Winners: 50 Word Scary Story Summer Contest!

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50 Word Scary Story Contest

50 Word Scary Story Summer Contest!

Yes, once again we are doing it! I’ve got a bunch (more than 3 fewer than 10) asking, hey when are you doing another 50 Word Word Scary Story Summer Contest. I like those contests….Thank you for those emails. I really enjoy these too. I like reading wonderful and amazing stories that are so short, you are amazed at the writing.

To that end you should all know that some of the 50 word stories will be in our new PRINT edition of Every Writer the Magazine due out this June. So if you write a 50 word story here, it may end up in our print edition. More about our new magazine is coming soon.

Either way I am really looking forward to this 50 Word Scary Stories. This is the contest that comes right before our big big and sometimes stressful Halloween Contest. This one is so relaxed. I laugh, I cry, I get scared, the pressure is just not there like I see in that contest.

These 50 word stories, as it turns out, are perfect for filling spaces in our magazine. If your story is picked we will contact you. Also, you should know we pick all kinds of stories, they don’t have to be winners, although winners in this contest are guaranteed a spot in our print magazine.

Here are the rules as usual:

50 Words or less
Post in the comments
Deadline is July 30, 2017
Must have a title (does not count in the word count)
Must be scary, clever, awesome….best story wins
Post as many stories as you want

On August 2, 2017 we will have a movie and a chat, and we will announce the winners. Now, I get a lot of angry emails saying that they never heard who won the contest. In that public chat we announce the winner. Generally the chat is left up for a good long time. We do not generally do an announcement of the winner until the winner returns the email. Many people say they want to wait for a while before they use our promotion space. We’ve had, I believe, 5 writers ask us to wait to run promotions until their book publishes or for some other reason. So if you didn’t see an announcement this is why. If you want to know who winds, come to the movie on August 2nd, or at least take the time to read the transcript.

The prizes:
You will win $500 in ads on our site
You will have up to 1 year to use these ads
First place is the only winner
This will include an announcement, banner ads, social media promos and an email blast.

So, post your story, post as many stories as you want, they have to be scary, have to 50 words. If you win you will be in our Halloween print edition of Every Writer and you’ll get all the stuff listed above.

Good luck (I’m excited!)

This is our Richard Throcket Stacker Literary Award.

And the winners of our 50 Word Scary Story Summer Contest! are:


The Return

by Grey Harlowe

Years with no news, then two people said they’d seen her. Bridget was dubious, especially of that report she had been in the family driveway. Then, suddenly, the evening her sister stood before her there, translucent as dishwater. It turned out she was no runaway, she’d been home all along.

The Broken Relic  by Liz Kelso

The Broken Relic

by Liz Kelso

If you tell, your father will go to Hell,” was the last thing he said before the statue of Mary fell to the floor. Blood flowed from the broken relic. Fear brought the priest to his knees. The little boy’s eyes glowed white. He said, “My father is already there.


Molly’s Parasite

by Kevin Steffanson

Molly pulsates on the ground as her bowels surrender to painful spasms, slowly releasing the excruciating pressure within. She struggles to rescue herself from the agony and stench, but her muscles are too liquefied to move. A wet, warm puddle of excrement surrounds her. The parasite has finished its job.


Here are our winners. It was a great contest! These stories WILL be included in our next print issue October 2017. If you are a winner, we will be contacting you shortly! Please share these stories. Also, look for a new contest coming soon. I’ll be our big big Halloween contest!

Lastly, please say congrats to our winners! Leave a comment.

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  1. In edits: has 15 50 word stories, from last years contests. Want to make it into our print Edition, these 50 word stories are a great way to do it.

  2. Ghostly Reflections (50 words)

    Jason heard the bump in the night, and saw the flicker of a shadow in the candlelight. He saw a ghostly figure slide by in the mirror, but he could not being himself to stare. He knew someone died, but never realized that he was the one who was dead.

  3. Suitcase (50 words) “I wish I had never done it to her”.I lunged towards her once more ignoring her vehement “NO”..What has she done to me ? What is this space? Am I dead/ alive? She meanwhile had packed him into a silent grave..a suitcase from which he could never escape.

  4. Don’t Play With Fire

    Fire scorched my eyes. Toxic fumes burned my nose and throat. Stupid me, pouring gasoline on a campfire. The explosion thrust me into the air. I woke up in a hospital bed, all bandaged up with a needle sticking out of my arm. I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t.

