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We haven’t done one of these in a long time. Our Haiku, Horror Story, and 2 Sentence Stories are doing so well, we thought we’d add one more, Continue the Story…

This is not a contest, but if we publish the story, which I hope it turns out that we do, then you will get full credit for a publication with us.

The way you play this little game is simple. You just continue the story. You have to write a paragraph, each time that you continue the story, but you can write as many as you want as long as others are jumping in. You can take the story in any direction you like. Make sure it’s scary. We’ll start with one paragraph, and you continue it. If in the end we like the story, we want to publish it on EWR: Short Stories. Each person who adds to the story will get their name on the credits, with a bio and links to sites or books or whatever. One link per person.

We will edit this when we go to publish the story.

Continue the story is a time honored tradition of writers. It’s related to the Exquisite Corpse, which we also do on our site. Anyway, I hope you will add to this. It’a fun little exercise.

Here we go. Continue this story:

He heard the girl screaming in the distance. He was at least an hour from his home. The long walk in the night air had done him well. He felt rejuvenated until he hear the screaming, in the distance. He took his one headphone out of ear, so he could possibly get a direction to go to find her.

He had stopped jogging, and now roamed a large stone fence, listening. As he came to a break in the fence he could hear she was only a short distance away. He looked up to see, illuminated by the street lights, “Allan Park Memorial Cemetery.” He passed under the sign, and headed for the screams.

Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles


  1. A person named Ed was supposed to stay after school for detention but he skipped since he wanted to hangout with his friends. When he walked towards the pizzeria which is the place he was supposed to meet up with his friends. But, when he saw his friends leaving, he was trying to catch up with them. But, those weren’t his friends it was just a dream he woke up scared. As he continued to repeat his process, he went back to pizzeria he then saw his friends walking away from the pizzeria but this time Ed walked away from them but this time he didn’t wake up. The friends weren’t walking away from the pizzeria they’re walking towards him. But, he didn’t notice that int’ll they tapped him on the shoulder. He look behind him it was his friends, he started to create a conversation but they were talking about his death. He was nodding his head and walking away of fear. He felt like this was telling him something. He was walking back to his friends thinking in a negative way. He tried to be kind towards his friends. But his friends just stabbed him. He dropped down in tears and his friends walked away in a terrible way.

  2. After he was in the cemetery he would hear the girl scream again and he was nervous didn’t know what to do if he saw the girl,every step he took he would hear the scream becoming closer and knew that he was close. After he was some light he stood still he had goosebumps , he was nervous until he went up a little bit closer and saw the girl. After he saw the girl he asked “how are you”, “are you OK”. The girl didn’t respond and left running to a house that look very spooky and didn’t believe what he got to see….

  3. When he heard that he finally found his sister, he began to tremble but then he realized, his sister died years ago. Before he knew it, his sister began to create a sinister look on her face. He began to run for his life because he knew that wasn’t his sister. He began to run to his house but suddenly he stopped because his sister appeared in front of him. He felt a strong evil presence and he wondered if that was coming from her. When he started to run he tripped. He got back up to his feet and started to run as fast as he can but he heard the screams become louder behind him. When he stopped at his house he heard the scream again but it was faint. He wanted to build up courage to turn around but he couldn’t. When he turned around he saw the girl. After that there was a loud and scary scream but it was male scream. That was that last time people ever heard of him. People still get chills to this day about what occurred in that cemetery but there is still some things to be discovered there. To be continued.

  4. As the man continued throw the cemetery he tripe on a small old broken head stone. He tumbled down the hill the cemetery was belted on and hit his head on a peas of stone. He just lade there with word was spinning then black. About 2 to 3 hours later the man came to he stud up and looked at his phone “IMPOSSIBLE” the man side ” IT CAN’T BE” the phone showed it was 10:00 am but it was still dark in faced in was pitch black no sun NO moon NO STARS nothing just black the man was starting to weary then the scermes continued but it sound like they were right behind him…

  5. As the man continues toward the screams, every step becomes more and more regretful. There’s nothing, don’t worry, he tries to tell himself. But even his own body, own mind, won’t listen. Soon enough, the screams became louder, and the man soon wanted to leave. “Why don’t I just head back and call the cops?” Little did he know it’s to late for that . He’s gone to far. There had always been tales of this place, a ghost, haunts it at night. The ghost has gone there as a young child, but was viciously murdered, and buried there. Ever since that day, these stories have arose. Of course, this man didn’t believe. Only stories for other teens to dare each other to go out there. But, step by step, the story got more and more realistic. The screaming had stopped, but the man was to busy thinking to notice. Not until he made it to a tree at the end of the cemetery. Where he saw it. His eyes open, as he stumbles to the ground. He was perplexed, he had never thought of seeing such a site. His mind fills with words, random, craziness. “Why? Who did this? What did this? What motive? Is it true? Are the rumors true?” There he stares, stares at an image of a young girl, bloodied, dead. “Police! Hands up!” The police take this man into custody, they had heard the screaming from the young girl, who had gone to visit her grandmas grave. Investigating the situation, accusing the man committed the crime. He knew he didn’t do it, but who else did know? He was the only man around. He had always lived a happy life. He was locked away, for a crime he never committed. Even his own family didn’t want to look him in the eyes. Or maybe they did, but just couldn’t. The man couldn’t handle it anymore. His mind was teared, he was lonely and afraid. He decided it would just be best if he were to die. So, there in his cell, he hung himself. And that’s it. That’s the mystery of the murder of the young girl at the cemetery.

