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We have finally decided to formalize our short and minute fiction awards. Here is a new schedule of these awards. If you want to enter our contests, it’s free. We will run 5 fiction contests each year. Four of the 5 contests are listed here. They are all basically horror story contest.

Justine Moritz Literary Award
This contest will change from year to year. Please see the page of the contest for details.
January 1 – March 28

Richard Throcket Stacker Literary Award
This contest will change from year to year. Please see the page of the contest for details.
April 1 – July 12

Francis Wayland Thurston Award for Horror Fiction
This is the big, fun, awesome award everyone wants to win. It’s our Halloween celebration. See the Awards page for details.
July 15-Oct 28

James Dillingham Young Literary Award
This contest will change from year to year. Please see the page of the contest for details.
November 1 – December 23

All of these awards come with some kind of monetary gift or prize. Details are giving on each of the award pages. Our 5th, final, and full length award will be listed at a later time.

One thought on “New Literary Awards From EWR”

  1. Here’s 500 word scary but not horror
    scifi premise humans extinct all beings etc, continue search for mankind.
    character driven not plot driven.
    reader will understand being human.
    thank You Richard for your dedication to new writers.
    I tried to help artists to have their first art shows back in 87 and 89.
    I’d submit to the Shacker contest.
    Robert C. Radziejewski WC 500

    By robert c. radziejewski
    Kit includes working stand, multi tools, probe, 1 certified living mass, 1 capsule life serum standard mix.
    Center the drive device on stand in middle of revolving work table. Position kit parts around and from one to eight step places. Relocate your habitat or work station away from other neighboring units.
    Read instructions carefully. It is eight steps to complete for transducer to be refitted into your drive. Hint; clean and organized work area and table is a happy work table.
    After removal center device on table and insert starter tool in slot under first strap. Dial discharge lowest level and activate voice prompt. Loosen strap and proceed to loosen all eight straps. Starter tool instructs to remove all eight clamps.lly
    Rotate till stop containment shield dome. Lift carefully upwards and place separately away from tools. Inspect the matter in the crucible showing blue green pulsing colors. Set second multi tool for cleaning pass wand over the entire surface slowly to remove nonperforming skin. Color may intensify displaying a white inner radiance. Set tool aside.
    Pick single use tool insert into package extracting fresh virgin living material. Lower downwards directly into center of existing matter and inject fresh supply. Both matters will accept to form a hemisphere with four lobes. Pause for growth forming.
    Pick unseal new serum extractor. Note; recommends the users’ personal life serum for initial energy matrix template. Freeze kit’s life serum and save for emergency. Extract your fluids and immediately inject into center of lobes the full length of probe. The transducer is now enhanced with strong deep colors pulsing and humming.
    Final step pick new tool to infuse sequentially entire hemisphere at its preset radiation level. Hemisphere will beat in synchrony with pulsing color effects. Note; retrieve cleaning tool and radiate inside of containment shield thoroughly. Take shield dome and lower onto device rotate to lock. Replace all eight clamps tightly.
    Important step insert multi tool into orifice resetting energy level to auto.
    Suddenly harmonics forced apart and inaudible screech beyond audio.
    The Systems Marshal smiled at the deputy. “Got It” while the expansion of light washes over the near region and beyond onto the outlier habitats. Space absorbs all evidence. “That’s a subtraction from the bad guys list”. “Out here everyone thinks they can do everything.”
    But Marshal I helped my cousin use the same type of repair kit! No problems!
    “Deputy, that evil beings life fluids weren’t compatible with this particular kit purposely advertised for the independent terrorists”. But Marshall any similar species may be innocent would also die!
    “Deputy it was the kits’ surveillance and verification automatically proceeded to this end point”. “It began with kit search and purchase. Then to the final step”. “I like my job! I like to remove these saboteurs using their own decisions”.
    “The kit is autonomous divinely oriented with the Great Technician and data continuously inputed”. END

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