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 We are moving the deadline for our contest. We have so many great submissions, but we want more. We are moving the deadline to October 25. 

promo1It’s Back! We are launching our Halloween Short Story Contest a week early this year. The reason we are doing this is so we can publish our next issue of Every Writer the Magazine as a horror issue! We are excited about this, but we need all the submissions we can get.  First place in the contest gets published on our site, published in Every Writer the Magazine (digital), and 3 months of free ads on our site (about $1000 value).

This contest is perfect for any horror writer, but if you have a book, a literary magazine, or a website you want to promote, this is your chance. Winner of the contest can run ads on our site for 3 months for free. You will also get social media  (us tweeting and promoting your product on FB, and email).

The rules of the contest are as follows:

1. 1000 words or less

2. Must in the genre of horror

3. Must be awesome

4. DEADline is October 25, 2014

Please keep in mind that we will be putting out a horror issue of Every Writer, so we will need to publish a lot of stories, even if you don’t win the contest. To enter the contest please send 1 story, 1000 words or less to eds@everywritersresource.com and put HORROR CONTEST in the subject line. Also, if you want to enter more than once, that’s fine, but you have to send 1 story per email. There is no contest fee, but signing up for our mailing list will give you a wink from our editor: http://www.everywritersresource.com/literarymagazines/writer-magazine-free/

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  1. The haunted nights

    My name is Marcel, I am a 15 year old teenager that loves horror movies and is always out on an adventure. Since days I have not slept. Every time I wake up I see an image, an image of a ghost. This ghost is a grey figurine that only appears at night. I wake up usually sweating and scared. Since four days this creature is coming. I can feel him but never see it. I put out cameras so my entire room is observed by them. Never got a picture of my intruder. I knew, this could not go on. A creature so silent it is almost a silhouette. Comes and goes every night. The only thing I know is, is that he can’t be real. It was living in my room and scaring me at night. Every day I would go downstairs to sleep, but the thing would follow. I could never see it, only a blurry silhouette but I heard it. Each night a song. No music could be playing, since we lived in a castle that was more than 1000 years old, no service, we had no CD player or any other devices that would play music. Up until one night. I was up. Once again. I walked through the house. Trying to find the creature. Trying to find the shadow that was haunting me. But what I found was an old record player, the rumbling and the mumbling came from somewhere close by. It seemed as if it was calling me. “Marcel, Marcel, I love you.” We did not have a power outlet so it could not be plugged in. “What was that?” I thought was I hearing things? Was it real? How did this old recording device know his name?” Thousands of shots flew through my mind. But I could not answer a single one. I loved our house. But this could not go on. Haunted by a creature, I could not see. I was sent to several clinics. I was eventually admitted into a sleep clinic. But nothing changed. In my head all of the staff members turned into grey shadows that were wondering around for their next victim. Screaming through the hospital, not even a sedation calmed me down. The creature. It was coming to get me. Taken out after a few days because of my paranoia I was taken into a hospital for the mentally ill. My medication changed constantly since I was complaining of a woman that was singing a song sitting on a bench waiting with a rose and a dagger in the other hand. “Marcel, Marcel, I love you.” This voice. It was coming from a record player with the same undertone the same words. the same accent. That voice, was it a second me? I had thoughts again.„But was she real? Or was I going insane?“ Marcel could never answer this question. Now I knew that I wasn’t insane, I could see a woman, sitting at my side staring at me. Laying down the rose she carried, talking to me. I could see the figure in this room. It was my dead sister that had died ten years ago in a car accident. She always carried a rose with her. She carried it everywhere. Instead of toys she had a red rose. That’s why my parents called her Rose. She was always there for me. But she got taken away when he was just five years old. She was ten, we hung out together. But she was always full of hatred towards me since my parents had practically turned her into a slave. Planned her future and always had her helping in the house. No play dates with children of her age nothing. Only chores and chores, practice the piano go to Chinese classes and dancing. Rather than letting her have a child hood. But with me, I could go out and do what any kid at that age wanted. I had a rose tattooed on my right shoulder after her death, hoping I could connect with her.
    This is the beginning of a story what do you think about. it? Would like some feedback if possible