  6. Running now, the screams growing louder and louder as he got closer. Taking a stop to breath for a moment the screams went silent. The cemetery was empty and dark. The screams began again. The man grew closer as he was met with the dark woods. He stopped running to listen for the sound again. He followed the sound. He found a the pitch black cave that the screams were coming from. He walked in, water dripped from the ceiling of the cave. It was silent the only sound was the dripping water and the cold winds. He went deeper into the cave. A dark figure emerged from the darkness in front of him. The figure did not look like a human but more like a mix of human and a animal. He had a devilish body structure. The figure grew closer and closer to him. The man turned around and ran as quick as he could to the entrance of the cave. He was not quick enough, he was snatched up by the figure. he was put into a bag and carried away. This was 20 years ago and the man was never saw again. The caved was closed off since but one night a man heard screams from it. This was different though. It was not a women but a man. The man followed the screams which led him back into the cave…

    • he walked through the cold cemetery. It was dark, the only light was the moon piercing through the clouds he heard the scream again

  7. when he caught up with the screams in the cemetery he saw a little girl sitting with her head down right by the big willow tree. “The man asked the little girl are you okay” as he went to tap her on her shoulder but when he taped her his hand went right though her. it was like touching a dust cloud but it was a little girl instead. his eyes went big as his heart dropped to his stomach as he stood shock looking at her.At one point he punch himself to see if it was a dream because he couldn’t believe what he is seeing. but it wasn’t that long that he stood there after he came back to earth he ran off as fast as he could without looking back.But it was too dark to find the exit of the cemetery until he ran upon a big dark mansion he decided to go in but he couldn’t believe what he saw…..

  8. The guy slowly crept into the cemetery the girls voice got louder and louder. Finally he saw the girl. She had long black hair and was in clothes that were mostly ripped. Next to her was a dug up grave stone. The guy got closer to the girl and asked were she lived. The girl said, ”This is my home and soon it will be yours.” After she said that she went back to screaming. The guy said what do you mean and he started to run out of the cemetery. He kept looking back to make sure the girl was not following him. The girl was not she was just standing there starring. right when the guy was at the gate, the girl closed the gate without touching it. Now the guy was really freaking out. He turned around once again to make sure the girl was still there and she was. When he went back to look at the gate the girl was standing there with blood all over her. He eye balls turned to white and red. She said in a deep voice, ”This is your home now and this will be your home for ever. The guy ran as fast as he could the other way and manged to escape the other gate right before the girl closed it. The girl was screaming even louder. The guy ran and ran to his house and called the police. That night they checked and there was nothing in the cemetery. The police thought the guy was crazy. The next day the guy went back for some reason and the girl was there once again. This time the girl made sure the guy did not escape. The guy started to run around the cemetery but suddenly stopped. The girl turned him around and his eyes turned red and white like the girls. She dropped the guy and took him into her gravestone. The guy and girl were never seen again. No one could ever find evidence of the girl being in the cemetery beside her gravestone.

  9. He was creeping up closer to the sound, not knowing who it was he was being cautious and did not get any closer. The screams stopped but he kept hearing whispers getting closer, the fog started getting so severe he could not see anything over three feet away from him. He felt like something was behind him, he turned around and saw nothing. He looked down and saw something grabbing his ankle and ran. He was so scared that he just ran with no sense of direction, all of a sudden a wall came up from the ground blocking the way he was running. He looked to the right and saw the exit, but before he could start running he got boxed in. The ground faded away and he started screaming and heard all the other people he started hearing before. He started falling into a pit of blood and body parts of the people he knew and loved.

  10. He stood there in fear his mind blank as he watched the creatures every move. Suddenly the creature disappeared but to where, where could it have gone?. No one was around. He could hear the creature giggling, talking, whispering. “Don’t turn around or you will die it will be a slow death”. His breath getting heavier. He slowly turned around to see a face with no eyes nor nose just a mouth with razor sharp teeth blood coming out of his mouth. ” Didn’t I tell you not to turn around, you shall now die a slow horrible death.” The creatures mouth opened wide revealing more razor sharp teeth. The man fell backwards……To Be Continued

  11. As he walked through the cemetery, he was a little shook. Seeing graves, and seeing peoples souls roaming. As he continued through the cemetery, he seen his grandfathers grave. He walked up to the grave and blew a kiss to it. Then, he started to pray. “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS! Please don’t let me end up this way”, he said. After his prayer, he continued to walk toward the screaming. The screaming grew louder. As he got closer, he seen shadows running past him. “This is the worst thing I have went through in my whole life”, he said. He seen something in a distance, but he thinks that it is a scarecrow.

  12. He started running quickly, towards the screaming! “Boom, boom, boom” there was lightning striking. He had so much adrenaline, because he was so focused on finding were the screaming was coming from, that he wasn’t even scared walking into the cemetery and wasn’t worrying about the thunder. Until a couple minutes after running inside of the cemetery trying to locate where the screaming was coming from… “BOOM!” he got struck by lightning.. But there was something quite odd, he was twitching and moving on the ground chaotically. He was still alive…

    • He was still alive… very hurt but alive. he limped his way over to a grave stone because i he had gotten struck by lighting so he had to take a breather in the dark night, it almost looked like there was fog in the air and it doesn’t help that he was in a cemetery and there was something screaming. so he decided to make his way back to the entrance until he had gotten chased back into the cemetery. he didn’t get a chance to get look at the person that chased him back into the cemetery but he had seen that the person was short almost like a midget but with a deep voice saying, “Who are you to walk around this cemetery like you own it!.” after he said that the guy ran as fast as he can to a crypt and hid in a casket, then…

  13. After a while the creams stop until he saw a shadow he want to find out what it was but he did not find anything he tough it was all in his head until he saw a person going into the dark Cemetery he want to go after the person and he saw something that he did not want to see a demon…. he was pairlzyze by his fear he could not move and he did not want to because he know that if he did he would not live a anther day

  14. As the I walked into the cemetery the screaming had continued but louder and louder. I think I seen something in the distance but it was probably just a crow sitting on a tombstone or something but as I walked to it was just a little girl. She looked like she was 8 years old so I said hey are you okay, but she didn’t answer and just stayed screaming. She was wearing am all white gown it was scratched up and had black stains on it. I went around to see her face and she turned her head around but her body was still facing the same way. I said this is serious not a joke. She whispered Death comes but it was like she had said that in my ear but she didn’t. I walked up closer to her and touched her shoulder and said your game is over so let me bring you home. She turned her neck back around and said death comes right in my face and disappeared. I was freaking out all night I could not go to sleep.

