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Make your magazine an app

If you haven’t heard, Issuu is a new site/app that is making flip magazine productions must easier than before. The site has 1000s of magazines listed already, and all are free.

We don’t do a lot of reviews for sites like this, but after using Issuu ourselves for Every Niter, we found it’s so easy and nice to use, I just had to write a review of it.

The site doesn’t (as of 10/3/14) put ads in your magazines or ad over lays. You can upload your pdf of your magazine in minutes, and then, make it public. I’m surprised by how easy, fast, it is.

If you are looking for a very quick and easy to turn your magazine into a flip magazine, this is it.

You can also use their site as a market place. You can get more readers just by being part of their site, and publishing your magazine. You can bring your publication to readers, quick, easy, and free through their service.

They do have 2 plans, 29$ per month and 39$ per month. You have to use these to get your stats, and for SEO and other features. It is a bit steep, but you can go month by month, and you don’t have to use these options to publish your magazine.

I believe Issuu could be the next “big” thing in magazine publishing. Not only do they basically turn your magazine into an app, people can search for you there. So new business is completely possible from using this site.

The following are some literary magazines using Issuu:

Sassafras Literary Magazine

This is an interesting issue. The layout is something different from what you see in many literary magazines. It’s worth a look for sure.

The Madison Review

The Madison Review is always doing interesting stuff, this issue a excellent, complete with Crossword.

Madcap Review

They recently published a listing with EWR, and I like this issue. Take a look, it’s colorful, full of good poetry and artwork. It is, I believe, their first issue.

The Virginia Literary Journal

A lot of good poetry and short stories in this issue. It’s their newest I believe.

Hothouse Literary Magazine

This is a very nice issue from 2014. Good poetry, good stories, nice layout.

Analog Science Fiction

We couldn’t leave out at least one science fiction magazine on this list. Analog is one of the best of course, and it’s a treat to read some of their works online like this.

Every Writer

We couldn’t leave out our magazine either! You can read some of our issues on Issuu as well.

You can take a look at the rest of these, all are pretty good reading.
Overall, it has good free features, does what many want, for free, and you have a couple of paid options.

Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles

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