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Here are writing prompts that end the world: Name that virus. I know it’s specific. It grew from one prompts, and I wanted to stay on topic. We will be working to turn all our single writing prompts into a nice long list of prompts, so some will be pretty specific. I honestly have so much need for writing prompts in my writing (1 give one everyday) that it’s hard not to just list all of them, but I want these lists to be specific and useful (maybe not always this specific) Anyway, here are my The End of the World: Name that virus writing prompts. Spoiler: They are all about viruses that end the world.

1. A virus that makes people zombies is sweeping through the 3rd world. Describe the characteristics of the virus.

2. You wake up, early. Pulling the curtain back, you can see the sun is just rising. You hear sirens. You go down stairs and look out the window. The house across the street is on fire, but there are no firetrucks. An ambulance is turned on its side at the end of the street. The paramedics bodies are scattered on the ground. A group of people are on their knees eating the body.

You can’t believe what you are seeing. A women in a jogging suit runs by being chased by a bloody man.

You realize they have not seen you. You go back up stairs and close the bedroom door and lock it. You sit on the bed and look at you wife. You prepare yourself to tell her about what you saw. You shake her. She moans. She shaker again and say, “Wake up honey, something horrible is happening….”

She sits up. She is pale. Her eyes are blood shot. She opens her mouth and blood pours out on the bed…

3.  Write a story that talks about a werewolf virus surging through your town,

4. A vampire virus is being reported in the news and on social media. No one believes it can be real. At the bar, you have lucked out and the date you are talking to is way out of your league. She wants to take you home, but as you look into her gorgeous face, sitting in her car, she tells you she has been infected.

5. You go rock climbing in the desert. In the process you fall into a cave. You are luckily unharmed. You look at the steep walls of the cave and decide you will take your chances and try to find a way out underground. As you are walking you stumble into a large room of monsters. They have large fangs, and slimy skin. Their eyes are large, and they are pale. You scream at first and are quickly surround.

One of them demands that you should point the light at the ground, or they will kill you. “What do you want?” you ask. This starts deliberations.

After a little while the leader comes back to you. “We want the world to be like us. So we are going to help you get home. We once were just like you, and I can smell you’ve been infected.”

6. You are working in the hospital in the town where the virus seems to have started. The halls are filled with dead bodies. You are giving the patient a cup of ice chips when you notice your chemical protection suit has a hole in it.

7. The man at the airport is screaming, “No you have to stop him. He has the virus. He will kill us all.” He is being wrestled to the ground by airport security.

8. The news reporter on television keeps coughing. Everyone seems to be sick. Blood starts coming out of the reporters mouth.

9. It’s been 300 days since the virus hit. Your supply of canned foods has run out. You know you have to venture out.

10. The man on television just said the words “super ebola.”

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