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Many respectable news and literary publications have crosswords or word searches, so we thought we could run a weekly Word Search for writers. On Mondays we will run one of these. If you find all the words, post a comment below. Not all of these will be this easy, but they will all have something to do with writing. This week we have 10 names from famous poets writing today (or very recently). We hope you know all of them and recommend looking them up if you draw a blank.  Make sure you stop back next week for the answers and for a new search. To use this word search click the first letter of the word (if you can find one) hold the mouse button and highlight all the letters in the word.

This is has slowly become a tradition of Every Writer. If you do this puzzle often, please leave us a comment. I’m getting emails saying they love this search and do it every time we have a new one, so sign the page as well as let us know when you have solved the puzzle.

We are now on our 3rd year of this word search for writers. We started publishing this page in July 0f 2014. I can’t believe it’s been that long! To that end, could you please suggest some word searches please. I ran out of ideas a long time ago. Sometimes I don’t republish this page with a new wordsearch because I can’t think of anything. So leave that in the comments too.

Lastly, remember, we always have work related stuff going on around our site. These word searches are distractions, but when you are ready to get back to writing, please visit Every Writer.


I am terrorfied of this word search. Soter Lucio (https://twitter.com/JanSoter), send me a list of 10 demon names? Shiver! Anyway, it’s creepy, and I’m kinda freaked out right now. You should follow Soter on twitter, she really is wonderful and scary. I’ve had some recent “weird” stuff happening in my home, and I guess one of my biggest fears is that I will have a demon living in my house. Let’s not talk too much about it, ok? Anyway, so she sent me 10 demon names and make me cry a little, but I think it does make for a very good word search.

Feel free to post your twitter handle in the comments with the time it took you to complete the WS.


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  1. Here are ten names of horror writers. StephenKing, HPLovecraft, CliveBarker, BramStoker, DeanKoontz, AnneRice, MaryShelley, RayBradbufry, JackKetchum and PeterStraub.

  2. Here are ten names of Halloween Costumes: Lich, Necromancer, Gorgon, Corpse, Djinn, Werebear, Werefrog, Medusa, Bigfoot, Gargoyle.

  3. Here are ten Demon Names for Word Search: Agmon, Olmin, Draggiz, Mozranoth, Bergran, Rogrelor, Mazrol, Angroniur, Digman, Sarkath.

  4. Here are ten words.
    Dragons, Knight, Lords, Vassals, Fairy, Sprites, Centaur, Goblin, Sword, Minotaur.

  5. Here are ten words for Word Search.
    Accomplice, Ballistics, Detection, Deviant, Evidence, Execute,Heinous, Incarceration, Miscreant, Weapon.

  6. Here are ten words for Word Search.
    Spooky, Macabre, Menace, Ghoulish, Eerie, Sinister, Haunted, Horrendous, Stench, Ominous.

  7. I’m torn…..should it be easy….so it’s relaxing….or should it be challenging, so it can be more entertaining……Suggestions….

  8. Took 13:54 for me this time, though I stopped and did a couple other things. Our wordsearch software died in our last update (shrug). Dunno what happened, so we had to use a new off site software. I have done one of these in awhile. It was fun. Took me forever to find Skor. Anyway, beat my time if you can.

  9. Nice word search, took some time.Indeed.You can also include famous birthplace,literary work,movements -countless puzzles. Aren’t there?

  10. I have always loved word searches. This is great. Let’s keep the mind active and thoughtfully engaged. I am sure that many of the people who visit Selfpublishauthors.com would benefit from this. They are people who love to read and enjoy sharpening their minds.

  11. This may sound silly, but I feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I complete your word search in just a few minutes! I am going to celebrate with a cup of ground coffee. No milk. No sugar. Anyone care to join me?

  12. Sorry, no website, no book. I write and I’m trying to sell short stories, specifically horror. I do look forward to this word search though. Thank you for using my list.

  13. Soter, you will be finding these next week 🙂 Sorry we missed the word search this week. It’s been a little crazy around here. It will be back on Monday, maybe even sooner…

  14. Here are ten words. Literary,rejection,imagination,perspective,review,character,protagonist,antagonist,description,category.

  15. Do you remember the story about the governor’s clothes? Since no one wanted to be known as ‘stupid’ they described clothes that he wasn’t wearing as stylish and beautiful until a little child pointed out that he wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing? Well you said we’d know most of them, But I know only one. I completed the search and looked up the meanings of all. I’m proud to say my vocabulary has increased thanks to you. Now I just have to remember them. Thank you. Looking forward to the next.

  16. Great idea! This was pretty easy, maybe that’s because there weren’t many words to be looked for. I’ll definitely be looking forward to next week’s.

  17. I have always hated word searches because I find myself creating words where there are not intended to be words. This may be the first one I ever finished. It’s much easier when I can stop looking for words you didn’t mean for me to find.

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