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ID: 116-552-37091

Attn: James Reynolds ID: 116-553-11789


Yep, you are down to the damn school teacher James. You used to always complain, in the early days, that if one of your crack scientists didn’t find the answer you were going to have to send the damn English teacher. Maybe that was a self-fulfilling prophecy or something, I don’t know, but here I am.

Yuri’s journals were right about everything so far. James, it’s a time loop, like you thought. Martha was right about Argo’s “malfunction though.” It’s so weird to me how this works. Right now, Yuri is sitting with you reading this and I am gone, or I haven’t left yet. Actually, the first time you read this, I won’t even be born yet.

Yuri was the last of your scientists, and he went through (the same day and time I did) April 5, 2083 at exactly 12:01 am. It has to be exact, you yelled that a 1000 times.

I’ll try to get you a step by step just like Yuri did. I tried to memorize his journals, but the man was a terrible writer, a hater of English, and honestly I think he hated humanity anyway.

James in 2071 you will found the Singularity Time travel institute. Your theories on time travel are correct, and by every estimate that I have seen, I do not have to explain them to you, thank god! I have no idea how they work. I only know that the piece you are missing is that the magnetic field is at .0017. It’s something you made me memorize, so I did, and now you have a reason to make Martha memorize it.

Yuri was the last scientist you sent back, and he was the last of the scientists besides you and Martha. You have gone through 53 scientists at this point, and I was the last able body person you could find to send back that didn’t have to be hands on with the Quantum Accelerator operations, so I guess you always knew you would have to send me back, though now, you’re sending Martha. It gives me a headache thinking about it. You are down to just about your last hope depending on me. Yuri goes before me, I memorize Yuri’s notes.

Even though I memorize Yuri’s notes, and I know all 52 scientists before him were sent back, I will become the first time traveler June 5, 2083 at exactly 12:01 am.

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