    The next day I was still shook from the little girl and I just had to go back but this time I was prepared. I told my friend about it and he didn’t believe me so I said come with me back to where it all happened. I told him meet me at Allan Park Memorial Cemetery in 2 hours. When I arrived he was standing their waiting for me. He said is this the park. I said yes doubting he would believe me. I walked into the soil and BAM I heard a scream. My friend said wow your little sound effects won’t scare me. I said that’s not me. He won’t believe so I followed the screaming again their at the same spot was the little girl. She said death comes again but not in my ear but in his. He said really you put something in my ear didn’t you. I told him to go near the girl and touch her shoulder. He did and she turned around with a knife in her hand with blood on it. Her teeth were razor sharp like the blade of a machete. Her eyes were so black that if you looked to deep in you would fall down a dark hole. My friend backed up and then started running and said why would you bring me hear you just led me too a the making of a horror movie. I followed him and said I told you but you would believe me.

    Later that evening we went back to record because my friend had a camera. He came and said this is more than just something to young men could handle we have to call the police. As the police arrived we told them and said where is this little girl and we told him. He went by himself and in the background we heard a man scream. The 3 other police officers ran to him and we followed their she was in the same spot but their was something different the police man was laying their with blood all over him.

    • This horrific sight had everyone in shock, as they seen a dead police officer and a little girl with the looks of a unknown, deadly, scientific creature. No one was able to move, not the police officer, not the boy, neither could his friend. The scream started to come back, starting very faintly and ended up being able to make your ear drums pop. The little girl also began coming closer and still, nobody was able to move, still stuck in fear.

  15. As the boy walked into the cemetery he saw a girl with long black hair and she had a long white dress on, it seemed to have blood all over it, she was siting on a rock. He got scared and he started walking faster. She started to walk towards him, then he started to run, he looked back she was gone. He stopped. She was right in front of him and glanced in to his soul. He started screaming. He tried to run, but some how she ended up right in front of him. He screamed, “what do you want from me!” … to be continued.

  16. As he was running towards the screaming he was a little frighten because it was dark and he never herd screaming in a cemetery before at night. When he arrived where the screaming was he hid behind a stone and you can tell by his face he was scared and when he arrived the bleeding stopped and the girls hair changed to a dark color and her face was pale but she also had two red bite marks on her neck. The man stepped up too her and asked if she was okay in the face of fright, heart pounding, and when she turned around she opened her mouth and he seen her teeth wasn’t normal two of them were sharp and long then he asked her again if she was okay and she ran to him and bit him on the neck and he was screaming HEELLLPP! because of her sharp teeth peeling into his skin then the creaming faded away then his skin turned pale and he had sharp teeth and his hair turned a dark color. The woman or the man was never seen again.

  17. He walked down the path to the cemetery, taking careful steps. Then he started to run. He felt worried. What if I don’t make it back? The thought made his skin tingle. He turned a corner and there it was. It had long blond hair, black eyes, pale skin, and bloodred lips. She was standing in front of a grave. The grave said “Liam Warner”. Me, he thought. I’m not dead… Then he looked up and the girl suddenly fell. He gasped. The girl picked up her head and slowly crawled over to him. He backed up a few steps. The girl put her head down, stood up, and said in a raspy voice, “I killed you…” “Emily,” Liam said. Emily said ” Yea, I was the new girl that ran away.” Liam forgot about school because he had vacation. But then he remembered. Emily ran down the hill, fell, and died. That night, before she died, he visited the hospital. Emily was lying in bed. He looked down at the ground, wishing that she had never fell. Then suddenly, she flat lined. There were beeping noises and the doctor’s came in. They stood there. Then one of the doctors walked out and started to talk to Emily’s parents. “I so sorry… I afraid we have lost her.”

  18. It was a long night he was 1 hour away from his home, while he was walking to his house he heard a loud scream from the cemetery and he got scared, he stopped for a second to take out his headphone from one ear so he could hear where the screaming was coming from and then he started walking out toward the cemetery where he heard the scream coming from so he could possibly go and find her, while walking into the cemetery he got goosebumps “He had stopped jogging, and now roamed a large stone fence, listening. As he came to a break in the fence he could hear she was only a short distance away.” He had noticed while the final scream that he heard the screaming from a short distance he got even more goosebumps…

  19. As he kept running toward the screaming, he saw a hand coming out of the graves. He started to scream”Ahhhhhhhhh”.Then the hand started to talk” DEATH IS WHAT SHOULD COME TO THE CITY”.Then the hand with a mouth smack in the middle started to run with its two long fingers. Then the man started to run towards the scream in fear because there was a talking hand chasing him down the cemetery. Until he saw blood on the ground. It was his blood. He was confuse why he was bleeding in the stomach. Until he noticed that there was a bunch of finger nails in his stomach. Then he look back hand saw the hand shooting finger nails at him. Then the hand said again “DEATH IS WHAT SHOULD COME TO THE CITY”. To be continued.

  20. As he approached into the cemetery, he could hear the screams of the women getting louder and louder just by taking one step at a time. The screams of the woman came to a complete stop and the man was in the middle of the cemetery looking out into the distance. The man wondered to himself, what happened to the woman and in utter shock he felt a rush of wind. In a split second, the woman was behind him and whispered a captivating song into his ear, as she whispered the song the man went into a trance which made his eyes cry blood and made his ears bleed. Then, the man fell onto the floor and was never to be waken up again. As the man was on the ground, the woman began to suck the soul out of the man which made the woman become younger. The sun came up, the woman disappeared,and the man became into dust. The woman and man was never to be seen again.

  21. I thought to myself “What if i tell people and they don’t believe me they think i am a freak,they will put me in a mental institute”. As i laid in my bed i kept tossing and turning thinking about the monster. My ambition told me to go back and kill it. So I called my dad and asked him if i could borrow tools from his job for a school project. The tools i geared myself with bolt cutters, a chainsaw, a go pro, bear traps, and a snack just in case i get Hungary. As i approach the graveyard i see the scaly monster. I wanted to fight it head on so i revved up my chain saw and said “square up son”. Then the monster ran away. I started chasing it into the moonlight of the woods. Then i said out loud “you made me get exercise, i’m pissed now”. As i got closer the monster shouted “stop”. i hesitated for a minute. The monster said “your chasing me like all the others did nobody ever loved me because of the way i looked, and all i wanted to be is loved.” So then i put down the weapons and i let the monster go. He ran off in to the moonlight. As i sat on the edge of the cliff i ate my sandwich and thought “something are meant not to be discovered.”

