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We haven’t done one of these in a long time. Our Haiku, Horror Story, and 2 Sentence Stories are doing so well, we thought we’d add one more, Continue the Story…

This is not a contest, but if we publish the story, which I hope it turns out that we do, then you will get full credit for a publication with us.

The way you play this little game is simple. You just continue the story. You have to write a paragraph, each time that you continue the story, but you can write as many as you want as long as others are jumping in. You can take the story in any direction you like. Make sure it’s scary. We’ll start with one paragraph, and you continue it. If in the end we like the story, we want to publish it on EWR: Short Stories. Each person who adds to the story will get their name on the credits, with a bio and links to sites or books or whatever. One link per person.

We will edit this when we go to publish the story.

Continue the story is a time honored tradition of writers. It’s related to the Exquisite Corpse, which we also do on our site. Anyway, I hope you will add to this. It’a fun little exercise.

Here we go. Continue this story:

He heard the girl screaming in the distance. He was at least an hour from his home. The long walk in the night air had done him well. He felt rejuvenated until he hear the screaming, in the distance. He took his one headphone out of ear, so he could possibly get a direction to go to find her.

He had stopped jogging, and now roamed a large stone fence, listening. As he came to a break in the fence he could hear she was only a short distance away. He looked up to see, illuminated by the street lights, “Allan Park Memorial Cemetery.” He passed under the sign, and headed for the screams.

2 thoughts on “Continue the Story”

  1. the cemetary was dark and a light fog was sweeping the grounds. the scream stopped as suddenly as it had started. there was a crack to my left and i turned to see a dark shadow approaching. the full moon rose above the treetops to give enough light for me to see the figure. it was a young woman. she was pale and had stringy black hair. and her mouth had blood trickling out of it.

  2. the full moon rose above the treetops to give enough light for me to see the figure. it was a young woman.

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