Every Writer Halloween 50 Word Scary Story Contest!

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Every Writer Halloween 50 Word Scary Story Contest!

Happy Halloween! Yes, it’s August 7, but we have to start now! Welcome to the Every Writer Halloween 50 Word Scary Story Contest. I know we just ended our other 50 Word Summer contest, but we have to get this one started now. It’s our big contest. It’s the big show. The contest to end all contest! You already know the ground rules. Our writers always seem to have fun doing these, and this is the one that started it all!  We are looking for the scariest of the scary this time. We want your best possible stories please.

I know Halloween is a little ways away, but we have to have material to publish in our October 1st print issue of Every Writer. It’ll be our big Halloween issue. That’s why we are starting early. Here are our requirements:


  • Must be scary
  • Must be 50 words or under
  • Must be a complete story
  • Have to be in before our deadline.
  • Deadline is October 29, 2017
  • Enter as many stories as you like!
  • Post your story in the comments below.

What you win:

  • Publication in our print magazine (will not be the Halloween issue, see below).
  • 1st Place wins 1000$ in ads on our site
  • 2nd Place wins $500 in ads
  • 3rd Place wins $250 in ads
  • Also, if we like your story we may pull it off our list, contact you, and publish it our Halloween issue.

I have to explain. We will not know the winners of this contest until October 29, and our Halloween issue will publish October 1, so the winners can’t be announced in that issue. They will be in our January issue, BUT if we see ANY stories on this contest thread that we like, we will simply ask you to publish them in our Oct issue, before the first. Those people may be winners, they may not be, but we are looking for 50 word scary stories to publish. In our last print issue we published 15 50 word stories. October promises to be a bigger issue, so we will need as many 50 word stories as we can get.

What I’m saying is, win or no, you have a chance of being published in our Halloween print issue, if you post a 50 word SCARY story below.

Last contest was awesome, and we have some of those stories already going into our print issue. Please creep us out. Scare us!

We will announce and post the winners on October 30th! We will do a movie and a chat, as always. We will watch something scary and fun and do all of that, which people really like, when they show up for it.  Post your stories:



127 thoughts on “Every Writer Halloween 50 Word Scary Story Contest!”


    Pure darkness. My chest tightening, heart racing. Sweating. Suffocating. Trapped.

    I was in a box.

    I screamed, only silence.

    My eyes would not open.

    A heard a strange voice whisper, “it’s time to leave”.

    The light appeared, the box opened. I was alive. I survived. I left him for good.

  2. >> Alive <<
    You couldn’t see anything, but the stench almost didn’t let you breathe.
    With teary eyes you felt narrow, wooden walls.
    Lying here alive had been your greatest fear, but…
    Your trembling hand touched the bloated body next to yours and you turned your head.
    The old woman smiled.

  3. “No handouts, no food stamps, work if you’re hungry.” She told beggar, speeding off in her convertible.

    Phone rang, showing; ‘Beelzebub calling.’


    “Bring water on your way.”

    She’d veered into an oncoming dump truck. Hit it head on. Her head came off.

    “You forgot to bring water.” Beelzebub said.

  4. (Title-not thankful)

    The stepmonsters and the demons-in-law are coming to Thanksgiving dinner.

  5. Darkness slithers around me as whispers of contempt explode in my head. “Kill him.” I slide the knife across his midsection. Crimson spills onto his milky white flesh, the deeper the cut, the deeper the desire. It’s then the mirror reflects the malevolent creature living inside of me.

    I saw a man
    Down my road at
    11:34 p.m he had
    All white hair and
    A white shirt with
    White pants he only
    Looked at the ground
    And he scared me so I
    Went inside and opened
    My window therefore it
    Was hot I turned around
    ‘Ahh’ it was…

  7. People have lost their minds on this thread and have been spamming some nonsense. Please don’t do that. We are picking stories for the magazine right now. If the ridiculous spamming continues, I will have to block ips. I am blacklisting some emails.

    Please take a look if you posted a serious story. In the flurry it may have been deleted. If so I’m very sorry. Also, we are picking from these stories for the magazine….

  8. Oh, it is of course ok to post as much as you want, but don’t mock the contest, or post ridiculous spam…thank you.


    “What are you doing?” I shriek in terror. The creature in front says, “Helping you see yourself.” It grins wickedly. A blinding pain shoots through me. I blink my eyes and realize that I am seeing myself lying on floor from a place that I can never return from.


    I pause the movie. The Ghost is about to stab the girl. I grab my water bottle. Terror has induced thirst. The water spills on my keyboard but turns crimson. “What’s this?” I cry. “Your blood from the future…” grins the Ghost extending its knife through the screen.

