2018 500 Word Scary Story Contest

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2018 500 word horror story contest

Welcome to our 2018 500 Word Scary Story Contest. Every year we run this contest, but this year…it’s different. Over the last year and ½ our site has simply had a lot of issues. I can’t pass up doing this contest, but as it sometimes gets less entries than some of our other of our contests, this year we will not be offering a grand prize.

If you win this year’s contest you will receive:

  • Publication in EWR: Short Stories
  • Get a feature page on our site
  • Get your work promoted on our social networks

Every Halloween for the last 5 years we have done this contest, and we won’t let a little adversity stop the Halloween festivities. We NEED stories. The rules for this contest:

  • Stories must be 500 words or less
  • Stories must be scary!
  • Stories must be submitting by October 28, 2018.
  • Submit your work to eds [at] everywritersresource [dot] com

Halloween is my favorite time of year around here, and I really want some new scary stories. We want and need Horror stories for our EWR: Short Story site this Halloween season. It’s not Halloween without those new scary stories. So as you submit these, if we like them we will publish them. Consider this contest also a call for submissions. The winners will be announced in our big Halloween night Movie Chat (details to come).

Also, please nothing pornography or just terrible. Please send your best quality work. I’m really looking forward to reading these. Make me fear! Send your work to eds [at] everywritersresource [dot] com

Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles


  1. I want to say I’m sorry to all of you that there have been some …..let’s say unfriendly posters in a couple of our threads….we get 100s of comments per day, and It’s hard to go through all of them. I AM reading all of the contests entries, but I am behind. I’m sorry these unfriendly posters weren’t ban sooner. As of now they have been blocked. Commenting on an entry is fine, if it’s positive, if you get someone heckling you, please email me at eds@everywritersresource.com, and I will remove them from the site. For now I’m reading reading reading….I love Halloween.

  2. “Ghost Witch”
    Native Americans refer to her as Skuda-ku-mooch or Ghost Witch. Tales that my, great grandmother would tell, entertaining my sister, Adelynn, and I, late on autumn nights. My great grandmother was blind from birth, yet she claimed to have seen Skudakumooch in spirit as a child.

    Lore of the Skudakumooch has dwelled in my subconscious since I was a toddler. My mother never mentioned the stories. When asked, she would always give a frustrating but relieving roll of the eyes. Passing them off as imagination. But much talk of the Skudakumooch was permeating through town. You see, Skudakumooch hibernates for five hundred years after one night of possessing a being of innocence.

    This year was supposedly the five hundredth year since her last awakening. It is said, that, the ghost witch enters the body of a child, only, to murder and cannibalise the family of the possessed. The witches purpose is to conduct this ritual every five hundred years, laying the groundwork for all evil spirits in the land. But it is already October, and my mind is beginning to be at ease.

    In her stories my great grandmother explained that the witch had thick standing hair, embedded were twigs and dead toads. The face was scarred, with a cat-like nose and pearl-white eyes. A smell of burning flesh would fumigate the room. She never showed emotion, only whispered something softly, with a frying voice, into my grandmothers ear. My grandmother would never repeat what the witch had whispered. She seemed, creeped at the thought. Eager to know, my sister and I would beg, only to lead to our grandmother telling us that it was all a dream or she had made it up.

    This year, our grandmother hasn’t spoken at all. In february, she just stopped. The doctor believes it to be the onset of Alzheimer’s. Since her diagnosis, it began to get odd. Adeline had brought home a stray cat. The cat had been severely injured in the upper face. It’s teeth were visible, even, with her mouth closed and her eyes were missing. I swore it had been cursed. At night, even after closing my door. I would find the cat sitting at the end of my bed staring at me, with no eyes. I had finally had too much when I kicked her off of my bed. The next morning I swore to take her to a shelter when we found that she had disappeared.

    As I lay in bed, I keep smelling a horrid smell, but something interrupts that thought. Adeline, across the hall, is trying to decipher what grandmother had written down for her. Adeline, yells out ”Halloween”. Running into my doorway and with a breath she says “I asked her what the Skudakumooch had whispered and she wrote Halloween Night”. As mother entered the room and demanded we get back to bed. Unable to speak, mother shuffled Adeline to her room. I lay back and pull the covers close. Tonight is halloween.

  3. Dreams of Halloween

    Like a shadow moving in the darkness…
    It is something seldom seen.
    A total act of malevolence,
    as monsters haunt your dreams…
    As the sun goes down
    before tonight’s full Moon.
    A low rolling fog spread
    feelings of foreboding and doom.
    Ghouls and Goblins step out of the gloom,
    Looking to devour every little kid in costume.
    Evil spirits celebrate their tormented dreams…
    Of what can only be…
    Halloween!!… All hallows eve!!
    From the nightmare to nightmare
    and things that go bump in the night.
    You have an un-easy feeling
    like somethings just not right.
    Looking around you stop to check.
    Feeling the hairs stand up on the back you neck.
    A cold chill from your sixth sense gives you a freight.
    As you fall victim to a Vampires bite.
    People hear your blood curdling scream!
    As you try to run from this tormented dream.
    Tripping over a rotted corps
    You fall into an empty grave.
    As you struggle to get out,
    You become the sandman’s slave.
    Count Dracula summons you,
    Because once upon a time,
    You were brave.
    From nightmare to nightmare
    now night of the living dead.
    You’re one of the Zombies
    waiting in the shadows
    to crack open somebody’s head.
    As you step from the shadows
    grabbing victims right off the street.
    Eating their brain makes feel complete.
    A feeling you’ve known all too well,
    as Witches cast their powerful spell.
    Like a shadow moving in the darkness…
    It is something seldom seen.
    A total act of malevolence,
    as monsters haunt your dreams…
    This… Will never be complete,
    unless innocent little children wearing costumes,
    Go door to door yelling… Trick or Treat.

  4. Hello,
    I’ve tried to submit my 500 word or less story to the email address listed above and received a bounce notice, the email address had exceeded it’s limit. Is there another email address I can send it?
    Thank you,

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