  22. As he was walking through the cemetery he felt a creepy feeling, he heard something from the bushes and hid behind a stone, there she was, a girl with dark hair and a menacing look, He asked in a calm voice “who are you” In a calm but creepy voice the little girl said “Hey I’m Jade” why are you he- she cut him off his sentence and started screaming “red rum, red rum” he ran back to his apartment and took a break,about 1 hour later he went to the bathroom and on the mirror there was written red rum in a dark red color, almost like blood, as he investigated the word said murder when it was looked at back words, he took a history book and noticed that he heard that name before “Jade” He was flipping through the history book and there it was in page 108 chapter 18 she was King Nelson the 3rd’s daughter she was murdered by her own slave as soon as he found out about that the screaming started happening again but this time it was like in his own ear………………………………………………….

  23. There the man stood there….. The music playing in one ear then the music stopped, out of no where he looked at his phone there was no service. As he was walking on the stone path, there was fog…. he looked up there on the ground he saw a girl, he wondered if the that was the girl that was screaming but then he saw another girl. One girl looked back at the men, she was pale, black eyed, blood… blood on her face her hand’s. Then he saw a girl on the ground blood on her neck and stomach. He was trying to get the thoughts together to decide to help the girl or ran to get the police he decided he ran to go and try to get help. When the police went to the cemetery they found the body the mouth was sewed shut. He was convicted of murder. The media called him The Silencer. The found more body’s, mouth sewed shut. THE SILENCER……

  24. As he headed for the screams they became muffled, as they became muffled he started running instead of walking then the run became a sprint. Now as he was sprinting the screams suddenly stopped, as they stopped he stopped as well trying to find the direction the screams were last in. As he was trying to find the direction the screams were last in he felt someone touching his back as he turned around frantically there was nobody there. He felt the same feeling on his back it was like somebody was taunting him but nobody was there, as he turned around for the third time and there was a little girl around 6 or 7 years of age. when he saw the girl he said ” what are you doing out here so late”, she said in the darkness of the cemetery “to see you”. as soon as he heard her say that he heard a very familiar voice, a voice he hasn’t heard in years, the voice of his deceased sister, he started breaking down in tears and said ” Is it really you”, she said “yes brother it is me your sister”.

  25. He soon got goosebumps. The sound faded and only the boy breathing could be heard. There was a weird sensation right next to him. CRACK! a breaking of a branch scared the boy to death. He thought that he was being watched. Soon a whispering voice was heard next to his ear. ”Calm down its just my imagination” he said. Knowing he had his phone with him he tried to call the police and let them know that he was lost and did not know where he was at that time. Guess what no signal. It felt like hours, it felt like days. As the sun was coming out he said, ”WOW IS DAY ALREADY BUT HOW”. No words, no comment, nothing. He was the most confused boy ever at that moment. After that the boy saw it, the voice in the shadows. All of a sudden the thing on the cornes said its name. It jumped on the boy and the boy screamed. HHEEELLPPPPPPPPPP. When the scream faded away the only thing you could hear was the boys headphones and his music going on and on. The end

  26. He kept walking towards the sound. And once he was near he said, “Hello?”. Then looking to his right, he found a shed, a shed full of red liquid. “Blood! This shed is full of blood!” The girl screamed again. “The person seemed to be in the shed but in a low underground place.”. Then the boy entered the bloody shed, and saw a lever. He pulled the lever and as soon as the lever was pulled, a squared shaped piece of floor opened up. There was a ladder to go down, and the boy went down with curiosity. Once he went down there was a straight hallway, and at the end of the hallway there was a door. “The screaming must be in there.” The boy ran tip toeing to the door. “Dang the door is locked.” The boy looked around and found a mailbox. He opened the mailbox and found a key. The boy took the key and looked if the key would fit the lock. “Yes! It fits!” Once he opened the door, he saw a girl tied up in a chair. He went to go check on her, she wasn’t breathing. “Shes dead.” Then the boy heard the door close from behind him. BOOM!!!!!!!!! A knife in his stomach. He looked down and cried, “goodbye” To be continued…

    • He fell to the floor, but minutes later woke up. He stood up and took a step closer to the girl once again. He checked again for a pulse, but something kept poking her and him. He looked down and saw a knife in his stomach, “AHHHH!” He stumbled back a few steps while looking at the knife, puncturing his flesh. He was scared to touch it, but eventually gave in and ripped it out of himself. “How did I get stabbed?” He wondered. He looked up at the girl in the chair then back down. The hand that once had a knife in it now had a book, and his once bloody shirt and wound where gone and healed. He opened the book and saw pictures of ghosts, spirits, and other things that were usually what made up a scary story or myths. He felt a cold breeze coming from the direction the girl was in and looked up once more. The girl was standing right in front of him with a insanely scary smirk on her face. He stood there unable to move. To Be Continued…

      • He started to get goosebumps. The boy tried to run by the door, but he couldn’t move. Tears started falling from his eyes. He looked back and yelled, “Help!!”. Then when the boy looked back, the girl was in front of his face. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” The boy yelled. “WHAT DO U WANT FROM ME???!!!” “I need your help.” “OK THEN WHAT DO YOU NEED HELP WITH?” “I want to know how I died; in order to go to heaven or hell I need to know how I died.” Then all of a sudden she vanished. His feet fortunately unfroze. He ran out of the place he was and went home. Then, when the boy was about to go to sleep…

      • He couldn’t move. It felt like he was glued to the floor. Once he tried to escape, he always ended up in front of the girl. The girl started yelling. The boy asked her what was her name. She replied: ”MY NAME IS DIANA”. ”wait what isn’t Diana the girl who died in the car accident”. {EEEEEEEEREREREEEEEE}. There was a loud sound of a knife on a chalk board. Ah what is doing that sound. While he was in the dark hall way he saw a black figure at the end. He was going for it but he heard some steps behind him and when he look back there’s a little girl. That little girl said with a voice of a devil that wants me in hell. ”BEHIND YOU RICK WATCH OUT SHE IS COMING FOR YOU” the little girl said. The girl faded away. The boy had so many questions. He said desperate. WAIT DON’T GO, WHO IS COMING FOR ME? WHEN? WHERE?. He heard another voice saying ” you will not be seeing the daylight again Rick. ”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”. To be continued………

  27. As the boy headed towards the scream he heard footsteps behind him. he turned around but there was nothing there then he felt something touch him gently. then he no longer heard the screams. he stopped where he was then he heard the screams again but louder. he began to run to the old cabin. he opened the door to the cabin and there was a smell. the smell like something was burning. after a few minutes he heard the screams again. the crows started cawing. the sound of the scream grew louder. the boy left the cabin. he ran as fast as he could. he was so scared he ran out of the cemetery and all the way home. he was inside his house and he decided to go to sleep. he went into a deep sleep. the screams were in his house. he was dragged out of his bed and pulled into the closet. he was gone. nobody knows where he went.

