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Here is a long list of literary journals and magazines published by universities. The University Literary magazines tend to be some of the best literary magazines in the country. This is one of our older list. We are working to give you a description of each. This page was moved from out old html site. We are working to expand and better explain each entry.


A lot of the literary magazines on this list moved and didn’t even send us a postcard! Can you believe it? The truth is this list is much much shorter than it used to be. We use to try to list every single journal and magazine we could find in each category. It was difficult. It took a long while (about 3 hours) but we cut this list down and made sure all the links are working.

The web is changing. Google doesn’t like long lists like this. They call this “thin content.” I’m not really sure about it to be honest. I do want to know what you think. Do you like long lists like this?  Is this something that you enjoy going through? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about this list, please!

Also, keep in mind you can find a directory of literary magazines:

Complete and searchable listings of literary magazines

 If you are the editor of a literary magazines, please go here and submit your magazine.

14 Hills

African American Review


Alaskan Quarterly Review

Amazonian Literary Review

American Literary Review

Anitoch Review

Artful Dodge



Berkeley Fiction Review

Big Muddy


Blue Mesa Review


Brilliant Corners


Carolina Quarterly Review


Cold Mountain Review

Columbia Review







Flint Hills Review


Georgetown Review

Georgia Review

Gettysburg Review

Gihon River Review

Green Mountain Review

Greensboro Review

Idaho Review

Iowa Review

Kenyon Review

Louisville Review

Michigan Quarterly

Mid-American Review

Midwest Quarterly

Minnesota Review

Missouri Review


New England Review

New Orleans Review


North Dakota Quarterly

Ohio Review

Partisan Review

Potomac Review

Prairie Schooner

Puerto del Sol

Seattle Review

Seneca Review


South Dakota Review

Texas Review

Thin Air



Virginia Quarterly Review


Xavier Review

Yale Review


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