50 Writing exercises

50 Writing Exercises

Here are 50 writing exercises to help you get the juices flowing. Writing sometimes seems to dry up. It is always hard to say why, but inspiration usually comes from writing. If you can’t get things going, force yourself to write. Sitting down with few ideas and a blank page never helps. So here are some writing exercises to help you overcome your writer’s block. Or you can use them just to get things going again. For these exercises you can write either a story or a poem for them, so you can substitute one or the other when desired.

Ok, I know we have another 1000 writing prompts page, but this is one from our archives.  We are basically just moving this page here, and add a picture.

1. Write a lie. Write what it would be like to tell a lie to a loved one. Either write a lie or write about telling the truth, as long as it is out of character for you.
2. Write a juxtaposition. Write a juxtaposition of a person with a phoebe and the apex of that phoebe. For instance an agoraphobic in a meteor shower.
3. Write a story from the point of view of the opposite sex.
4. Turn up your favorite song as loud as you can take it and then start writing!
5. Write for 15 mins without stopping no matter if only gibberish comes out.
6. Rewrite one of your favorite poems or stories.
7. Write a story with only one adjective.
8. Write a news story about the death of your main character.
9. Got to a hotel lobby and write a story about where the people you see coming in, have come from.
10. Make a list of 10 curse words and then use them all in a poem or story.
11. Make a list of 10 street slang and then use them all in a poem or story.
12. Write a story about a ghost who is friendly but will not let you sleep because he or she is afraid of something.
13. Write a story about an alien who stinks and very ugly but he or she is very friendly and has the cure for all major diseases.
14. Write a story about falling off something very high and almost dying.
15. Write a story about a killer who is afraid of the dark.
16. Wire a poem or a story about falling our of an airplane and onto the top of a very high building, and then falling of the building to your death.
17. Write a poem or story about holding your breathe until you pass out.
18. Write a story about being friends with President Lincoln and telling him not to go to Ford’s theater.
19. Write a story about cheating someone you love.
20. Write a story about rain falling on a desert.
21. Write a story about killing something very small and felling bad about it.
22. Write story where you lie to the reader.
23. Write about something that made you cry.
24. Write about reading a story that you do not like.
25. Write about making love to someone you do not find attractive.
26. Write about breaking a bone.
27. Write a memory about the worst thing that ever happened to you.
28. Write about nothing happening and make sure there are no themes or motifs to tie it together.
29. Write about being lost in the jungle and finding a group of animals that no one knows exist.
30. Write a story about your worst fear coming true.
31. Write a story about an interaction you had a the story, write it as it happened.
32. Write a memory about when you laughed very hard. Write it as it really happened.
33. Write a memory about drinking too much and getting sick (if it ever happened). Write it as it really happened.
34. Write a memory of a phone conversation with a sales person who made you angry.
35. Write a letter to someone who died who was close to you.
36. Write about the weather destroying your how.
37. Write about an earthquake destroying your town.
38. Write about having a conversation with a zombie (you know the walking dead).
39. Write poem or a story that comes from a joke.
40. Write about what it would be like to be told you were dying.
41. Write a memory of being electrocuted (as it really happened).
42. Find an object in your house and write it’s history (shipped from China or Japan…on a boat, plane, ect…)
43. Write a story about climbing a tree in front of your house.
44. Write story about your house being on fire.
45. Write a story about winning the lottery.
46. Write a story about a lottery ticket that is a winning ticket but is cursed.
47. Write a story about a pirate or hit man who cannot stop crying is trying to tell you his story.
48. Write a memory about cutting your finger or foot, write it as it happened.
49. Write a description of a homeless man or woman you recently saw.
50. Write a story about asking someone for money.

Ok, if you want more writing exercises please see our 1000 writing prompts page.