  28. Running now, the screams growing louder and louder as he got closer. Taking a stop to breath for a moment the screams went silent. walking around, the empty cemetery. It was dark and cold. The screams began again. The man grew closer as he was met with the dark woods. He stopped running to listen for the sound again. He followed the sound. He found a the pitch black cave that the screams were coming from. He walked in, water dripped from the ceiling of the cave. It was silent the only sound was the dripping water and the cold winds. He went deeper into the cave. A dark figure emerged from the darkness in front of him. The figure did not look like a human but more like a mix of human and a animal. He had a devilish body structure. The figure grew closer and closer to him. The man turned around and ran as quick as he could to the entrance of the cave. He was not quick enough, he was snatched up by the figure. he was put into a bag and carried away. This was 20 years ago. Now the gave was closed off until a man was lured in by screams of man.

  29. As he walked the screams start to get closer and louder but then suddenly a murder of crows covered the scream and the screamed vanished. Then the boy realized he was in the middle of a cemetery it was getting dark out and the full moon arose. The boy was trying to find his way out but he saw a dark shadow behind him. He began to run and find the exit but couldn’t see because it was too dark out. Then suddenly he heard a BOOM! The cemetery door closed…. TO BE CONTINUE

    • After he saw the door was closed he ran to find another way to out. When he couldn’t find a way out he tried to find somewhere to hide from the shadow he saw. So he ran until he found a crypt so when found the crypt he tried to open it. The crypt didn’t open so he kept running. Then he remembered that he’s family had their own crypt so he ran around looking for the crypt. When he found his family crypt he ran inside and remembered that there is an empty casket. So he went looking around the crypt when he found the casket he opened it and found a body. After he saw the body he started screaming then started hearing a banging sound. When he looked at the door he thought the person was his mother. So when he went to go open the door he found out the person who he thought was his mother was a stranger. So he tried to close the door as fast as he could….

  30. He ran through the gates, his heart pounding, the screams are getting louder and louder with each step he took. “Hello?” he says, “is anybody there.” Just at that moment everything went silent. After a few moments, he heard the loudest most bloodcurdling scream he had ever heard in his life. He bolted to the source of the scream as fast as he could, just as he looked behind one of the headstones, the screams came to a halt.
    He saw three people. Two women, motionless, and dead, and one man, a terrifying look in his eyes, and the largest grin he had ever seen. The man stood up, revealing the blood-covered knife in his hand.”Your next” the man mumbled under his breath. He ran away as fast as he could, the man following close behind. As he ran, he seemed to be going slower and slower, the man remained at a constant speed, and began to catch up with him. He was nearing the gate at which he entered, but when he got closer, he realized that the gate was closed. He had just realized that the man had stopped in the middle of the cemetery, and just stood there.

    • He looked for a way to escape, but to no avail. The brick wall was far too tall to climb, and the bars on the gate were too close together to squeeze through. It seemed as though the only thing to do was fight. He started to walk towards the man but realized that the man had a knife, and he was barehanded. The man noticed what he realized and started to walk towards him gaining speed with each step. Just then, he realized, “He doesn’t know how strong I am. The only thing he knows about me, is that i’m scared. He’s over-confident.”
      With this new information, he starts walking towards the man, planning how he will attack the man. “If I can just disarm him, i have a chance at winning the fight. As they were getting closer, he started to prepare for what was about to come. Just before he punched the man, he noticed that the two women that were there before, were now gone. He fled from the fight to investigate, but as he drew nearer to the headstone, but almost instantly, he was tripped and fell to the ground. He looked up and dread filled his face.
      He saw the man, but there was more than one of him.

  31. As he entered the cemetery in search for the location of the screams, he had noticed that the night sky has faded to even more of a dark color than it was before. The cemetery was already dark, so he turned on his phone and used the flashlight on the phone to see where he was walking. Soon enough, he was in front one of the graves. the inside of the grave seemed to be a bottomless pit as he peaked inside. He felt something cold and chilling grasped onto his shoulder, causing him to react in such a way that he fell into the seemingly bottomless grave. He had stopped falling after 5 seconds or so, causing him to be confused. As he looked up to see what had stopped him from falling, he was shocked to see a supposedly ghost-like figure. The man tried to scream for help, but no words or sounds could come out. A few seconds later, the man fainted because of the shocking occurrence. His story was told to the public, most people not believing such a story. The man tries to convince many others that his story was true, sometimes even attacking the person who didn’t believe his story. He was soon put into an insane asylum, never to be heard of again. To this day, people still question this tale that seamed like fiction, but really, it could have been true.

  32. The boy was walking through the cemetery when it was dark and heard a girl screaming in the distance as he was walking towards his house and then he took his headphones out of his ear to see wear it was coming from.He follows the sound to see where it was coming from and he starts to runs he is getting closer to the girl who is screaming and she wasn’t too far from where he was.He looked around and the screaming had stopped and he heard birds and crows. The sound started again and it was louder and he began running towards the old cabin and he saw a crack on the ground.

  33. As he wandered deeper into the cemetery trying to find the screaming girl the darkness of the cemetery started to grow even darker. Then, all of a sudden the screaming stopped. He tried to hear the screams again until he saw a small figure in the dark. As he got a better look at the figure he saw that it was a little girl about 8 years old or so. He began to walk closer to the little girl he noticed that she had cuts on her wrist and a noose around her neck. ” Are you okay?” he said. The little girl stared off into space as if she was staring at something. The little girl then pointed toward a grave nearby. “Me” said the little girl. He looked at the grave and read the engravings on the gravestone. “Sally Johnstone”. “Can you find who killed me?” Sally said. He said “I’ll do my best”.

