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November IssuesWe are now publishing Every Writer the Magazine. Each month we plan to send out a new FREE issue to anyone who signs up. The magazine is for ipad, Kindle, iphone, Android, and your computer of course. If you are interested in a free magazine subscription, simply sign up below. We will not give your information to anyone, and you will only get ONE EMAIL PER MONTH. This is not a regular mailing list. It is a subscription to our magazine and that’s it.  The only thing we want from this is to expand the circulation of this magazine, so sign up and tell your friends please.


8 thoughts on “Every Writer The Magazine Free!”

  1. Hi, there. I’m the new Managing Editor for Soundings East, the literary journal of Salem State University. We are a rag-tag group of poets and writers who want to get it right!

  2. hi ..
    Send me your email so I can send my poems and short stories

  3. I am unable to sign up for the monthly publication, each time I enter my email address I receive the message: “wrong email”. Please assist?

  4. Try it now. It should be working.

  5. Hello, I would love a copy of your magazine. Thanks in advance

  6. We are a Literary Group at the university of Boumerdes in Algeria, and we would be pleased to co-operate with you and exchange our works 🙂 contact me , if anyone is interested thank you very much in advance

  7. Hi Guys! Submissions are open atm for political and socio-critical poetry, essays and comments! Please visit our website for more information: http://www.The-Transnational.com

  8. Has this magazine died?

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