25 Word Halloween Horror Story Contest 2018

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25 Word Halloween Horror Story Contest 2018

Welcome to our 25 Word Halloween Horror Contest 2018.  You know how much we love Halloween and horror, so this is one of our big contests. This contest is for bragging rights only. We will announce the top 3 winners on Halloween night 2018. Honestly, it just wouldn’t be Halloween without a 25 word story contest.

The rules are very simple:

  • 25 Words or less
  • Post in the comments
  • Deadline is October 28, 2018
  • Enter as many times as you like.
  • Must be scary, clever, awesome….best story wins
  • Must be unpublished original stories

We look forward to these every year. Please have fun. Be nice, and I hope your story wins.

Please leave your stories below, DO NOT EMAIL THEM. Good luck, leave your stories below.


Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles


  1. It was our honeymoon.

    Air was heavy.

    She gave me a cold-eyed stare.

    I was about to kiss her.

    My bride vanished in the air.

  2. You’ll stop dead in your tracks with my icy blank stare.
    Without conscience. I’m the guy who won’t die.
    Stick around for upcoming Halloween terror!

  3. Rat-a-tat-tat. Trick-or-treat! Two young girls tricked into coming in a house. Eye-balling the ghoulish white-icing treats. Friendly Jack-o-lanterns warning: TERROR. Girls scream running. On Halloween.

  4. “But you don’t understand I’m not suppose to be here.” He said. “Ha ha…that’s what they all say…” The creature replied.

  5. It wouldn’t come out.
    I go to my room and scream in agony.
    I look down and see it’s monstrous form laying on the ground.

  6. Halloween is the night where witches and ghouls come out for tricks, but don’t be fooled. I heard they’re dressing as children this year.

  7. It was bloodcurdlingly dark, and the midnight wind was howling. The orange moonlight glow lit up the cornfield filled with fleshy leather scarecrows dripping blood.

  8. You are late to school.
    Tension rises as students show disgust.
    Someone points at you and screams.
    You look down to your naked body.

  9. The cloaked man continued fiercely ripping, shredding through her flesh. A pool of blood spills onto the ground. The perfect watering hole for the reapers.

  10. They reach out for me. Their arms constantly swaying. Their fingers rustling. These tall figures speak out to me. They want me gone.

  11. When his body hit the pavement, it didn’t explode; it didn’t even crack. In fact, he stood right back up and continued walking.

  12. Dark clouds covered the full moon. A fog so thick,
    a Superhero, Creepy Doll and Psycho Clown wickedly lured away.
    Spooked kiddos tricked.
    Gruesome discovery.

  13. The cold never bothered me, but that voice, that song… it just won’t stop. I found a solution, the cold barrel is a merciful release.

  14. With glee he swung the knife, separating flesh from bone, she was his fifth. He had to maintain his lead, only a few hours remained.

  15. The Walkers

    It was such a beautiful twilight.

    The autumn leaves clustered crisply along the edges of the pavement, brightening the drab grey with their melody of yellow, orange, russet and ruby.

    Not to be outdone, the sky separated the pale azure of afternoon from the intense ink of evening with a wide girdle of gold, pink and purple, and ornamented itself with an immense pearl brooch; the full moon.

    This night was made for lovers, and the young married couple who walked, arm in arm, were still very much in love and deep in conversation. He, bespectacled and lightly bearded, in his long, grey and white hounds-tooth coat and trilby hat, and she, with long blond hair sweeping across the shoulders of her deep green trench-coat, under which an ankle length purple skirt swished, could have been from any era. Victorians walking out, new romantics going to a gig, hipsters on their way back from coffee.

    In any case, the young couple’s appearance epitomised a type of timeless respectability which is, to children of a certain age, an irresistible invitation to mischief.

    At first, they did not realise that a small, slight figure had hurried up behind them and was drawing level with their long, gliding pace.

    However, it was not long before the lady turned her head to see the blankness of a white hockey mask staring straight at her.

    Her expression an equally blank, she looked into the eyeholes of the mask with cool, blue-grey eyes. When the little figure did not turn away, she raised a pale eyebrow. Over the top of her head, her husband smiled slightly.
    The little masked figure stared back.

    Deciding to ignore him, the couple continued to glide down the road, their walk fast but not rushed. Unperturbed, the little figure continued to keep pace with them, staring determinedly at their faces.

    Suddenly, the woman spoke.

    “Watch out, little one, you’re about to collide with the bus stop!”

    The child turned to see the wall of the bus shelter a few inches away from his nose. He leapt aside.

