The O’Henry Awards Why These Awards are Still Important

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O.Henry Awards

This is our list of magazines that have had work selected to be honored by the O’Henry Awards. Since 1918 they have been awarding short fiction writers this award. It is a time honored tradition, and the first collection of O’Henry awards was published in 1919.

We always think it is important to look for magazines such as the ones we have listed below. We think it is important to support these magazines. When we first put this list together, as well as others we have on our site, it was very difficult to find information like this on the web. Now you can find a complete listing of the magazines and more about the awards on the Penn/OHenry Awards website.

We still list these magazines as a reminder and even to inform writers of the importance and existence of well established and well received literary magazines. We think it is outstanding that there are new literary magazines and literary websites popping up everyday, but those that came before and are still published deserve recognition, and we think if you support these great magazines with both your submissions and your subscriptions they will continue to bring great literature to the public.

It is also reasonable to assume that publishing with these magazines, being that they are so well established, is more desirable and more beneficial than publishing with a magazine that is new to the world of publishing. Not everyone will agree, and that’s fine, but read these magazines, see the writing, see the quality. It will make you want to write and publish more.

Today it is becoming easy to publish your own work. It is easy to publish a literary magazine,  but there is nothing easy in these magazines. If you have published your own novel or collection of short stories, you only have your readers and your profits to tell you how well you are doing. These are very good measurements. There is nothing wrong with profiting and there is nothing wrong with having a loyal and even loving audience, but these awards are about other writers enjoying your work. They are awards from fellow writers who love and know writing as much as you do. Today everything seems to be placed against the yard stick of money. It’s understandable for sure, but we don’t know how long the great profitable writers of today will do in the hall of tomorrow. Critical acclaim should still mean something more than a book on the back of a book cover. 



Alaska Quarterly Review

American Short Fiction

Antioch Review



Atlantic Monthly

Bamboo Ridge



Carolina Quarterly

Chicago Review

Chicago Tribune

Cimarron Review



Crescent Review



Denver Quarterly 

Dominion Review




Fiction International


Fourteen Hills

Georgia Review

Gettysburg Review




Greensboro Review

Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Magazine

Hudson Review  

Idaho Review


Indiana Review

Iowa Review

Jewish Tribune 


Kenyon Review Kenyon Review

Ladies Home Journal

Little Magazine

Malahat Review


Massachusetts Review


Michigan Quarterly Review


Missouri Review

Mother Jones

New American Review

New Anvil

New England Review

New Letters

New Orleans Review

New Republic

New Yorker

North American Review

North Dakota Quarterly

Northwest Review

One Story

Ontario Review

Oxford American

Paris Review

Partisan Review



Prairie Fire

Prairie Schooner

Prism International

Quarterly Review of Literature 



Rio Grande Review

Rocky Mountain Review

Sewanee Review


St. Anthony Messenger

Stanford Humanities Review

Stratford Magazine

Texas Review

Threepenny Review



Vanity Fair

Village Voice Literary Supplement

Virginia Quarterly Review


Western Review

Yale Review

Yellow Silk

Zoetrope: All Story


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  1. I’m sorry it took me so long to be to this, I am sorry that we missed Epoch. I will add it to the list. It happens when we do these long lists sometimes. If you see any other great magazines that we missed, feel free to let us know.

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