Freedom! A new social networking site for writers, editors, poets, book publishers from Every Writer’s Resource!

Every Writer is a unique place for writers, editors, and poets. This is the first social networking site where you can share your work with everyone! If you post a blog, everyone sees it. If you share a link everyone can see it and vote on it.

Here is a commons story. You start a publication, work on it endlessly, and then go out into the world to promote it. You join facebook, twitter, myspace and other social networking sites to promote your new hard earned publication. What do you find? Endless roadblocks. You spend more time finding “friends” or getting people to follow you than you do working on your site. In a way you are doing more work for the social networking site than you are for your own site. We say no more.

Now you build a writing site, you come to Every Writer and post a link. Everyone on the site sees it. You post blog (your story or poem) everyone sees it. You share it with everyone! No more searching endlessly for a just a handful of viewers. Now, whoever is on our site, you can direct to your site.

You can still have friends. You can still follow people, but Every Writer has 2 unique places our Write area and our links area, everyone can see!

This is what you have been waiting for. No more working to get friends or to convince people to follow you. If you have a great idea, you can share with the world, right now, right here, share it with Every Writer!


If you write a blog on our site, everyone can see and rate that blog. This is unique to our site. Now you don’t have to be friends to get people to read your work. Instead, you just have to writing something good! Like it should be.


You can share links with everyone on Every writer. All you have to do is post a link. People can vote it up or vote it down.


Our forum is open to everyone. Now you can post info and discussions, meet new people, everything you’d hoped you could do on other sites, before you found out they were so limited.

A note:

We are just getting started. Right now you are welcome to update your profile pic, but you cannot upload other pictures at this time. You also cannot upload videos. We will introduce these features in the future. This is what it is like to join a new social network at the very beginning!

Many things will change on the site, but come by and enjoy. Right now, the more people who site up for this site, the more people see your work!

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