  11. The lady with half her body was somewhere in my house…alive. I could feel her presence. the lights went out. I sat on the bed drifting to sleep. I woke to see a lady with her whole body. I stood up only to realize that half my body was gone.

  12. The doll has been in this house for years. Nobody knows how it even got here. It creeps us all out. One day it would be on the shelf, the next day it would be in the basement. No one dared to touch it but it dared to touch us…

  13. “Did you open the front door?” I questioned my sister. “No, you closed it two minutes ago” she replied. We heard a loud noise behind us. “GRAB HER NOW!” screamed my sister. A man charged towards me and tied me up. I turned to see my sister holding a knife…

  14. I looked at the stairs where the blood was slowly dripping. Fourth time this week. I picked up the bucket full of water and started cleaning. An hour later I went to the living room and swept under the couch. There was someone there… dead…

  15. *thump*
    I hear his quick feet.
    I run to my room.
    He catches me.
    I feel nails in my stomach.
    I taste iron in my mouth.
    I see his malicious grin.
    Then, I see and feel nothing.
    No more running…
    No more hiding…

  16. Psychic
    We were watching Psychic Kids when Tyler piped up.
    “Do you reckon they’re bluffing?”
    “Dunno, some people can see ghosts, others can’t.”
    “Like how that guy’s standing behind you.”
    I whirled around. Nothing.
    “Wait…you’re psychic?”
    Ty laughed.
    “I was just messing with you. I’m not psychic. But you are.”

  17. I think she saw me today.
    She looked towards me before the shadows stole me away again. I’ll try harder tomorrow like I always do. Maybe then she’ll see me for who I really am.
    Maybe then I’ll be more than just that thing at the corner of her eye.

  18. There was someone in the house.

    Her heart spluttered alarmingly, sending a sharp shockwave of adrenalin to her brain. There. A creak on the stairs, a whisper of fabric against fabric, a harshly inhaled breath, and the thick atmospheric sense of another living being.

    There was someone in the house.

  19. “Pop, goes the weasel,” the little boy sang distantly. “Shush,” the teacher muttered. Where I saw but she couldn’t, his chubby fingers gripped his stuffed weasel. “Pop,” he breathed, and then squeezed. I stared, petrified. The weasel blinked before blood ran through his fingers to the linoleum floor.

  20. (((Title; Seriously?)))

    I hit send.

    Sending my precious baby out into the cruel world for judgement.

    Submitted my new short story.

    I worked so hard on it.

    I am so proud of it.

    I love it so much.

    Later the same day, I get the rejection letter for my baby.

    The End.

  21. I tried to breathe but it was too difficult
    I jump up out of my bed gasping for air and choking.
    I feel something cold touch my back
    I can’t move
    And then I hear “Shhhh”
    I tell my friends and im petrified
    The next night it’s back whatever it is
    It says “you should have been quiet”
    And then it…..

  22. It was their wedding day, a bad vibe jolted through her entire being. She suppressed a sigh. Her head started to spin wildly, the memory of his confession pained her. The affair with her sister; she cried out in agony as she realized; there in her hands rested his bloody heart.

  23. She ran barefoot soaked in blood through woods. A whacking sound came savagely behind her. She feels the air of the blade, suddenly falling to the ground. He stood above her with the bloody machete. Curdles of blood shot from her mouth, she hadn’t fallen, he sliced her in two.

  24. He sat next to her on the king size bed taking her hand in his. She wept of his affair with her sister. He turned to her just as she lunged on top of him plunging a kitchen knife into chest. She sliced viciously wanting his heart, for breaking hers.


    He stared curiously in her eyes, She gagged on her blood. After a few seconds He was frustrated; yanking her with handful of her hair dragging her forward to his cabin. She felt herself slipping away; she was glad. He picked her remains up tossing her in the blazing fire.

  26. (((Title: Lowest bid?)))

    Being Miss World 2210 got me on the first trip of the space elevator from Paris to the Lunar Colony.

    Its inventor and I, are now shooting up its tether.

    “I was afraid it’d never get built, finally we got the lowest bid from some unknown company. Don’t look down.”

  27. The dead arose once more from all the cemeteries of our world. Driven insane by the hunger pains for brains and eviscerated organs. Roaming city streets and country lanes, the truth soon sunk home, lamenting the living were all dead. Now, the only thing left was to devour each other.

