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Jane Austin Quotes

Jane Austin Quotes

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We are big fans of Jane around here, and in our effort to bring you more about writers and writing, we are putting up some of her quotes.
Edgar Allan Poe Quotes

Edgar Allan Poe Quotes

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Edgar Allan Poe quotes are simply something we cannot resist. Here is our large and GROWING page for all Poe quotes. A few years ago we republished one of Poe’s classic works on writing,
Oscar Wilde Quotes

Oscar Wilde Quotes

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Here are our Oscar Wilde Quotes. We are happy to bring them to you. Yes we love Oscar Wilde's writing. You really can't ask for a more prolific and insightful…
Like as the waves make towards the pebbl

Shakespeare Quotes

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Welcome to our William Shakespeare quotes page. These Shakespeare quotes are easily usable on your phone. If you press and hold any of these images, then click copy, you can…

Mark Twain Quotes

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We thought we would put together what we think are Top 10 Mark Twain quotes. Now we know there are a lot of quotes out there, and these might not…
1000 Greatest Writer’s Quotes of All Time

1000 Greatest Writer’s Quotes of All Time

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So we thought we would put together the 1000 Greatest Writer's Quotes of all time. Then I got lazy. It's harder than it looks gathering up all these quotes. Finding…
Poetry Discussion

Poetry Discussion

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I thought we'd try this once, and see the response. Sometimes online this is difficult. This is our poetry discussion. Just write what you think of the poem in the comments.
10 Virginia Woolf Quotes on Writing

10 Virginia Woolf Quotes on Writing

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We love Virginia Woolf, so we couldn't resist adding her to the list of writers we've quoted. Again, these are her quotes about writing. We think these are Virginia Woolf's best 10 Quotes
Quotes by Joseph Conrad

Quotes by Joseph Conrad

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We think a lot of Conrad. The Heart of Darkness is one of those books that defined the modern movement of the 20th century. We wouldn't have TS Eliot without Conrad, and we wouldn't have Apocalypse Now (which I'm pretty sure I couldn't live without.