$500 Halloween 50 Horror Word Story Contest 2019

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Welcome to our 2019 $500 Halloween Horror 50 Word Story Contest. Yes, that’s right. It’s already here. Every year we run our contests, and those of you who have been frequent readers, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

First we will be doing a print issue! We will be doing 2 print issues, and we will pick entries from this contest to be in our issue. If you had a 50 word story designated to be in our print issue, from a past contest, please contact us.

Second, we will be giving out a $500 reward for the best 50 word horror story. This is not easy for us. Every Writer is not doing as well as it did in the past, but we want your stories. I believe writers should get paid for their work. I wish we could pay all of our writers, but it’s just impossible. So $500 for 50 words, I think is a unique and valuable statement to our readers. Ten dollars a word is what all writers really deserve.

So here are the rules:

• Story must be scary
• Story must be 50 words
• Story must be original and your own
• Story may not be published elsewhere
• Story must have a title (does NOT count in word count)
• Deadline is October 25, 2019
• Enter as many times as you want
• Story must be written in the comments below!
• Be nice or be disqualified

I love these stories. This is one of favorite traditions of Every Writer. I look forward to this every year, and this year I have extended the time we are going to spend with the contest.

The winners will:

• Be announced on October 31, 2019
• Will get $500
• Will be published in our digital and print issue.
• Will get an author page on our site

Due to the large number of entries, we will need a couple more days to announce the winner. We are working as quickly as possible. The winner has been contacted, and we will announce soon. 


There is no entry fee for this contest. It would help us out greatly if you would donate 1$ or more, if you can, to help out the site. We would really appreciate it. A donation will not be considered in the deciding this contest.

Thank you!

If you want to keep up with me on Twitter, please follow me at @everywriter, I follow back all writers.

Good luck, and let the writing begin.

Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles


  1. I’m also struggling to understand why simply posting the winner, that has apparently already been selected days ago, is taking so long. I also thought it was strange that only one winner will be chosen. $500 is a huge prize and could have easily been divided in a number of different ways for multiple winners-especially if this site is financially struggling. But that’s the rules I guess. Also unusual that you don’t appear to have the option to withdraw an entry or comment after the 15 minute mark. If this site is run by a one man show I can certainly understand the lack in some areas, however, there could have been a better way to go about this contest. I think it also lacks a certain level of professionalism that other sites have. Apparently at one time during a different contest a contestant who turned out to be the winner supposedly gave a fake e-mail address and couldn’t be reached or notified for a very long time if at all. This site seems to be run by a pattern or system that is obviously flawed and not working. I don’t mean to shoot or break down the owner(s) but I think they should definitely reconsider how they’ve been running this site. I wouldn’t mind offering a helping hand either if it would make a difference. I want to support this site because I think it does have something good in it and potential but I’m just not sure…

    • The Grand Prize winner is the one that has been contacted. They are preparing a publication that will feature all the winners, because all runner ups chosen will still be published. That takes time to compile.

      • I expected that choosing a winner would be a somewhat long process but I didn’t expect that the time between choosing the winner and revealing said winner and runner ups would take so long. But you’ve already explained why, so thanks. Although that still only addresses one issue of many.

        I think many of us are very eager to see the final results. Antsy even.

        Anyway, thanks again for replying in a mature way.

    • I was 1 of the winners from last years contest; Yes it takes time regardless of how many work for the site; they obviously had a ton of entries. From what I’ve observed thus far there are well over 1500 stories that were submitted. I am still reading stories from early October due to the massive multiple daily entries! Also I assure you those who won have already been contacted and are waiting for their stories to be published professionally.
      There is a process in which the winners have to be asked if edits are needed, the winners have to respond if they don’t then they may have been passed up and the process starts all over again!

      Be patient, keep writing and good luck in your endeavors!

  2. I really hope this is a legitimate contest. How many days can it take to contact the winner? And publishing the winning entry is just a quick keystroke. One person in these comments said that past winners are “on google”. I looked, and unless I’m missing something, I only see the names of winners, not actual entries. In any case, the past winning entries should be easily found on THIS site. Another thing that gives me pause is asking the very writers who are participating in the contest for a donation. The disclaimer states that donations will not be considered in the voting process. But if I were the site owner, I would avoid even the appearance that some people might have an advantage. It just makes sense. There are other ways to fund a contest. And finally, I don’t understand the wisdom of letting people post as many entries as they’d like. There should be a limit, whether it’s five, ten or whatever. Based on what I’ve seen here, there’s an inverse relationship to the number of entries submitted and the quality of the work. I’m not talking about “good” or “bad” writers; just the fact that a person trying to have more visibility by cranking out as many entries as possible may not be focusing on quality.

    • “…And finally, I don’t understand the wisdom of letting people post as many entries as they’d like. There should be a limit, whether it’s five, ten or whatever. Based on what I’ve seen here, there’s an inverse relationship to the number of entries submitted and the quality of the work. I’m not talking about “good” or “bad” writers; just the fact that a person trying to have more visibility by cranking out as many entries as possible may not be focusing on quality.”


      Let me ask you this, how many writing contests; HOW MANY, are you GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY to submit as often as you want?

