed his unbeaten heart in the box.

    A bead of sweat fell from my forehead just as I reached up to unlock the safe, realizing I was still covered in his blood I panicked wiping aggressively at my hands trying to clean them off with no luck.

    A crash came from outside, and I was suddenly calm again remembering that I was only a few steps from the warm beach … locking away his heart I stumbled out the patio door, quickly running toward the abyss that would wash away my sins.

    • The Wheelbarrow

      Squeak went the wheelbarrow tyres over the freshly laid grass as another body was wheeled over. Blood dripped off the victim’s wrist as they had been slashed until the skeleton could be seen.
      The smell of the rotting corpse lingered in the open air as the wheelbarrow was pushed along.

  10. possessed
    I knew I was trapped inside; every time I tried to scream she would slash my flesh with her claws, and every time blood spilled. I gurgled, choking on the warm rustic taste. She slit my throat this time usually it was my chest. An enlightening thought flashed through my mind “I’ll die this time” … She turned to me watching my face as the flesh on my throat slowly healed, then smiled as she spoke in her demonic voice … “No, you won’t slave!” I knew she was right, but screamed anyway as she slashed my throat once more .

  11. The nightmare,

    I paced the cold hardwood floor wondering if I was crazy. “stop this … he’s dead!” I grumbled slipping into bed.
    I fell asleep instantly falling into the nightmare. His face was the same I smile. “so beautiful” he whispers. Then Just like every night he plunged his fist through my rib cage I can feel his long finger nails ripping at my flesh as he whipped me up from the bed “you’re like me now!” his menacing voice is at my ear; his lips trail down my neck sinking his teeth deep in my throat, and then I wake up .. only this time I gasp; it isn’t a nightmare.

  12. The Skin

    Her fingers reached for her face and gently brushed the pallid skin. It was cool to the touch.

    This skin is not mine.

    A wry smile formed on the lips of the woman staring back at her from the mirror.

    The skin wasn’t hers. It was a mask she wore.

  13. Fiery Love
    by Elinor C. Nerenberg

    He slit her eyelids careful not to touch the balls of her eyes. Her feet and hands bound in barbwire, he rolled her face first into the huge pile of fire ants. His evil laugh faded as the ants filled the cavities of her ears.
    He fumed, “Love me now?”

  14. The Itch-Rip Skin Condition by Kevin Steffanson

    Why does it keep itching? I scratched until the red stuff poured out, then I scratched all the way to hard white stuff. When will it stop? I’ll keep scratching and digging until it’s over. I need to pull away this soft warm stuff, but dang, it’s stuck tight.

  15. The Next Bride by Laura Hudson

    The scent of anticipation and cheap perfume fill the air as she throws her flowers. Women dive, grasping at petals. Press on nails and fake eyelashes litter the floor. A bridesmaid tears the heel off her shoe and stabs blindly. She picks up the bouquet from the bloody pile.

  16. BBQ by Carrie Ann Golden

    The patties sizzled in the flames as the crowd eagerly waits; he wonders if they’ll notice his missing wife.

    Being a minimalist writer, I’m always looking for the fewest words and the most punch. BBQ does it well in so few words. Even the title BBQ being attached to a horror story gave me a little twinge.

  17. Opioid Constipation by Emily Gammel

    My stomach is distended, and I’m immobilized and lying on the floor.

    You only come in when it’s time to force feed me narcotics, and chocolate cake.

    My mouth is bruised, from your fingers, squeezing my cheeks, and forcing the decadent dessert, down my throat.

    My intestines burst.

  18. The Embalmer by Susan Oldham

    The embalmer wore an expression of respectful acknowledgement.

    “They are beyond pain now,” he spoke softly, regretfully.

    My hands secured as they were to a swivel hook in the ceiling, he spun me round to look upon his painted dead.

    “You, however,” he intoned, knife glistening, “are quite another matter.”

  19. Molly’s Parasite
    by Kevin Steffanson

    Molly pulsates on the ground as her bowels surrender to painful spasms, slowly releasing the excruciating pressure within. She struggles to rescue herself from the agony and stench, but her muscles are too liquefied to move. A wet, warm puddle of excrement surrounds her. The parasite has finished its job.

  20. The Broken Relic
    by Liz Kelso

    If you tell, your father will go to Hell,” was the last thing he said before the statue of Mary fell to the floor. Blood flowed from the broken relic. Fear brought the priest to his knees. The little boy’s eyes glowed white. He said, “My father is already there.

  21. The Return
    by Grey Harlowe

    Years with no news, then two people said they’d seen her. Bridget was dubious, especially of that report she had been in the family driveway. Then, suddenly, the evening her sister stood before her there, translucent as dishwater. It turned out she was no runaway, she’d been home all along.

  22. Bloodthirsty!

    It was another painful night, I woke to the bright burning sun. I arched my back from the crackling sticky leaves and spun around to see why? I already knew … it was last nights meal. I chuckled standing up slowly with a sigh just as a gust of wind flashed my hair back …. Mmm, my next meal.

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