Why do Self-Published Authors Need a Website?

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Why do Self-Published Authors Need a Website?

booksmallGetting your book published with a large publishing house is becoming more and more difficult. Book stores are closing, and less and less money is being made by big publishing houses. Some publishers even want to see that authors have build a writing platform online before they will consider publishing your book. They want to know that you are promotion savvy.

Even if you are not trying to publish your work with a publisher, it’s hard to sell your book without a website. Readers have become plugged-in to the amount and quality of books being published. When the self-publishing boom first started people were being taken by short pamphlet size booklets being sold as books. Now many readers want to know something about the author before they buy. They want to see that you are a professional.

When trying to be in Rome, do what the Romans are doing. Right now major authors all have websites. type in the name of a movie star like Tom Cruise or George Clooney and you won’t get back a personalized website, but if you type in the name of an author like Stephen King or James Patterson their personal websites are the first result you get back. This is because authors are selling something to the public, movie stars are not.

If you want to be professional, mimic the best practices of the most famous authors, you need a website. You also need a website for your platform. You need a place where your readers can get to know you before they buy your book. Your website should be the central location for your Twitter, Facebook, Linkin, and all other social media. A free website looks bad. Don’t do this, it’s not professional. You’re not going to gain any trust from readers by having a free website or a tumblr.

Go professional, do what the best writers do, the most famous, build a relationship with your readers and gain their trust, get a professional website.

It’s not hard and not very expensive. There are a lot of places that offer sites. I like Hostmonster. We have worked with them for a long time. They have one click install like installing wordpress for free, they have templates you can use. It’s very easy, and it will only cost you about $4.95 per month. Many professionals use Hostmonster, and they will take care of your domain registration for you. Hostmonster is an affiliate of ours, and we have hosted sites with them for years. BUT do your homework. You do not have to take my word on this, go out and find a good company you like. Read reviews, find what’s best for you. We like and work with Hostmonster because they are easy, low cost, and we know them, but you should do your research.

The most important thing here is to get a professional website! If you are selling a book, it is a must! You need a site. If your book is already for sale and you don’t have a website, get one as soon as you can. Check out Hostmonster  do your research, and get a site and start your writers platform.

***We have an affiliate relationship with Hostmonster. Although we do get payment for sign ups, we have worked with them for many years and we think their services are outstanding.

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