    “Thanks!” he gasped, pulling away the hockey mask to reveal a small, pointed face, liberally dashed with freckles and lit by smiling brown eyes. “I can’t do this any more, I feel too bad” he added. “I’ve been scaring people all down the high street.”

    The woman laughed, her voice light as an icy stream “It is a good trick, I expect most people jumped.”

    “Yeah, they did!” the little boy said happily.

    “Very creepy” her husband approved in his deep voice.

    “I would be careful, however” the lady said gently “there are some very dangerous people about, who would react violently to being scared, especially this late at night and so close to Halloween.”

    “Yeah” said the little boy earnestly, looking up at the deepening sky “I spent too long in Kesgrave, I should have been home earlier!”

    He grinned at the couple, who smiled back. “Goodbye!”

    “Goodbye little one, stay safe” the lady said, waving to him as he ran around the corner.

    When the child was out of sight, she sighed “Such a sweet child.”

    “Yes” her husband agreed, putting his arm around her.

    “I wish we had had children” the lady sighed “I should so have loved to have a little boy like that”

    “I know.” He replied “I am sorry”

    She paused at the cemetery doorway, the lamplight reflected off the dampness of a large dark stain on the deep green of her coat “it was not your fault, neither of us heard the carriage.”

    He turned to her, the cracked glass of his spectacles glinting, “I just wish we’d lived longer.”

    “I know.” She said softly, leading him into the graveyard “but now we have eternity.”

  16. Like us, Karen never missed a School Reunion.

    Like us, Karen looked ten years older each time.

    Unlike us, Karen had died thirty-one years ago.

  17. Tastes like chicken a bit more fatty. Diner fit for Tantalus. Apartment and freezer empty. Time for a new “roommate wanted” ad.

  18. Loud obnoxious cat robing me of sleep with whines in the night. The chainsaw roar drowns out the cat. To tired to clean the chainsaw.

  19. Silent hands, silent steps, approaching the child.
    Silent hands, silent grasp, robing innocence.
    Silent hands, silent squeeze, soft flesh soft bone.
    Silent breath, guilty hands.

  20. You wake.
    You feel your cat snuggled against you, as usual.
    Then remember you’re not at home, but visiting Grandad.
    In Florida.
    The snake state.

  21. The angel of death hovers over me.
    viewing my soul with an evil eye.
    I’m now dead!
    I see him again, I feel his embrace.

  22. Dart to gloomy public urinal, ziiiiiiiip…. relief!
    Being watched?
    Look over my shoulder, a body slumped in the cubicle.
    Glass junkie eyes locked on mine.

  23. After a horror flick, my imagination terrorizes me. Every sound is a serial killer, with a jagged knife, creeping up the stairs to murder me.

  24. When the clock reaches 12 the lights seem to fade the children go to bed and the demons come out to play they howl and they whale they terrorize and they freight, not a single soul was left alive on All Hallows’ night.

  25. Knocked-out. Coming out of unconsciousness, lifting my head, looking around, I see my feet. I’m in a box. Still alive. Buried. Only my worst nightmare?

  26. Hmmm…something seems off.
    When the door slams shut.
    This is a creepy haunted house. John? John!!
    Satan picked her place in hell. Sara’s stuck inside…forever.

  27. What skin shall I wear today?

    Should I wear the young girl’s skin?

    Or rather the middle-aged man’s?

    I’d do anything to not get caught.

  28. They’re everywhere…bugs.

    I can taste them. Forcing their way into my mouth, they’re feasting on my tongue.

    Why did they bury me?

    I’m alive…help me.

  29. The zombies purged themselves before they stumbled into the super bowl. With a stadium weapons check, they knew this was going to be easy street.

  30. “But, Granny, screaming and begging’s good for us.”
    “So they say now. Fiddlesticks! In my day we ALWAYS gagged the man-things before we ate them.”

  31. “Bring out your dead!”
    She brought Edward out. By the time the herbs had worn off, he’d be buried. Death? Well, what was the hurry?

  32. A man on the ground seems to be dead,
    Gushing blood streams from his head.
    Gruesome sight to see,
    More terrifying when he grabs me.

  33. Jagged Edge:

    Cringing at the saw, and my friends screams…..
    Warm blood splashes my face.
    I’m unable to scream; he spins me around.
    “Your Next” he chuckles.

  34. My blood turns to ice.
    The monster’s not from without:
    My own cursed self.
    The mirror laughs back at me.
    Her widening smile’s not mine.

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