    • Sally smiled and then right in the moonlight she vanished. The boy then walked out of the cemetery and went to do what Sally asked him to do: find Sally’s killer and bring him to justice. The boy jogged to a nearby diner and went inside.
      “Can I have a phone book please.” he asked politely.
      The waiter then went to the back of the diner and came back with the phone book.
      “Thank you.” said the boy.
      The boy then flipped through the phone book until he found the name “Louise and Henry Johnstone”. He went to the Johnstone family’s home. It was a quaint little red house on Oak street with blue window shades. The boy walked up to the front porch and rang the doorbell. Then, the door was opened by a man in a black waiter tuxedo.
      “Welcome to the Johnstone home.” said the man.”I am James Bailey the Johnstone’s butler, how may I be of service?”
      “I’d like to talk about their daughter Sally.” said the boy.
      “Ah poor miss Sally.” James said.” She was a fine little lady. It’s a shame that the police never found her killer.”
      “That’s why I’m here.” said the boy.” I’m trying to find Sally’s killer so I’d like to talk with Mrs. and Mr. Johnstone.”
      ” What is name young man?” said James.
      ” Will” replied the boy.” Will Forester.”

  34. As he headed towards the screams in the cemetery the screams stopped with an echoed roar, then the screams were replaced with the sound of crows, with the suspense of the echoing crows following him every were, with every step he takes the closer he gets to were the screams were coming from….

    • He kept on walking more deeper into the cemetery and suddenly, he saw a cave but he had thoughts in his mind. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go into the cave but his curiosity beat him. When he was entering the cave he started to hear the the girl’s scream closer and closer so he didn’t care about anything because he just wanted to find out who was that girl screaming. He was starting to see a light in the end. When he got to light what he found got really mad because he found out that it was one of his friends trying to prank him. At the end his friend got payed to prank him for the night. THE END

  35. As the noise grew louder and louder, he could start to see the spirit more and more vibrantly, as the light that came off of her was making the cemetery glow. She grew bigger and bigger, making the area brighter as well. Soon, all he was able to see was an area full of light, and it was just full of silence, and out of nowhere he heard a noise; a noise that was quite unusual. A noise that you can say was never heard before, like it came from an unknown creature that someone had never even come up with a conspiracy for. Then, the noised grew louder and the light dimmed down, and as he looked harder and harder and he seen a man that was familiar to him. He doesn’t remember his name, just his face. Then he began to speak with words that were hard to comprehend.

  36. When he came to the cemetery, she stopped screaming. .Then she appeared to scream again, as soon as he turned around. He turned around again to look at the woman. She looked at him in the eyes, as if she was possessed with a demon. He was scared, goosebumps crawling around his arms. She looks at him and says, ” I need your help. Honey you want to help me out of this tree.” He was hesitant at first, but then he thought she was a person in need. He reached for her hand. All of a sudden, the woman grabbed his hand tightly and twisted it. He tried to let go but he couldn’t. She was holding his arm so tightly, he couldn’t get her off of him. Then he started staring at her eyes, her eyes were yellow, blue, and red. He couldn’t stop looking, even if he wanted to. All of a sudden the he was gone, he turned into a spirit like she was. But he was different, he was scared, nervous. He didn’t know what to do. He was a kind, he had no intention of being like her. Then he said, ” What did you do to me. YOU ARE EVIL! Why have you done this to me? What are you? ” She snapped her fingers, he stopped talking. She then said to him, ” You think I am evil, I want to help you. You seem like you cared for me screaming.” She chuckled. “You really are the most gullible being ever.
    To be Continued.

  37. As he was walking through the cemetery he noticed the screaming had stopped. He was confused on how the screaming had stopped and continued to walk through the cemetery and noticed the girl sitting on a grave stone. He had went closer to the grave stone that he had saw her at and had turned around to see if anyone was following him and once he turned around back to the girl she was gone. He was thinking if he had been tricked , he was so confused he started walking further and further into the cemetery to see if he’d find her. He had said to himself ” am i just imagining things”. He had decided to walk back home and when he got to the enterence of the cemetery he had found the girl murdered on the ground and had wondered” how did this happen i just saw her” boom he heard from behind him and had saw a man in black and once he turned around the body was gone.

    • for the past few days he was wondering where the body had gone and who could have been the one to move it he was so curious. The next day had came he told him self “i’m going to go to the the library”. he had only went to the library’s at night. he only went at night to see if he’d ever hear another scream. Every single day he’d search day and night till he found something that had happened 10 years ago to a man that had seen the same thing a girl sitting on top of a gravestone with the numbers 666.

  38. I blinked and the creature grew near, in fear for my life i began run. When i thought i was far away enough i stopped to catch my breath, I looked behind me and saw nothing. When I looked back in front of i saw her. In a instant I saw my life flash before my eyes, then i blacked out. I woke up back in the cemetery looked up and saw no one. Then i ran home frightened of what i saw last night.

    • For the past few days, he’s been thinking about that girl in the cemetery. She looked possessed, by a demon when you look at her in the eyes. He was paranoid, he couldn’t get the look she had in her eyes. He knew that this girl wasn’t as people would say as, “okay.” But she seemed as if she being possessed or controlled by someone or something. He was thinking about going back to the cemetery, but he couldn’t so he stayed home thinking nothing bad would happen. It was dark. It was so quiet, to the point where you could hear the wind. All of a sudden he scared he has goosebumps crawling on his arms. He knows something it not right. He then looks up at his closet at his closet and sees the girl. Her hair was covering her eyes, she was wearing a blue gown. What scared him the most was that, blood began dripping from her mouth. Then he turned on the lights, and she was gone. He thought he was hallucinating, but little did he know this was not a nightmare. This was his reality. He turned of the lights once again, and closes his eyes. He screams in the sight of terror. She ran up on to his bed, and grabbed his face and starred at him. He looked at her eyes and then became exactly like her.
      To be continue…

  39. He follows where the sound is coming. Then he finally reaches he destination and sees something he doesn’t know what it was he got closer to see if he can find out what its was. Then all he see’s is a young girl covered in blood and behind him was spirits he gets closer and the scream get’s louder he doesn’t know what happen to her or what is going on he was a bit confused on what to do so he bends down to talk to her and ask her what happen she wouldn’t say anything she was quiet then she disappears. He was scared wondering where she went then he looks behind him far away he see’s a girl with black hair wearing white he ran as fast as he can she caught he and every since no one has heard from him.

