Top 10 Things Not to Do on Halloween

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Top 10 Things Not to Do on Halloween

These are the Top 10 things that get you killed in horror movies. Avoid them and you’ll be fine.

10. Go looking for strange noises in the other room of the house or upstairs.

9. Stay home in your Pjs

8. Answer the phone for a prank call more than one time.

7. Play around with anything supernatural (ouija board, séance, or books that look, you know, evil).

halloween6. Get together with girlfriends and stay in for the night (aka have a sleepover).

5. Visit or stay places that “feel” evil (haunted houses, summer camps for children, graveyards).

4. Be a jerk. (Jerks always get it on Halloween).

3. Avoid trick or treating (going trick or treating seems to be the safest thing to do on Halloween).

2. Being stupid in general. (Doing dumb things always gets you killed in the horror movies. You are the one guy that everyone says, “Well duh, of course you’re going to get killed if you do THAT.”

1. Not believing that bad, scary, supernatural, unnatural, undead or other such horror movie things exist, and going to prove they  do not exist.

If someone says zombies are attacking, say, “Oh crap, we need to get out of here.” Don’t go look to check to see if zombies are really attacking.

If someone says, “I’ve been bitten by a vampire” run away from said person.

If someones says, “I heard something in the other room.” Tell them to go check while you leave the house.

If someone says, “I heard a voice saying to get out of the house.” Tell the person they are crazy and then leave said house.

Basically if someone tells you that something bad, scary, supernatural, unnatural, or undead is happening RUN like hell.

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