  5. Last Round
    Jack pointed to the names along his burly companion’s arm as they sat at the bar. “Your children?” he asked. The man left in silence, as the bar TV played the news and ran a story about a tattooed killer who found his victims in bars. Jack didn’t come home.

    Happy Birthday.
    A present for Clarissa’s daughter Abby arrived from her estranged husband. Abby still wanted to have it; delighted she opened a teddy bear. One cuddle for teddy pushed the dirty, hidden needles into Abby’s skin. “If I can’t have her then neither can you” Teddy’s belly voice recorder whispered.

    Sloppy seconds
    “A rape, murder case” the detective looked down at the cadaver on the table “the scene was spotless, someone knew what they were doing.”
    “How terrible” the mortician said solemnly, his mind racing with excitement at how he was going to have the girl again once the detective was gone.

    You wonder who could do this to you? Confused, your nails rake against the wooden box, in total darkness, you scream but the sound is lost. Your mouth open, you feel the wriggling of maggots as they eat. You realise that you’re dead, no one is coming for you.

  6. Pulling Blood
    By Brent Armour

    Her eyes implored his for a kiss. He acquiesced, licking his pale, faintly blue lips. She pressed her tongue into his mouth. Deeper. It touched the back of his throat, then dipped down, searching, finding his heart. One muscle wrapped around another. One pushing blood out, another pulling it in.

  7. Kevin
    By Brent Armour

    Momma had signed to him, “No kitchen”, but Kevin was so thirsty. An untouched pitcher of sugary strawberry Kool-aid sat in the refrigerator. The bleeding, bound man on the floor writhed and screamed at Kevin, but Kevin just drank his juice. Momma had never taught him how to read lips.

  8. ghost stories – i could find myself in a better place when i am in heaven, inside an airplane, thinking about my past and my future – i don’t know if i will die in a flight, but everyone will die in everyplace… so imagine…life is a dream, do not do your life a nightmare, just believe in love …otherwise you gonna be your own ghost writer


    It was her blazing eyes. Hazel rimmed in blue. Like lost men who hesitate, he took in those eyes. Mesmerized, hungry in that still moment, he dreamed of diving into them and finding love. Her hunger exceeded his. Whispering something about love, she bit his throat. Blood spurted. He paled.

  10. dark. it was so so dark. he stumbled around, cried out and knew home was somewhere. home was someone anyone but no one responded no one tried everyone was whispering. Scared,he turned, ran, crawled.

    He fell, soundlessly. became another drop in the ocean of souls, biting the mountain.

  11. Title: Fear
    Darkness filled me as it filled the night. Nothing can live within it. The pressure grew tighter. My lungs didn’t expand, my throat clogged, and my mind whirled with possibilities. Everything and anything said to me played on a loud speaker. My nails scrapped at my flesh. “Just die already”

  12. I’m really enjoying your stories! Sorry about the spam, keep writing!

  13. Surgery…successful, or was it? Pain throbbed with each heartbeat. A transparent child roamed my hall, up and down repeatedly, watching me silently… Waiting for me.
    “What do you want?” I shouted.
    Her body vanished as did I.

  14. The Return

    Years with no news, then two people said they’d seen her. Bridget was dubious, especially of that report she had been in the family driveway. Then, suddenly, the evening her sister stood before her there, translucent as dishwater. It turned out she was no runaway, she’d been home all along.

  15. Double Trouble

    Laura knew everything Laina did; they were as close as twins could get. So when the pearl handled knife disappeared, Laura knew Laina was the culprit. Also knew it when the family cats began to vanish, one by one. Who would be next? Could she say and hope to survive?

  16. The Pool

    He’d been in it continuously since that afternoon. Drowned, barely resurrected. “Mermen saved me,” he’d claimed. Finally, from the edge, she demanded explanation. “I’m a Merman now,” he said. “That’s ridiculous,” she yelled, “it’s not like vampires!”

    “Actually,” he said, scaled hands around her neck, “that’s exactly what it’s like.”

  17. Short-short-short stories r not for those with no imagination!

  18. Fun
    Entering his bedroom I saw a three- headed girl was patting on my sleeping friend’s head . Thousands scorpions were crawling clumsily over his body . A crocodile was licking his bare foot . A snake hissed at me . I fainted and regaining senses I discovered my friend tricked to terrify me

  19. The Story Competition.

    The writer seethed. How did they not see his talent?

    His heart and soul were bare in every single word. To reject this story was to reject his very essence.

    And so, with malice aforethought, he searched out – and he found – the names and addresses of everyone who had voted.

