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Give Yourself a Gift This Season!

After you’ve drafted your novel, there’s still one last page to write: the query letter. WordTango’s Weekend Query class is two days focused on.

the art of the hook and query

 …and producing a query that will SELL!

Most writers dread the query, when they have to take off the creative hat and put on the sales hat. We’ve created the class to help you do just that. This generative class guides you through the daunting task of coming up with a hook and query.

Taught by query expert Ellen Meister, author of five novels and curator of the wildly popular Dorothy Parker Facebook page, this class helps you craft a killer query.

Day one = Hook

Day two = Query

By the end of the weekend, you’ll have your very own query letter – perfect to start the New Year, ready to send to agents.

Plus, our workshops are just plain fun. As you write, you can post your work and get feedback from other students, share your comments with others if you like, mingle and chat with other writers in our virtual forum.

This season, give yourself a new tool for your writer’s toolbox: The art of the query letter.

It’s the best gift a writer can give to a novel!

WordTango’s Weekend Query

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