  40. He heard the noises get louder. He wondered what was going to happen once he had entered that cemetery. When he walked into the cemetery he saw a little girl that had very long black hair that went down to her feet, That covered her eyes. She had a long white gown with blood smeared all over it. He walked closer to the young girl and started to say ” Why are you here?” she calmly replied “this is my home, and it will be yours next”. He tried to take a run for it but the little girl was in front of the gate. I screamed “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!” she slammed the gate closed with a loud “SCREECH”. She said ” I want you to join me, or you die.” Thats when my eyes went black.

    • He heard the noises get louder. He wondered what was going to happen once he had entered that cemetery. When he walked into the cemetery he saw a little girl that had very long black hair that went down to her feet, That covered her eyes. She had a long white gown with blood smeared all over it. He walked closer to the young girl and started to say ” Why are you here?” she calmly replied “this is my home, and it will be yours next”. He tried to take a run for it but the little girl was in front of the gate. I screamed “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!” she slammed the gate closed with a loud “SCREECH”. She said ” I want you to join me, or you die.” That’s when my he couldn’t see anything. That’s how his story ended.

  41. The women had been transforming right in front of my eyes her eyes became a dark red and she became bigger. Even as she was transforming she still had been grabbing my shirt it was terrifying i felt like fainting, but i didn’t faint I keap trying to find a way out but, i couldn’t find a way out. But then as she was transforming she let go and i looked quick for something then right behind her i saw something it was a hatchway. I had pushed what ever she was out of the way she was still transforming for some reason. As i was just opening it it had finished transforming it was scaly, red eyed, sharp teethed, and monstrous. So then i closed the hatch way and went down then suddenly i had saw something no one should have ever seen or wanted to see. It was a bunch of those thing sleeping in the area under the hatchway. It was horrific i wanted to scream or run but, if i ran the monster upstairs would grab me and if i screamed the monsters down here would wake up and get me. Then, there it was a door way with light coming through moon light but, it was on the other side of the room meaning would have to walk across the room full of sleeping monsters and i didn’t even know if they were actually asleep they look like they are, also none of them have noticed me yet so they probably are a sleep. So, i began tip toeing across this dungeon looking room avoiding all the monsters that were there. After a lot of tiptoeing and avoiding the monsters i made to the door way. Then i opened the door and….

    • There it was a hollowed out room bellow the grave yard but, for some reason there was something that looked like a force field i put my hand through it was fine then i walked through. I had look around for a little noticing that there was half eaten bodies on the ground! Then i wondered were did these bodies come from so i looked at the sealing noticing holes leading to the coffins bottoms with the bottom brutally torn out. I keap looking for either a way out or were that moon light came from the i realized the like coming from the cracks in the coffins then i saw something a whole in the floor of the dirt room underground there was a grave stone with a grave there it read here lies Malaki i was horrified there was a grave underground in a monsters home with my name on it i had so many emotions at once i wanted to run scream cry hide so many things. But i didn’t instead i looked in the grave to see if there was anything in there and there wasn’t it looked like a hole to no where it was so deep i couldn’t see a thing from where i was. Then i started to try and dig out but, instead the wall crumbled a little revealing a door handle i cleared the dirt out more then i opened the door it was loud and rusty. When i opened the door there I was sitting at a table eating i couldn’t tell what i had been eating but then i thought about the force field and how weird it felt when i got closer to the door and my other self. I had realized that the force field was a time bubble. It’s a force field that were it is it put’s everything in it to it’s future position. The bubbles tend to vanish and reappear but why was my grave here unless he knew that he or would i call him me never mind i knew in the future i would die so i built my own grave for when i was ready.

  42. As he got closer the scream began to get louder but, at the point where he wasn’t far enough the screaming stopped . Then, He started walking through the cemetery and saw a grave stone that spooked him and he got chills. He decided to walk by it and he felt some sort of presence there. He got even more chills than he had till the point where he had to take a few steps back. Then the scream came back and he was getting closer. Till the point where he got there he saw the woman. The woman was pale she had a face that looked like she was dying of screaming and crying. The man asked ” what’s wrong” no reply he asked again no reply she kept screaming as if someone was killing her but he never found out what was wrong with the woman. So, he looked back and looked where the woman was again the woman wasn’t there and scream stopped. It happened to be a spirit that wanted attention.

    • So, then he starting jogging back in fear and didn’t know what to do. He started running faster and faster and still was very confused. Then as he was going out of the cemetery he HEARD the scream again! This time he didn’t even bother to help and kept running and left the cemetery and then, it stopped. He thought to him self that he must be dreaming.

  43. He was walking through the cemetery listening for the screams. He kept walking towards the scream until he saw a gravestone that caught his attention. It said his name. He thought to himself, “Why is my name on here? I’m not dead.” He keep walking and saw the girl from a distance, she was sitting on a rock and next to her was a radio making screaming noises. He ran to the exit but somehow the girl appeared in front of him, she was wearing a white dress covered with blood. She told the man, “You fell for the test, haven’t you heard the stories? About this very cemetery. You will be haunted.” Her voice changed, it sounded like she was being possessed but he was to scared to run. He asked her, “Why was my name on a gravestone?” The girl replied with, “Your name is on a gravestone because of what’s going to happen in 30 seconds.” The man started to count, “1..2..3.” All of a sudden time seemed to run out, he turned around towards the direction of the girl, she attacked him. He died. No one knew about him for the past 3 days he was trapped in some sort of room. And he couldn’t get out. He was gone.

  44. He walked down the stone path, hoping he hadn’t made a mistake. He turned around a corner, and there it was. He had never seen one before, except in stories. But he knew those stories weren’t true. It walked to grave to grave, as if it was waiting for someone to jump out of one of them. He hoped that it wasn’t what he thought. It turned around and faced him. He stared, to scared to move. He stood and watched, hoping the sun would come up. Waiting and waiting. Go away, he thought. As if prompted, it walked away, disappearing into the darkness.

