Welcome to our game for writers. It is an Exquisite Corpse. An Exquisite Corpse is a writing or art game where you complete the story, poem or drawing in parts. Each author or artist cannot see the previous artists/writers work. In this case we are writing a poem together. It is a poem about anything. This is our second EC. Please try it. Others have had great fun doing this. See our last EC here.

In this case there is no restriction on words. This EC goes until we get to 100. Some numbers may be repeated. If they do they will entered in the order they were received.

Here is how this will work. When you loaded this page there was a number loaded below. It is a random number. In order to play, you will write your random number in the comment below along with 1 line of poetry. For example if your number is 1E, write 1E in the comment with your line of poetry. Write only one line. If you want to write more than one line, reload the page for a new number.

Once we have enough lines between 25 and 100, we will show the results. That means I’ll collect all the lines, put them in order, and then I will publish the poem we have created.


Your Number is (write in the comment with your line of poetry)