  28. Mean-spirited

    “It’s so cool you’re psychic. What do you see?”
    “Well, there’s a ghost of a guy who died in the railway tracks over there, and a girl who hanged herself.”
    “What else?”
    “Oh, and a old lady ghost coming at us with a knife!”
    “Weird. I see her too.”

  29. I dumped my girlfriend

    I was ridding my place of everything my ex. I loved her so much, but somewhere, everything just started falling apart. So here I was, trying not to see red. It wasn’t my fault.
    I cleaned her bloody limbs, and went to the river.
    I had dumped my girlfriend indeed.

  30. The Ghost on the Moor

    Sam decided to take a walking tour/whiskey tour of the Scottish Highlands. A man dressed in black appears out of the fog. Sam screams echoes through the moors as the ghost lifts a large knife and cuts off Sam’s head yelling,
    “Are ye afraid of Ghosts now?”

  31. The wreckage….

    She slammed her fists at the window trying to break free.
    It was too late the creature lunged itself into the passenger seat.
    It was no use the bulletproof windows wouldn’t give way…. Silence, she took a deep sudden breath gasping when she felt the warmth of on her neck.

  32. 2 am. Supermarket.

    There was nobody near the register.



    “Hello?” I said again.

    I started walking out.

    “Guess this candy is free!” I shouted.

    The door didn’t move.

    I pulled, to no avail.

    I turned.

    Someone was coming down an aisle.

    With an ax.

    The lights went off.

  33. The alcohol was working faster than usual, and I was feeling it.

    The people seemed to be looking at me.

    They didn’t look happy, so I said,

    “Drinks on me!”

    They just nodded.

    When I woke up there were five straws sticking out of my chest,

    and five smiling customers.

  34. The hunter rises and enters the stillness of a midnight forest. Decaying leaves litter the trail, concealing the remnants of his season’s kill. Blood slick roots cause him to stumble into the carcass of a rotting buck. The flesh closes around him. When he awakens, the hunter becomes the hunted.


    “Mirror, Mirror…,” the mirror stood silent. “Why do you refuse to talk?” Madeline asked. Alas! It now spoke. “Come closer, look deeper.” It said smoothly – cunningly. Madeline cautiously moved in for a closer look. Then she sees it coming with fury, “Fairest of all!” It shrieked,…Death!


    Pleasure. I quietly watched as panic enveloped the petri little lives of insignificant colonies. Ones who sought to ridicule my very existence. The world is mine, and they’ll soon know…everything comes with a price. I am the beginning and the end…until then, they will suffer-they will wait.


    “It eats people. Poof! and they’re gone.” “Just like that?” “Just like that!” He replies. “You’re not serious?” She asks. “Go ahead, try it.” He urges. In the blink of an eye, there it sat. That curious looking hat, on the ground- her blood beneath. “Thank you sir.” It said.


    Winter air rushed in as the window slowly opened; then I felt his presence. He stood at my bedside, watching. My body quivered while he sniffed the air. Eyes shut, ‘Sleep, sleep, sleep,’ I repeated in my head. “Wide awake-” he said as his talons reached for the covers.

  39. The blind woman with black eyes read his tarot cards back to him. Upon the last card she whispered, “Avoid the man with yellow eyes for he is the devil.”
    The next morning, he made eye contact with himself in the mirror. A pair of yellow eyes stared back.

  40. China Doll
    I try to cry, but I can’t open my mouth. Instead I feel a cold hard, substance crawling its way up my arm. The darkness around me seems to inch closer, wrapping around me, pulling tighter until there is no escape and I let it swallow me whole.

  41. Shadow
    I shiver runs down my spine as I wake up from my nightmare. My eyes catch on something in the shadows. There staring back at me is my own reflection- a wicked smile tracing her lips. “What the hell” I whisper…I have no time to run as a knife comes plunging into my heart.

  42. Knife
    I watched as the people around me fled. All running as though that would save them. A wicked laugh escaped my lips as I plunged knifes into each and every one of them. They thought they could run, hide perhaps, well they were wrong. You cannot hide from darkness itself.

  43. The forest around me was too quiet until a voice, not from this realm spoke.
    “I told you to stay in the light. Well, let me show you something that will make darkness hide and shiver in fear”.

  44. Realm of Darkness

    The forest around me was too quiet until a voice, not from this realm spoke.
    “I told you to stay in the light. Well, let me show you something that will make darkness hide and shiver in fear”.

  45. Monsters
    I peered into the window of the bookshop.
    “Go on” Charlie dared me. I took a deep breath and stepped in through the door. I gasped. It’s like all the monsters from every story have crept their way out of their books… blood dripping from their claws… and each one was known staring at me.

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