      Speaking as one who “cranked them out”; it’s not about visibility for some, it’s about the practice. That’s what writers do, they write, write some more, and write again…

      All art whether writing, painting, music, dance, sports, comedy, cooking or crocheting is a process of practice, exploration, risk taking, and effort.

      Perfection, or “quality”; wonderful as it may sound, is lingo for people only interested in currency and commerce.

      It’s like an album….(probably before your time) 12 tracks of exploratory effort to produce one or two gems that may someday be considered a hit.

      Art results from the repetition of creative action. Not every thing put out by artists is a masterpiece, but consistent effort ensures more of them will be produced over time.

      EXAMPLE: I set a personal challenge, to write 200 shorts for this contest, and you know what? The winning would be the byproduct if I was good enough and if I didn’t win…meh.

      The primary effort and fun of “getting to the goal” wound up being the highlight of the contest for me, and I surprised myself with a few gems along the way. And I managed to write the most terrifying piece I’ve ever done because of this contest. ONE…OUT OF TWO HUNDRED!

      Even Babe Ruth struck out more times than cracking homers; that’s reality.

      We’re very fortunate to have participated in this at all, win or lose.

      Some of us understand this and the function of competition more than others.

  3. Thank you Richard Edwards and Every Writer for a fun and challenging contest. Congratulations to the winner. I am anxious to read it.

  4. In case any of you are still wondering, they have sent an email to the winner already and will anounce who it was later at a given time. Hopefully you all had fun!

  5. It was a lot of fun writing these stories. Thank you for the opportunity. Looking forward to reading the winning submission!

  6. Good Morning! Has the Winner(s) been contacted? I read, More time was needed to determine Winner(s)? And, I’m not sure how long ago was that update. So, DID I, or AM I, ONE, of the Winner(s)? 🙂 Any updates are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Hey. I’m Troy Jackson. I am very appreciative of the high praise given.. And, am ( strange thing for a writer to admit) nearly at a loss for words.. Just enjoy putting out good content.. This site is a very interesting platform to me…
    I need to learn more about the interactivity of the site..love the contests and story telling opportunities..
    Only even tried due to the example of my fb buddy Mike Kelly.. Never even knew that places like this existed before now..
    I’m such a newbster.. Lol

  8. Google has previous year’s contests. It seems like this magazine has been going through some tough financial times over the last two years, though. Also, it looks like last year’s contest had a fraction of the number of entries as this year’s contest. Not sure if that’s the case, or if a lot of entries were deleted last year due to an issue with malware.

    They are offering $500 with no required entrance fee. Honestly, they deserve a donation just for the fun I had thinking of stories and then trying to say them within 50 words. It’s a really cool and unique contest.

    I’m eager to read the winning entrees as well (and crossing my fingers that I get on the list!), but I am sure the folks (or folk) at Every Writers Resource is working as quickly as they can.

      • If the person has an author page you can click on their name and it takes you there, then you click on the comment bubble and it gives you links to all their stories. If they dont not sure you can. You can try searching by name.

      • Most of Troy Jackson’s stories are vulgar, and if they aren’t, the tone of voice isn’t particularly incredible, either. He may have a wide range of subjects, but as I said before most of them weren’t what Every Writer was looking for. They were sexual, not horror.

      • Troy are you on the every writer staff? Because you post implies you are, as in “not what every writer is looking for.” Seems like Kit would know better what every writer is looking for. BTW where are your stories, i’d Like to read them. I can’t search because you didn’t bother to make an author page.

    • Jesus is the winner. Because he is the son of God. How cool would that be on take your kid to work day? And you wouldn’t have to pray, just say ‘hey dad.’ But on Father’s Day what are you going to give him? That’s a tough one. Maybe he’s not a winner but a big fat loser. See, this picking a winner thing is tough. It’s gonna take a few more days. In the mean time feel free to post more stories.

      • In the mean time I think we all could do some things to support this site, which is a very cool opportunity to help it flourish. 1) Set up an author page so you can promote yourself and connect with other writers 2) give a dollar or more for the donation to this contest. I’m betting all that money goes towards the prize if it’s less than 500, I’m guessing it is. 3) this is a truly unique contest where you can see ALL the entries, betting this is the only contest that offers that. What a great opportunity to comment on stories you like and offer constructive criticism on those you think need it, and avoid snide little jabs that seem to predominate a lot of the comments. Thanks, Mike

      • Personally, I don’t appreciate your tone when talking about Jesus. And frankly, I don’t believe many others do either. Please, just keep your opinions and snide comments to yourself, they aren’t helping anyone, least of all yourself.

      • True Taylor are you part of the administration here, because again your comments imply you are. If administration has a problem with any of my posts they can let me know and delete them, no problem with me. Your problem with the Jesus comment is duly noted and no such comments will be forthcoming, sorry you were offended. So how can I find your stories?

      • I’m the one beneath the Jesus comment under Michael, I think you’ll agree that was a pretty helpful comment, yours not so much. I have also made about 20 positive comments praising stories I liked, and a couple of writer tips so people could improve there writing skills with micro flash fiction. Scroll though my comments you’ll see. How can I scroll through your comments?!