  20. New Pet

    “Hey, kids,” their mother asked, “what were you playing with in the garden this afternoon?”

    “A pig,” said Hank.

    “He’s not a pig,” said Wyatt. “He’s a…goblin.”

    “Sure,” Mother said, “except I don’t believe goblins exist.”

    “Me neither,” said Hank.

    “Me neither,” croaked the goblin from underneath his bed.

  21. The Hills Have More Than Eyes

    Hiking here was Hilyard’s idea. Wanted to see a monster. Experience for his audition—a paranormal series.

    He got picked off quick, gone in a whirl of fir needles.

    How it got me? Don’t know. Now I’m alone, searching. Another climber like him, like me, will come along some day.

  22. My Funny Valentine

    I was trying to make a fine joke: a heart shaped box, symbolizing our frail start. His wife, my husband, the hiding. My suspicion that he had strange passions. But he has gone me one better: a box made of hearts, and inside, the hearts of those we loved before.

  23. Sometimes It Does Strike Twice

    Dewey knew it was still after him. He’d been a kid before, ignorant of the signs. When it struck, white steel. Years of recovery.

    Now he heard whispers everywhere. Heard it hiss his name. Once in a while he peered at the sky, hopeful it heard his pleas for mercy.

  24. Triangle

    Conditions were strange the entire flight. After takeoff, Louise, his favorite attendant, had morphed into Scarlet, even though he hadn’t even seen her board.

    After landing, he raced to a bathroom. His hair had gone completely white.

    “Where were you?” asked a security guard. “In Hell?”

    “Worse,” he replied. “Bermuda.”

  25. Step On a Crack

    For decades, he’d avoided them. Ever since Mother’s accident.

    Until they got that new boss at the office. The one who hounded him for everything.

    Eventually, cracks started to look good. Mom would be okay, he decided. Maybe.

    Before he knew it, he was stomping on every one he saw.

  26. Ants Marching

    Unbeknownst to local residents, they were waiting. Millions of them, an ever present readiness.

    Their Queen had trained them well. They had learned to swarm, to devour.

    “My darlings,” She said each morning, “You serve me exquisitely, I want for nothing. Except for this strawdust town emptied of its pests.”

  27. On the Ledge

    Brandon inched his way along the window sill. Why was he walking on the ledge to get to the next office on the fifteenth floor? The toes of his wingtips were not on the concrete. If he moved his foot away from the outer brick wall he would fall.

  28. Stop the Pain.

    His stomach gurgled. He couldn’t stand it. The chemotherapy drug was destroying his body. Intense pain and the painkillers did little to help. If he stopped the drug, the cancer would kill him. The loaded gun on the nightstand lured him. He thought about it. His hand went towards it.

  29. Walking Home Alone on a Dark Moon Night

    Ally hears the van slowing behind her. She quickens her pace. As she reaches her front door, the driver exits his vehicle. She fumbles with keys as he approaches. Pushing from inside to shut him out, Ally screams when she notices his boot wedged between the door and the jamb.

  30. Cadaver Clearinghouse Phone Call
    By Dan Stephens

    “Hello, Cadaver Clearinghouse.”

    “You sent me the wrong stiff here at Yale Medical School. One of our students recognized his grandpa on the slab and freaked.

    “Was the student’s name Stout?”


    “Shit. Our fault. Kid okay?”

    “No, he transferred to vet school. Less chance of meeting his relatives there.”

  31. Trapped

    I woke up at dawn, paralyzed. I could lift my head, but it felt as heavy as a diving helmet. My arms and legs were frozen. A dark shape stood in the doorway. I was completely helpless. The shape oozed toward me, and I felt myself sink through the floor.

  32. 50 Word Writers these are outstanding stories! Keep them coming. We are already starting to collect stories for our October 2017 Halloween issue. It will publish in print on Oct 1. Some of these 50 word stories WILL be selected. Our last issue has 14 or 15 of these in it.

    Speaking of our last print issue, you can get more details about it: It makes a great gift, please if you were in any of our other 50 word stories, you may be in this issue!

    Keep the stories coming, I’m reading.

  33. Molly’s Parasite

    Molly pulsates on the ground as her bowels surrender to painful spasms, slowly releasing the excruciating pressure within. She struggles to rescue herself from the agony and stench, but her muscles are too liquefied to move. A wet, warm puddle of excrement surrounds her. The parasite has finished its job.

