Literary Magazines that Pay

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literary magazines that pay, why not get paid for your writing?

literary magazines that pay, why not get paid for your writing?

Literary Magazines that Pay

Here is our new and growing list of literary magazines that pay. This list will be updated, annotated, and expanded. We believe writing is worth it. Your work is valuable, and you want to get paid! All of the literary magazines below will pay you. Stop back often for more updates. Why not get paid for your work? With so many publications folding it’s great to see successful literary magazines giving back to their writers!

For now, here is a long list of literary magazines that pay you for submissions. We will update our literary magazines lists, and this list will eventually get it’s own page. Please keep in mind it is not easy for these magazines to pay their writers. They are not making a profit, and by paying their writers they are giving up the very little bit of money that they make. Please consider buying these magazines. Support them, they support you.

We hope you enjoy it.

For a complete and searchable list of literary magazines that pay, click here.


Antioch Review

Asia Literary Review 

Black Warrior Review



Camera Obscura 

The Capilano Review

Carte Blanche 


Chattahoochee Review  

Colorado Review  


Creative Nonfiction

The Fiddlehead 

Flash Fiction Online 


The Georgia Review

The Gettysburg Review

Glimmer Train


Gulf Coast 

Hayden’s Ferry Review 

H.O.W. Journal

Iowa Review

Iron Horse Literary Review

Massachusetts Review  

Missouri Review  

Nashville Review

The New Quarterly

Ninth Letter 

Phantom Drift 

The Pedestal Magazine 


The Puritan

Southern Review 

Stone Voices


The Sun 

Sycamore Review 

Threepenny Review  



Vestal Review 

West Branch


If you know of more literary magazines that pay that we’ve missed please put them in the comments. If any of the links are dead, please let us know. It helps so much. Thank you for your support!

5 thoughts on “Literary Magazines that Pay”

  1. Turnrow doesn’t publish since 2009 from what i’ve been told after I emailed them.

  2. Klorofyl is a graphic and literary art magazine that pays $20 for a 1000 (or less) word article. Details here

  3. Would be very helpful if this list gave a little info on what’s sought in terms of content and length.

  4. Bracken is a literary magazine that is looking for fiction with a magic realism bend, inspired by the woods and old-world storytelling. $.02 a word for stories up to 2500 words.

  5. Tahoma Literary Review is about to publish Issue 11 and TLR’s mission is to pay the writer, and has done so since its inception.

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