  2. The fog came at noon. I could barely see my garden out my window… but I could still see it. The thing was crouched down below my window, staring up at me. Its eyes were endless dark holes, its mouth was spread into a wide evil grin. It had sharp teeth Specked with blood. What did it want? I pulled my curtains, blocked the thing from view. If only I could block it out of my mind. I turned and stared around my room, expecting something, anything. That’s when a felt it, a cold hand on my shoulder. I let out a cry and turned to look around my room. Empty.

    Short story:going to finish soon and turn it into a proper story
    What should I call the creature?
    What should the title be?

  3. You are in the car at night alone nobody is with you suddenly you hear somebody talk but there’s nobody and the car get lock you can’t open the door and then they didn’t look for you and somebody tells you you are dead and then you yell “aaaaaaaaa” they heard you they come for you but minutes later they kill you.

  4. I ran into the bathroom. I hear dripping I say to myself “did someone leave a sink on?” I look at my hand, It feels wet and is red, BLOOD RED!!! I look up. The creature is there on the ceiling. His head turns around till it is facing backwards. Crik crik ccccrriiik. He smiles his bloody teeth dripping with fresh blood. The lights flash out he scuttles down the wall. Then the lights flash on he crawls toward me. the lights flash out and his gruesome face appears suddenly and then disappears as fast as it came. The lights flashed on again and he was gone, and me still alive.

  5. You have had a strange feeling for a few days now. Today you’ve been feeling very energetic and tired at the same time. You sit, exhausted and full of energy, at your desk. Your arm has been itching. It’s killing you now. You look at your forearm and see it for the first time. Something is moving under your skin. It is shifting around. Your muscle spasms and you realize there are dozens moving toward the surface. You keep your arm hidden because your very unsure about whats itching under your skin, You try digging it out with your fingernails as more and more grows. Its going deeper in your meat eating your flesh while your slowly dying. You try not to cry within the pain so no body would ask whats wrong. Your skin is now popping open with little bugs pouring out of it like they are multiplying. Your screaming as bugs fall onto the floor from your arm, everyone you thought was your friend moved away from you because you were infected. The teacher calls the principal and you get wrote up for ”Playing a joke”. You go home later that night to tell your mom what has happened. She doesnt believe you and sends you to your room. That very night you wake up at 3:33am, Your skin is boiling hot and you cant help but cry but you cant move nor open your eyes. You feel like something is sitting on you but you cant pronouce the words for them to come out. Your sitting there thinking your dying while you feel like your sking is burning until your mother comes in and begans waking you up. It was all a dream. Later that morning you stay home from school because you barley slept. Your skin is red from burns but your mom said it was just a rash, she puts medcine on your sores and leaves for word. You search up what is happening to you and how the symtoms are effecting your body, the internet says you have ” sleep paralysis” A disease that wakes you and your unable to move. You see that they seem right since the internet knows everything. You go to put your shoes on and you find a note saying ”How are your burns Lucas?”. Your super freaked out by the note. You continue to put your shoes on and you find another note it reads ” 1 hour left Lucas”. You rush down to the police and ask for help but they dont answer you. The Cheif of police asks you to move away or we will have to arrest you for harssment. You look at your body fading. You scream in fear, not pain. All of a sudden your gone… The police see a note and it qoutes ” Beneath yours next”. But the question is…Whats beneath her shoes?

  6. We got so many entries this year, and they are all great! If you want to know the winner of the contest meet us here: http://www.everywritersresource.com/halloween-movie-night-every-writer/ at 9pm Eastern the night before Halloween to find out the winner. We will watch the movie, House on Haunted Hill and chat. I know many of you are busy with Trick or Treat, so if you can’t make it find out Halloween morning on our front page who won the contest. I’ll, of course, contact you if you win. Thanks for making this such a great contest! Happy Halloween.

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