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    This post actually made my day. You cann’t consider
    simply how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  35. The wet, mewling baby birds writhed in the nest. All tender pinkness, no plume. After stumbling upon this miracle of life in his backyard, Todd marveled at how helpless the little robins looked. Until they got big. Until they became ravenous. Until they plucked his eyes out of their sockets.


    I saw it move. I wanted to get up and run but it was like a pile of bricks was laying on top of me. The figure had a knife. I just imagined what I could be, what it could do. I was as good as dead.

  37. Fear

    I enclose my fear in the corner of my room, in my fragile body, and in my tears. Loneliness and depression together roam around the house, among my mother on her bed. They want her to suffer, and they expect me to witness it. The sight is unbearable.

  38. PAYING THE PRICE (50 words)

    The devil glared with hollow eyes, offering me fame and fortune.
    That’s how I recall it. My brain slurs. I once was important, wealthy too! Worms crawl beneath my flesh in a painful itch. Hands bandaged, I cannot scratch. Crying out, my words are garbled, useless. “Alzheimer’s,” the doctor says.

  39. TITLE: The Dryer (50 words)

    There he was with broken limbs and twisted neck.

    “You like putting little boys in clothes dryers’ grandma?”

    It was the smell that alerted the neighbors. The police searched the house. They found her inside the dryer with a softener sheet sticking out of her mouth.

  40. TITLE: Robbery (46 words)

    All he wanted was her wallet, but she resisted and now she refused to die.

    She laughed as his knife punctured her skin. Then she stopped. Her lifeless eyes stared at nothing.

    Tentacles rose out of her wounds and wrapped around his neck. Her laughing commenced.

  41. Love Bites

    Musk, sulfur, and the scent of belonging.
    The door slams open, burying the handle into drywall.
    You fall, scurrying backward.
    A picture frame slips, shattering on the floor next to you.
    Your lover smiles at you.
    You lift your eyes from the photo.
    Smiling back.
    Teeth sink into scarlet flesh.

  42. Bent over a bowl of home-made minestrone soup, Luigi began noisily slurping it up with an over-sized spoon. His head shot up upon hearing Sophia, his late wife, whisper, “That smells really good. Too bad I don’t anymore.” Poor Sophia was deeply buried beneath Luigi’s new American Beauty rose bush.

  43. The Worst Horror

    Human beings are wearing orange jumpsuit shrouds kneeling in the sand, hands bound behind their backs. The man in front of me is hoping, praying, something will intervene and I will not unsheathe a machete. He is melting in fear, anticipating a thrashing, gurgling, blood-letting, end of his life.


    I am a beheader. I live in a culture of insanity, revenge, hate, and violence. My people have become animals; one trains another and another to act less than human. There is no escape for me. If I don’t slaughter, I am slaughtered.

    Then and Now

    Life once had a familiar rhythm. We followed the rules of our religion and our culture. Living could be difficult but, behind our walls, our families had peace. Then ISIS came. Our men are missing. Our women are abused. To survive, our children take up the machete.

  44. An Awful realization
    As the hand reaching from the Earth grasped firmly onto his heel, giving him a mighty yank that pulled him into the dark, hot soil. John’s blood ran cold as he realized, that death would not be the worst thing that would happen to him.

  45. True Love

    As he gazed into her eyes, he realized she meant it when she told him that she would do anything for him. Unfortunately, it took gouging her eyes out of their socket with a pocket knife and placing them in his hand before he fully understood.

  46. In Mother’s Arms

    As she wrapped her arms around her bloodied child to comfort him, if his red illuminated eyes or the savage snarling wasn’t enough to warn her he was no longer her son, his claws and razor teeth tearing into her throat was.

  47. TITLE: The Broken Relic (50 Words)

    “If you tell, your father will go to Hell,” was the last thing he said before the statue of Mary fell to the floor. Blood flowed from the broken relic. Fear brought the priest to his knees. The little boy’s eyes glowed white. He said, “My father is already there.”

  48. Open Heart

    “The procedure is not going well, you will die on this table.” the dark cloaked figure said.

    “I fear nothing. I have lived a full life as a good man. God will take me to Heaven.”

    He leaned in and whispered, “There is no God.”

  49. Promise Note

    A note slid under the door into the room. Cautiously, she retrieved it.

    “You will be mine.”

    The note came from the bedroom. She lived alone.

  50. In Passing

    Last thing I remember is driving to my girlfriend’s house, passing a slow driver. There’s some unaccounted for time, and now I’m at some ceremony. Everyone is crying.

    Unsure why, I walk to the front of the room. There I lay in a casket.

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