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Word Search for Writers (Mondays)

Many respectable news and literary publications have crosswords or word searches, so we thought we could run a weekly Word Search for writers. On Mondays we will run one of these. If you find all the words, post a comment below. Not all of these will be this easy, but they will all have something… Keep Reading

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Best YouTube Channels and Podcasts by Authors

If you spend any time on Twitter as a writer, you might be lucky enough to find the #writingcommunity. This community is filled with an extraordinary amount of creative, intelligent and kind authors. Most have expertise in writing, publishing, agents, #pitmad pitches, and a great deal of other subjects that are must for survival as… Keep Reading

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Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts are the anomaly of the writing world. A lot of writers, when first faced with the idea of a writing prompt, turn their nose up at them. The writer feels like they can make it without the gimmick, Keep Reading

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Exquisite Corpse for Writers 2

Welcome to our game for writers. It is an Exquisite Corpse. An Exquisite Corpse is a writing or art game where you complete the story, poem or drawing in parts. Each author or artist cannot see the previous artists/writers work. In this case we are writing a poem together. It is a poem about anything.… Keep Reading

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