  9. By The Graveyard

    There was a girl named Caroline. The night of Halloween Caroline fell into a grave. The dead body started to squeeze the brains out of her. Next thing you knew the blood gushed out of her mouth and eyes. Next, Caroline couldn’t breath. The dead body suffocated her and she died.

  10. Reaper’s Rejection

    I wait at night.
    By the window with a crack down the side,
    codeine in one hand, bourbon in the other.
    I have a box cutter, would you prefer that?
    Perhaps the old rope in the basement. . .
    Will you visit soon?
    I don’t want to be alone anymore.


    she didn’t know it then
    and she doesn’t know it now
    how easily the blade would open her wrists
    how quickly the blood would spill
    how effortlessly it would contaminate the water filling the tub
    or how it would drip drip drip over my rubber ducky as I sat watching

  12. Title: Touch of the Unknown

    “Click click, buzz..”
    The lights go off as she looks for her keys.
    Frightened by the darkness, she freezes.
    She follows a hint of light by her windows.
    A cold, silent presence approaches her.
    “There you are, ha ha ha….” says the unknown.
    She never makes her way back home.

  13. Mama.

    “Not my children!” The woman wailed from the police car. At the red light,the officers screamed,but she only smiled. “Mama’s here, it’s nearly done.” she whispered. Silence fell,fanged teeth and black eyes met hers in the rear-view. She was right, those were not her babies but His.

  14. Finis Tenebris

    The leather-bound book sat ominously in the sacristy. Weathered pages creased as she read aloud its mysterious words,

    “Invocationem malarum . . . ”

    Cold chills crept in through the corners of the room,

    “De spiritu. . .”

    Shadows, moving closer . . .


    His fiendish figure loomed forbiddingly . . . she thrust the lance into his chest.


  15. For love

    Amelia was the only girl I have ever loved. So why is she doing this? My hands and legs tied to a chair, drink she says. I look down at her bloody wrist. The smell so intoxicating. What’s wrong with me? The pain in my stomach becomes stronger. Drink she whispers.

  16. The other boy hit the white werewolf with his blue , and purple guitar . All the sudden the dad when frozen still with fear when the fallen boy started floating with black sparkles around him wolf ears and tail popped out. All of the people split their mouth in shock .Then when the mom turned to check on the baby girl she was gone only and where she was was a scary, threatening doll with and moonlit sign saying look up if you dare she looked up and saw a vampire wearing a long, black cloak holding the baby in and horrible , magical , black blanket and pointing down she looked down and saw a two headed ,black dog as they opened their mouth she saw sharp teeth so she ran the other way but got blocked off by demons she jumped up and screamed then turned right there was zombies so she turned left and there was creepy clowns. Then her son that got turned into a wolf made it through the monster with and sword the two other werewolves said “point it at her neck nick” but his name was really drake the son pointed it at his mother then cut her head off turning her into a ghost and went to hell for doing a crime. a long time ago she stole the crown of the queen of Denmark and killing the king . the dad unfroze but got stabbed by the son too making him into an angel and went to heaven then the other son said brother this is not you please remember but then he was turned into a ball as for the baby ? She got bit by the vampire and got named midnight when any humans come they will be ready with the new werewolf , Nick and the new vampire midnight when she gets older but the mother got turned into a demon and joined the other demons Day hit and all the monsters went to bed or did they ? Ten years later there was a meeting all the monsters were there even Nick and Midnight. Nick was getting married to the princess of werewolves ,Princess mist but humans came but they were ready to slice and dice them to pieces the end .

    • Faerytale Carousel
      One-two-three, one-two-three
      Round and round the ring they go

      But hush! If they see you peek
      They’ll invite you to their dance
      So enchanting you’ll never leave
      Till your feet turn to stumps
      And mind melts into putty

      One-two-three, one-two-three
      Round and round they go, on and on and on…

  17. Once on a stormy night in a misty , gloomy island filled with monsters and killer clowns . Thunder crashes and lighting flashes hitting stones and trees . In the small forest filled with thorns and big brown bears . Deep in the forest, there was a small cave filled with bats and vampires . Hives field with the beating of small wings of bees . No human has been there before. But on this night a family with one baby girl and 2 ten year old boys washed ashore from a lighting storm hitting their boat .Then they awoke from their sleep they were surrounded by vampires , demons , zombies , werewolves, creepy clowns and witches . the family felt scared and the monster thought they could hurt them so they thought “we can turn them into us so they won’t hurt us”
    The ten year old boys and their mother and father grabbed their instruments the mother grabbed Xylophone, and the dad grabbed his blue recorder , one of the boys grabbed his violin and all of them started to play the song twinkle twinkle little star. The monsters look confused with tilted heads . the people thought that they were going to be safe so they put it down for a minute .Next the creepy clowns grabbed chainsaw and then chopped a tree down making a loud bang when it hit the ground . One of the boys grabbed a rubber band and stick making a slingshot then grabbed 2 stones but he was too late to save himself, one of the werewolves bit the young boy making him fall asleep then

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