  45. The boy looked around franticly for a means of escape. The door behind him was barred by something he could not see, and the only thing that was in the cramped, rotting cabin was him, and the girl.
    As the girl stared at him with her cold, dark, eyes she said in a broken voice: “Haven’t you heard the storys? Of the children vanishing out of this world?” she laughs, her voice demonic and slightly more witherd with each word. “You…” she rasped, suddenly grabbing the boy by his shirt. “All of you arrogent young children is why I am cursed to stay here in the first place!” and with that, she transformed.

  46. He looked around, His heart beating fast, the screaming had stopped and was replaced by the sound of crows and the wind swirling around him, At last, his eyes met the old looking cabin, he rushed there as fast as he could his surroundings started to blur his eyes only focusing on the dirty house.
    The screams started once again, Louder this time, Then a growling sound that made Him stop on his tracks and stood right in front of the wooden door.
    ‘What was that?’ he thought, he gulped opening the door to answer his own question and there he saw a girl wearing a white dress, her dark long hair covering her face, she turned to look at him, slowly, And now the boy could see her properly but her cheek, starting from her mouth was now cracked wide open revealing her teeth and jaw, the girl’s lips tugged upwards as if she smiled, opened her mouth growling at the boy who was now trapped inside the old cabin.

  47. She moved as if she were in slow motion,or perhaps it was my heart racing in my chest as fear gripped me that made it seem so.. I held my breath so as not to emit a sound and watched in horror as she slowly turned in my direction and appeared to look directly at me with dark, death like eyes. I slowly backed up and stumbled over something, looking down I saw a shovel and carefully stepped back over it. I quickly looked up to see the young women, or so she appeared, and to my shock she was not in sight!

    • He was scared! He was looking around the whole cemetery trying to see where she was at. Then he finally saw her she was coming closer. Then she stop screaming . The cemetery was silent. He was looking for a place that he can hide in. He found a a little house that looked a banded. He started running to the little house and then he fell and it made a big noise. She started screaming again. He got up and started to run to the house again. He heard foot steps behind him. He ran inside the house and locked the door.Then he heard scratching and banging on the door.

      • Then she starts to bang! on the door he shaking in fear and thinking to himself i don’t know what to do? will i make out alive? then the banging stops he assumes the girl is gone so he carefully steps outside and starts to run he got closer to the exit but when he gets closer she see’s him he didn’t know she was watching him, until he heard a whisper next to him and not looking where he was going he trips and falls and he gave up the girl got closer to him holding an ax in her hand she drags him to the abandoned house all you hear is a scream and every since that day no one has heard from him.

      • The boy was so scared. should he open the door? he still could hear the scratching and banging at the door. “oh my god. oh my god. what am i to do” he wondered. the boy looked out the window. the girl was just standing there with a huge smirk on her face. he backed away from the door slowly. the scratching and banging stopped, it was so silent you could hear a pen drop.

  48. He ducked behind a headstone just as she was turning in his direction. She couldn’t have been the one screaming. Peeping at her, he saw the blood disappear, her hair change color and was now full of gloss and sheen. It looked healthy and vibrant. Her features now younger. What on earth is this creature? Stories about a ghoul eating and drinking the youth of those who chose to walk through the cemetery between certain hours came to mind.

    • He stared at her in fear as she stared at him with hunger in her eyes. He slowly backed away trying to get away from the creature every step he took back the creature took one towards him. Then he started to run back to his house every once in a while checking behind him to see if the creature was following him. Falling, tripping he heard a husky voice behind him.”You’re next…” He began running faster….All of a sudden he had a hard time breathing. A shadow sneaking up behind him…..

    • After seeing that horrible situation he decided to go to the library and research the ghoul he had seen, after hours of researching he had found a book all about the ghoul that will answer all the questions he had about the ghoul so he checked out the book and went to his house to continue reading. When he finally arrived to his house he entered to find his parents wandering around like zombies he was curious so he went to his parents when he looked at their eyes the were as black as coal and then suddenly he heard footsteps behind him when he turned around he saw the ghoul his heart fell down to his feet .

      • The ghoul had long knotted black and grey hair and her eyes were white as if she had an cataract. Then suddenly she went for his parents, as she sucked their blood he stood in shock then passed out. When he woke up he found himself in the cemetery at night…

  49. the cemetary was dark and a light fog was sweeping the grounds. the scream stopped as suddenly as it had started. there was a crack to my left and i turned to see a dark shadow approaching. the full moon rose above the treetops to give enough light for me to see the figure. it was a young woman. she was pale and had stringy black hair. and her mouth had blood trickling out of it.

    • After john found his self deep in the cemetery he saw a girl laying on the floor by a small gravestone. He ran to her to see if she was okay but when she hadn’t answered him when trying to get her attention he tried to pick her up to bring her to the hospital. Then he felt something warm drip down his shirt He looked down to see what it was and saw that it was the girls blood then after getting a closer look he noticed the girls heart was cut out and was missing a few fingers as well as her eyes. John dropped the girl to floor as he began to overflow with fear due to a small laugh that seemed to be coming from behind him. He slowly turned around only to find a small boy covered in blood when he looked down he saw the boy had a bag filled with the girls boy parts when he realized the little boy was responsible for the girls death he began to run out the cemetery. Once he got close to the exit he then tripped over a rock and when he looked behind him saw the little boy with a knife in his hand that was the last time anyone saw both the girl and john.

      • John was now a little deep in the cemetery as he continued using the screams as his guide to get to the girl. John was now scared his heart beating out of his chest, he had finally made it to where the screams were coming from and what he saw sent john into a total shock. John was staring into the eyes of a little girl, but not any regular girl, this girl would send shiver down anyone’s spine and make them scream so loud that they lose their voice. This girl had black hair, with only half of her skin and when her mouth opened maggots came out. John could barely believe what was in front of him he tried to move but he was paralyzed from his shoulders to his toes, the girl slowly approached him and John knew he was done for but by the time he was going to run the girl grabbed his ankle and john’s last scream could be heard from 2 blocks away. That was the last time anybody ever heard from john ever again, but some still say if you visit the cemetery late at night you can still hear those terrible screams of agony and pain. THE END. FOR WAKANDA

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