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Lady in Red
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Prince of Darkness

meCesar Valtierra hails from the sun soaked desert of the wild, wild western city of El Paso, Texas. He wields a pencil like an outlaw gunslinger, drawing up a storm since the tender age of two. He is infamous throughout the land for his provocative ink drawings, his meticulous vector illustrations, and his eye catching graphic design work. Like a thief in the night, Mr. Valtierra is a man of few words but one who with his work makes quite an impression. He follows the beat of his own drum and answers to no one; except of course, his fiancée Victoria, the love of his life, his inspiration and muse. And their two cats, Chubs and Pretty Boy.

If you think you can handle the awesomeness, feel free to check out his work at and of course his comic book featuring the adventures of Balazo, the pint-sized detective at

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